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November 21, 2023
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You're on the quest for a website agency, and here’s the head-scratcher: the quotes are throwing a party of their own. Creative minds are tossing numbers at you like a cascade of glitter.

We're talking a range from ₹20,000 to a staggering ₹2,00,000, and hold onto your hat, because that one mysterious dude is claiming he can whip up a website for a mere ₹3,000. Now, let's hit pause and ask the big question: why the rollercoaster of digits for a bunch of pixels? Are they gold-plated pixels or something?

Let me weave an analogy of a journey similar to yours. My sister and I are on a quest to find the perfect lehenga-choli for her wedding; it has to be stunning and breathtaking. And just like you’re in the market for a web design firm, we're deep in the hustle of Chandni Chowk to find the right masterji. With so many tailors scattered around the bustling markets, each one quotes a different price for crafting the same dream outfit.

While trying to find that tailor who not only weaves magic with the needle but also fits perfectly with our style and budget, we unraveled the secret behind these price variations, discovering the four main factors that determine the cost of your website.

You know it’s time to summon the web-designing wizards.

But wait, the internet is a wild place of web design options. Do you trust Google's matchmaking and search for "best website agencies near me"? Maybe ask your bestie's cousin who told you about their freelance website development over coffee? Or, are you brave enough to roll the dice with that company whose ad is stuck behind an autorickshaw?

Choosing the right web design crew is like finding the perfect dance partner for an occasion. Worry not, fellow entrepreneur - we got your back. Diving into the important stuff in this article, we’re going to help you cut through the chaos, and find a buddy who not only walks the talk but also dances with your brand to digital fame.

1. Budget

Before picking a fashion guru for the lehenga, our first move was to have a heart-to-heart with our family to figure out how much we were game to shell out on the outfit. After the family summit, we linked up with a designer to create a dress that would gracefully waltz into our price range.

We threw together a Pinterest board, showcasing designs straight out of a Bollywood shaadi. The designer flashed a grin and gave a nod of approval: "Badhiya choice hai! Par, yeh dekho, aisee wali aapke budget mein better fit hogi…"

Now, here's the real talk: just like there's a lehenga for every budget, the same goes for websites. As an agency, we can't tell you all the cool stuff your website can have unless we know how much you're planning to spend.

That's why some websites rock a ₹50,000 price tag, while others, like us, roll in at triple that. More budget means we can crank up the complexity and add in all the fancy jazz—cool animations, jaw-dropping functionality, custom copy, you name it. Your website's bling depends on your budget, and we're here to tailor it to your digital dreams.

2. Strategic Investments

A company doesn't just roll out a new website for kicks. A redesign is a big-league business move and a major investment—kind of like planning the perfect shaadi. And, just like any grand affair, you're expecting a solid return on that investment.

Take my sister's dress, for instance. We're not just buying it for the heck of it; it's a soulful choice to create a memory that hugs our family close. Who knows, it might even become a cherished hand-me-down, worn by someone else in the family down the line. Similarly, when it comes to a website, you're not dreaming small; increased leads, higher sales, or maybe even outside investments that make your initial spending look like a chump change.

Now, if your website is going to be the face of your business, you can't afford to cut corners on that investment. Go all out so your agency has the time and space to weave in elements that captivate, persuade, and convert. The returns will keep flowing in for your company, and you'll be reaping the rewards for years to come. It's like investing in a timeless piece—you wear it proudly, and it keeps paying off in style.

3. Team Experience

We could’ve found a cheaper designer with less experience, or gotten one of those ready-made lehenga sets. But nope, we chose a fashion designer boutique that's been in the game for over a decade, teaming up with trusted tailors they've seamlessly worked with for years.

You can have a recent graduate carve out a basic website for you, or you can also have a web dev/designer join your company’s team full-time. But companies like Art Attackk also are a great option, where we've already put in the legwork. Our in-house dream team covers everything from design and development to e-commerce and branding, so you don't have to juggle a bunch of freelancers.

In Art Attackk, we bring together a team with the best creative experience, so that you as a client, get access to their brainpower at ease. More budget means more time and brainstorming from our team. It's like having a group of skilled experts on call, all within your budget.

4. Service Excellence

One big reason we chose the fashion boutique for my Didi's lehenga was their active responsiveness and the cherry on top – they connected us with a dedicated client manager. Yeah, it nudged the fees a bit north, but having that manager in our corner, making sure everything's on track, is truly worth it. No more sleepless nights wondering if the lehenga will make its grand entrance on time. Didi's lehenga is almost ready, and it's a joy to watch it all come together.

At Art Attackk, we play in the same league. We've heard stories from our clients dealing with other agencies that ghost them, do a half-baked job, or simply miss the mark. To splash some color onto your experiences with web design, we align you with an in-house project manager. They will be your guide, making sure the project stays on track, and you're always in the loop. We're not just order-takers; we're problem-solvers. Even in the early talks, our leadership team takes the time to chat, answer questions, dive into processes, and ensure this partnership is a match made in the digital heavens!

Sure, all this TLC takes time, and yeah, it costs a bit more. But let's be real, when you're entrusting your company’s online makeover to a crew like ours, you want the VIP treatment. Designing your website is a big deal for your company, and you're relying on an agency like ours to do right by you. So, do your homework, and make sure your agency ticks all your boxes, starting with these four gems.

For more info, tips, or tricks for web designing and development, be sure to explore more from our website.

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