WordPress Support Services India

We have a lot of experience in customising WordPress, so we can modify
your existing theme, plugin, or almost everything else.

Enhance your WordPress website

wordpress support services India

wordpress support and maintenance services india

wordpress maintenance and support services

wordpress website support services india

best wordpress support services india

wordpress support services India

wordpress support and maintenance services india

wordpress maintenance and support services

wordpress website support services india

best wordpress support services india

We offer

What is involved in our wordpress
maintenance and support services?

Updating WordPress

We'll effortlessly upgrade your website to the most recent WordPress version whenever WordPress releases a new update.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Having a responsive website that supports your brand is one of the most essential components of obtaining quality leads.

Records Backup

We regularly backup all of your data, media, plugins, and themes so that, in the event of the end of the world, your material can be restored.

Backup of a database

We'll regularly backup your database so you always have the most recent version of your data in case there are any rollbacks.

Optimizing databases

We periodically optimise your database, getting rid of any unnecessary data, photos, and spam comments, in addition to performing backups.

Malware check

We perform a thorough malware scan as part of your WordPress website maintenance in order to find security holes and stop impending threats.

Monthly call for assistance

We'll be there to help you at every turn. You will be given a dedicated Client Service Manager. He or she will work with a WordPress specialist to consult you on any adjustments that need to be made to your website.

Continuous Monitoring

Concerned that users may not be able to access your site and that you may not even be aware of it? The uptime of your website is under hosting management, and it may also be to blame for any downtime. And as soon as a problem arises, we'll let you know!

Setting up Google Analytics

Analyze the visitors to your website to stay one step ahead. Our WordPress Support and maintenance services India includes setting up basic Google Analytics with page view reports for you if you do not already have them set up for your website.

Email and Skype Support

You can send us an email right away if you have any problems, and we'll be happy to help. We can also speak on Skype if that's more convenient for you.

Building a staging site

Testing new improvements to your website, such as changing your theme or adding a unique plugin, may be done quite effectively by using staging sites.

Enhanced Security

When you start a maintenance plan, we'll conduct an initial security check. We can find and address any basic security problems with the aid of this check.

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    Best wordpress support services india & Queries

    Q. What exactly occurs if an update to a plugin or theme destroys my website?

    WordPress support services India will collaborate with you to find a solution. Before updating plugins, themes, or the WordPress core software, we make a special effort to ensure compatibility, but occasionally an update has unanticipated side effects that cause problems. We'll spend up to an hour trying to fix the issue if an update we make breaks something. The most current stable version of the theme or plugin will be restored if we are unable to get the most recent version to function properly on your website. We will then provide you advice on how to proceed to remedy the problem.

    Q. How many requests for assistance can I make each month?

    You are free to contact us with as many inquiries as you like, and if your request is one that is covered by your plan, we will address it straight away. Our programmes offer free issue inquiry for up to fifteen (15) minutes each request. We will offer a pricing estimate to analyse and fix the issue if it necessitates more thorough research and inquiry.

    Q. Do you provide discounts for overseeing many sites?

    Yes, wordpress support services India provides discounted rates to clients that have five or more sites.

    Q. What's your policy on refunds?

    Within the first 30 days of purchasing one of our plans, we provide a complete refund. During your trial period with us, we'll refund 100% of your money if you're dissatisfied with our service for any reason. You have the option to cancel at any moment if you change your mind after the trial period. Monthly subscription refunds are not reimbursed by us. However, if you have an annual subscription and choose to cancel, we will pay you for the months left in your subscription if you paid in advance.

    Q. Does my subscription include the renewal of my theme and plugin licenses?cccccc

    We provide access to our enterprise-level licenses for practical programmes like WP Migrate Pro, Video User Manuals, and Akismet. All other plugin and theme licenses for the client's website must be renewed; this is the client's responsibility.

    Q. How can I reach you the most effectively?

    Please complete the above form to learn more about our WordPress maintenance services.

    Q. Are you able to host websites?

    Yes, we do have a managed cloud hosting package that goes great with our WordPress maintenance services. You can still use wordpress support services India if you decide to host your website somewhere else. We have close relationships with the majority of hosting companies and direct access to excellent support from them as well.

    Q. Could you assist me with SEO?

    Of course! Please find out more about our SEO offerings.

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