Shopify Ecommerce Audits

Online shoppers no longer choose a certain product or brand primarily because of its low price. They now place more value on how quickly they can locate the items they need in the store and how simple it is to utilise the website as a whole.

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Shopify Website Audit

Shopify Ecommerce Audits

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Shopify Website Audit

Shopify Ecommerce Audits

shopify development company in india

shopify development company india

shopify experts in india

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Our Projects

Over 100+ startup businesses Shopify Development Company India

A premier Shopify agency specializing in design, development and ecommerce marketing solutions for global brands.

Bonford Fashion Brand

Custom Shopify Design & Development
Branding, Packaging, Growth

Lotus Herbal Cosmetic Brand

Custom Shopify
Design & Development

Looks Saloon Saloon Brand

Custom Shopify
Design & Development

Hit Balm CBD Brand

Custom Shopify Design
& Development Branding

Wish New Health Brand

Custom Shopify Design
& Web Development

Mazgod Men’s Leather Brand

Custom Shopify Design & Development
Branding, Packaging, Growth

Services We Offer

Our Shopify Website Audit Services

The Discoveries

By using a process we've devised, we can audit your Shopify business objectively and provide you with useful information that will help you expand it from top to bottom. Our thorough Shopify e-commerce discovery approach helps you identify areas where you are currently successful as well as places where you have opportunities, whether your goal is to expand, maximise your current user base, or attract new clients. Technology, Marketing, and Experience are the three main tenets of any successful e-commerce operation.

Tech-related audit

Every element of your Shopify business is directly impacted by your tech stack. It may make or break your customer's experience with the brand in addition to helping you to optimise internal operations and save money. Your business's overall performance may be significantly impacted by everything from the apps you use to the Shopify platform and other third-party technology. Based on internal business procedures and your overarching business objectives, we will examine your entire technical setup and provide important recommendations for changes.

Advertising audit

Your Shopify business's e-commerce marketing is its lifeblood and frequently gives you some of the quickest successes in terms of income generation. Our team of marketing experts will examine each of your digital marketing strategies and identify any areas that could want urgent improvement. They will also make recommendations for medium- and long-term optimisations to ensure that the audit continues to be valuable long after it has been completed.

Experience Evaluation

With a primary focus on user experience (UX), our creative team will examine your Shopify site page by page using the data gathered from your marketing audit to identify any potential consumer pain spots. We can assist you in enhancing your present customer base and the overall experience your clients have while they are on your website by focusing on raising KPIs like conversion rate and average order value through a combination of best practice advice and data-driven decisions.

We Provide

What is included in our Shopify Discovery Audit
In India?

A Shopify discovery audit evaluates and examines a current Shopify store to find areas for development and expansion.

Design Evaluation

We can provide advice on the best design enhancements based on trends and eCommerce best practices because we have experience building and designing websites.

Testing for Usability

Review of the entire user experience, including navigation, usability, performance, and practicality as well as any bottlenecks and restrictions.

Theme Analysis

Review the performance, functionality, code, problems, issues, and potential benefits of upgrading the theme and version.

Competitive Insight

A thorough analysis of the websites of your rivals to obtain knowledge and inspiration for changes

Why Choose Us?

Why Pick Us?

Demonstrated expertise

We have been expanding Shopify stores for more than 14 years. We are visual designers, creative strategists, and Shopify experts. During this time, we have created and improved an end-to-end auditing procedure that offers our clients tested outcomes. To learn more about what our devoted clients have to say about us, we welcome you to explore our case studies and read our testimonials.

Shopify professionals

We are pleased to be Shopify specialists, unlike many eCommerce audit companies. As genuine Shopify specialists, we always make recommendations that are specifically aimed at maximising the potential of your Shopify store.

Specialists in design

Your eCommerce store's success depends on its aesthetics, user experience, and user interface, thus our Shopify audits balance technology with usability and design to provide you with a complete picture of the entire user experience. It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to use creative design to enhance the client's journey.

Practical suggestions

A report is only useful when it is put into practice. Our audit will offer specific methods and strategies to encourage click-through, drive engagement, and turn more window shoppers into customers based on a detailed analysis and assessment.

Our Shopify Services

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    Shopify Ecommerce Audits Queries

    Q. What is the turnaround time for the audit report?

    We usually deliver your report in one week to allow for thorough investigation and reporting.

    Q. Can JCI Digital put the audit results into practice?

    Without a doubt, we have a skilled team of Shopify developers on staff and would be delighted to execute the audit's recommendations. Alternatively, if you'd rather handle the implementation yourself or with a third party, we make sure our suggestions are precise, thorough, and doable so you can implement them right away and notice the performance improvements.

    Q. A search engine optimisation (Seo) audit is something you do?

    We don't provide technical SEO audits ourselves because SEO is a specialised field outside of our area of expertise with Shopify.

    Q. Which access do you require?

    Our reports don't require access because they are front-end analyses. All we require is the URL to your website!

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