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website designing company in India

They say that sometimes consistency is what people look for as it comes with promises to be constant and real. People can prefer such consistency over minimal matters to even own a consistent website design for themselves.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

That is a very distinctive comparison, but if you put it under the light, you would see it means the same. As static is meant to be No Change, we deliver static website designs to our customers without any bells and whistles as they are easy to develop, economical to develop, and cheap to host. Thriving website designing company in Delhi for a reason.

Best Static
Website Design 2021

We have all lived the most of 2021 and we know how much dedication the world puts into what they see on their screens. In the Digital Market, websites are the most frequently visited through SEO, and these are the websites that allow attracting the maximum interest and eyes.


Shashib Flying Academy

has a well-developed potential website adorned brilliantly with static website designs ready to ask you to acknowledge that you were born to fly. With their static designed webpage and reliant information for their users, it is at a great height. See, what I did there!



is another genius work website with the best static website designs of 2021. It is a fast-growing real estate developer in North India with a diverse portfolio in commercial retail, housing, and hospitality sectors and so far it is touching clouds because of its good build designs, texture, and simplicity for the eyes of its users.


Jasper Colin Research

is at an invincible epitome of market research and consulting industry with its identical yet unique static website designs and so far people are loving what they see when they click on their page. They are the modern destination for actionable market intelligence demands.

e-commerce Web Development Delhi

Such is the importance of a website where a user only requires 50 milliseconds before they form an opinion about the site and your business, and you want it to happen in the right way. And a few websites have decided to ace this game of building websites with the best of static website designs in 2021 and now we cannot keep calm-

corporate design img

Static Website Design Principles

We have a team of certified developers, digital marketers, and innovators who bring in-depth domain expertise, technology embraced with extraordinary design skills to the table, something you will love to reflect on your static website. Various norms come along with designing your static website like handcrafting solutions with a proper understanding of the user habits for your business needs along with their digital behaviors. Thus, we, Art Attack, help businesses in all industry verticals dominate the competition and wing out the best architectural structures for the web page.

We master the proficiency of static website designing with our specialties like creating simple yet effective designs, user-friendly and responsive websites with a fully functional domain. They are the principles that have put us all together as we have worked with some of the most well-known and reputed clients to help them achieve their desired results. You would enjoy knowing our principles for your website and so, here we are –


Foundation is God:

We set the foundation to let the users understand the motive and motion of your website that includes promoting purchases, telling your company’s story, or even providing tutorials and backgrounds. We build the foundation of your website as we have the broad intentions of various designs along with the specifics of a marketing strategy to beat the competition. We understand that building a brand and building an audience is the important essence of any static website designing and content.


Content matters:

We design with contents that matter. It is pretty obvious that users click on the website link and for the next minute or two, it is the admiration and pattern of the website that allows the user to stay on the page but it is not only the design that matters to the users to attract. When the LA LA Land curtains of aesthetics fall, it is the content that matters besides the pretty package. We make our static website designs as a site that has its motive substance and not just thoughtless filler content.



We dedicate our brilliant minds of artists and visions to what we design in your static website. Even though designs are supposed to be for the first few seconds of your users to be enlightened, it is also necessary for your users to stay engaged with your website. It is a must that every design element we make should reflect and communicate a brand's identity. So, along with the content there comes photos, illustrations, and other graphics that balance out text and break up the web page to give the eyes a rest from reading. We are going to be the unsung hero behind the pretty lines and a lot of website engagement.



The most important thing about static website designing is that it conveys thoughts, ideas, facts, images, and pictures from one mind to another. Typography is the vessel for those thoughts and imaginations that reach the users from within and beyond. As we design the website along with the actual words, the shapes and stylization of letters convey meaning and impact the minds of the visitors at large. Typography allows you to translate your ideas into a visual representation for your users.


Design Ethnicity:

A good design is honest. But, it does not always mean to make a product more innovative, powerful, or valuable than it is. We understand that consumers are insightful as they can see through shallow marketing idioms, so we make designs that portray your website to be real with depth and authenticity. We do not like it when someone pulls on us, especially in the digital world, so we put our work ethnicity in a position where your brand has a voice of authenticity that can provide information with real value and can communicate the humanity behind your brand.

What is Static Website Design?

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, marketing director, or well-funded start-up, aiming to uplift your digital presence? Or are you a user who wishes to know what you are viewing? The answer is here. When you open your search engine and type out the words that you want to research on, it is expected of you to find websites with the right information. As the world is dominated by large to small screens for both a user and an entrepreneur, it is required to understand which website design is most suitable and convenient for your SEO goals.

People look for websites that are quick to build and are cheap to host. Such websites are called Static Websites in the digital world. Static websites are usually more basic and low-key, easy-to-functioning sites with a series of HTML files where one file equals one page of the site. This type of site sounds very appropriate for very small websites with few pages that need updating continuously. So, as we design your static websites, we combine knowledge, imagination, and experience to produce the best visual orientations for your website that would put out the absolute solution of your company easily to your users and viewers. We can make it smarter than the ancient saints!

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Static Website Design

Pricing In India

We are known for our excellence in understanding our client’s demands along with our power of designs. You already know about our secret treasure that expands the power of excellent communication and exceptional designs that will reflect on your website for any industry with a strategic and attractive domain. So, we make it very affordable for you when you wish to own an extraordinarily designed static website for yourself. We have our pretty package of Static Website Designing based on certain factors that you demand. Every code, design, and concept for websites are unique and we would love to design it the way you want it to be.

Moreover, the prices are influenced by your requirements of content on the website like the number of pages, design quality, domain along webspace. All of these factors are exclusively categorized under recognizable segments like Basic, Corporate, Creative and Mind-Blowing Creative. All you have to do is send us the requirements, choose the package and wait to unfold the magic page of a magnificent work. You will be on your website more as your users.

See What Our Customers Have To Tell About Art Attack

  • Prithwiraj Sashank:


    Art Attack did a great job developing our website in all terms and requirements. They provided direct development support and allowed us to make our development updates. The team’s expertise and support services were top-notch!

  • Nehan Khemka:


    I have been fortunate to use the services of Art Attack for the past 2 years. In this ever-changing world of technology, they have proved to provide only quality and timely service to my company. Keep up the work.

  • Vimala D’souza:


    I would like to pass great thanks to Art Attack for helping me design my website. It is perfect the way you have built it. I appreciate your team for designing and loading our new website. I wish to work with your people soon.

  • Manav Malhotra:


    The Art Attack team was very helpful and professional throughout the entire process of my website. The communication between the team and I was great, and I was kept up to date with everything. I loved what they had in store for me!

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

FAQs on Static Website Design

1 What is Search Engine Optimization? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Ans: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique or process by which a website gets a good rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other commonly used search engines. Art Attack makes websites and designs them with SEO that involves lots of methods to optimize your website pages as per search engine search algorithm to get noticed.

2 Do you have an outsourcing for your work? Social Media FAQ

Ans: NO, NO, and NEVER! Art Attack is a distinctive web designing company that believes in authentic website designs ethics without any involvement of other companies to tamper with the work process. We provide fresh and new content and designs from our core team as per our client’s requirements.

3 If I build my website with the team, do I have to be at their captive forever? Social Media FAQ2

Ans: Absolutely not! As much as we would love to work with you every time you need something for your website and enterprise, we will finish the deal after the completion of the projects. You would take complete ownership of your website as everything we code is 100% open source, which means we do not encrypt any of our code. This allows any other developer to take over your website just in case we don't work out later on. Which we believe won't happen.

4 How long does it take to build a website? SM FAQ

Ans: We love this question. As a matter of fact, it is one of our number questions to pay attention to. Our team works relentlessly to meet every deadline and so our period to build a website depends completely on the duration provided by our clients, which means you tell us when you love to see our work, and we do so without a sweat out of the place!

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