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website designing company in India

A Website is one of the most crucial elements of your business, especially if it belongs under the e-commerce category. It is like the cover of a book. People are drawn to beautiful aesthetics thus making it a tool to generate organic traffic and potential clients. And so,it is essential to invest in a proper website designing, and possibly a website redesigning.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

The website attracts prospects by propagandizing the services & products, the pricing aspects, etc. Website redesigning is a process that pretty much explains itself but why is it done? The reasons vary from rebranding your site to finding more ways to generate more leads, to improve user experience or add functionalities and increase your traffic. Or even to just update your designing.

  • Redesigning the website is a Crucial process.
  • Team of experts that would use their experience, expertise and knowledge to strengthen the process.
  • Example - Art Attackk. One such Website Designing company in Delhi that would prove to be the best choice.
  • They are a full-service digital marketing company.
  • Aware of the importance of this process, and how it affects your company and its future.
e-commerce Web Development Delhi

Now that the criticality of this process is explored, it is essential to understand that to get this perfect, it is preferred to opt for a redesigning agency. Why?

Best Website

Design 2021

A great website, especially when redesigned, must possess a few key qualities. A responsive design is an example which helps the audience access your website from any of the devices they own. Purposeful visuals that secure the perfect ratio of visual elements in order to moderate the degree of engagement, and a good page speed that spreads a smile over the audiences’ face when seeing your page load quickly are few important elements when opting for website redesigning.

A solid navigation that helps the users access what they want to swiftly without struggling to identify what is where along with Call to Action (CTA) buttons that merges with the design and yet manages to stand out, are few more features that the redesigning agency would help you out with. For a clearer understanding, let us look at the a few of the top notable redesigning designs:


Big Boy Toyz:

Big Boy Toyz

A major change underwent in the website of this top used luxury car dealer in India. The concept that they took over was one that emphasized simplicity and elegance. Accessible using any device you own, the website has one of the best drop down features that helps the user navigate through the website, allowing them to extract any detail or service they need that is offered by Big Boy Toyz. The background of the menu highlights the update by claiming to be BBT 2.0 Luxury Car Portal. And the new version also receives a lot of brownie points for the added features like the EMI Calculator, downloadable wallpapers featuring the users’ favourite cars, and a variable line of exclusive merchandise.


Jiva Ayurveda:

Jiva Ayurveda

Propagating that Ayurveda is not miracle care, changed their entire website design starting from a new logo that highlights their beliefs. An array of thumbnails divided into two parts, the first - the services offered and the second, the list of problems that Jiva treats, help in ease of access to reach the exact pages the users want to enter. With an appropriate number of visual elements and highlighted call to action buttons, the redesigning made the website more compact but in a spacious manner.


Lotus Professional:

Lotus Professional

A leading cosmetics company born in India and now popular even overseas has now opted to update and modify their website. The ‘after’ page has a very minimalistic design that is now the biggest trend. Accessible cross platform, this website consists of multiple tabs on the home page, each directing to the category or products or services the customer desires to visit, a few icons like the customer’s account, order tracking, cart, etcetera. Beautiful aesthetics, combined with the above-mentioned features make this redesigned website one among the top 10.

corporate design img

Website Re-designing Principles

Redesigning is a complex process and requires a lot of research. To flawlessly understand the entire concept is tough and is another factor why companies choose to outsource to agencies like Art Attackk, a website design company Delhi. Changing a website also requires a few essential website re-designing principles to be looked after when carrying out the process.

The major ones, let us explore:



This is the main aspect that is completely required to be adopted in your website. This is the key to attract major customers as it makes your website easy to understand, leading to better access and easy navigation.



Keeping up with the latest vogue is crucial when redesigning or even designing a website. Graphic design trends update every now and then and in today’s dynamic era of digitalization, keeping oneself updated leads to increase in organic leads.


Continuous Development:

As mentioned, the age is of dynamic development, but such radical changes are not very well appreciated by some users. But when integrated into your website properly, incremental updates become a pillar that helps elevate the look and feel of your site while also lessening the lags.


Split testing:

Also known as A/B user testing, this is a vital process of user research and testing. The process is all about inviting users, preferably new ones, to test out the old and the newly improved website to figure out the imperfections of the updated version and to understand the preferences of the customers. Evaluating these designs also helps identify how the users favour the redesigned interface over the already familiar one.



A major principle that should never be compromised is the consideration of user experience and user interface. User Interface not only focuses on aesthetics but also leads to an increase in the efficiency, accessibility, and responsiveness of your newly modified website. And identifying if the user experience is satisfying enough or if it needs rebranding is crucial to this process.


Before and after comparison:

Comparing your metrics before and after the redesign is essential to understand the value or the impact your redesign has managed to deliver. For example, this data can be the organic traffic that lets you understand the impacts of SEO improvements, the time spent being the impact of the usability and ease of access of your site, and the increase in potential customers is the impact of your Call-to-Action buttons.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Website Re-designing Design

Pricing In India

The best in the game, Art Attackk is a website redesigning agency in Delhi. But it is not just the efficiency or the expertise of the exclusive team that makes it the king of the jungle, it is also the best and attractive website redesigning design pricing in Delhi. Along with the quality of the work, the affordability is the USP of this firm. The pricing is determined by various factors like:

The cost of website maintenance service is based on:

  • What is the goal?

  • The complexity of the design.

  • The degree of changes to be made.

  • The number of websites to be worked on.

  • The time period of the project.

Art Attackk Website Re-Designing Design Agency in Delhi Reviews

We let our testimonials speak for us:

  • 5star

    “A company first of its kind that actually understood our needs and helped us get what we required.”

  • 5star

    “Art Attackk brought a lot of positive changes. To go for re-designing and to choose Art Attackk was the best choice we have ever made.

  • 5star

    “A website re-designing agency that you can trust with all your requirements and expect top notch quality of results. Thank You Art Attackk.”

  • 5star

    “Keep it up Art Attackk for being one of the best website redesigning company. I was overwhelmed when you presented with the excellent results that you promised. Best Regards.”

  • 5star

    “High efficiency and output at very affordable costs. All the best for your bright future and I know you will keep up this consistent high-grade quality by the work you delivered.”

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

FAQs on Static Website Design

1 Why should I redesign my website? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

You can redesign your website if you are rebranding, if you feel that your website is not serving the purpose, if your website is one that looks amateur and is outdated, or even to meet the expectations of latest technology requirements.

2 What are the benefits of relaunching my website? Social Media FAQ

When a user enters a website, it is crucial to be able to hold them captive to the site within the first 10 seconds by impressing them. When you redesign, improvising on all your flaws, you boost your traffic, leads, brand image and also achieve business goals.

3 Are the websites SEO friendly? Social Media FAQ2

Yes, our web designers are highly trained in SEO and web redesign skills and techniques so that your site is easily found by search engines.

4 How long will the process take? SM FAQ

The duration of redesigning vaires and depends upon the extent to which you modify. It is a complex process that starts from understanding your needs to designing the best possible website.

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