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No doubt, anyone can write content creatively and uniquely. There are many softwares to write the content. But, what you need is proficiency in the work. Every copy has a style or pattern, which builds the SEO. Also, there are certain tricks and techniques to write SEO-friendly content.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

At the same time, you need to plead the readers. So there are many factors under consideration while writing the content or copy for a web page A professional company like Art Attackk, which is a website design company in Delhi, that provides the best and fresh content to the website. We have few services such as on-page optimization SEO Hire us for the best SEO content writing service.

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Website Content Writing Services Technique

As mentioned above, there are certain checklists and techniques to write content on the website. It should please the reader, cover the topic to the core, SEO-friendly for better ranking. Now, Art Attack has come up with a few website content writing techniques, that might help you! Here we go:


Use Catchy Headline

The headline for any particular content should be catchy and must include the keyword, which will build the SEO. However, the content should include sub-headings (for instance, H1>H2>H3) and every heading and subheading include the keyword. The heading should be restricted up to 70 characters. Whereas, it should have a meta description including a keyword.


Research Well, Before Starting!

One should not bluff in the content, it should be well researched. Since it is not only about the ranking, but it is about viewers. Take the references of other blogs or content, that will help out to get knowledge about the topic you will be writing. Also, try to avoid the filter content.


Use Of Keywords

Keywords brings you a optimized ranking of the website. It is the base and usage of keywords are important. Since too much usage of keywords will be considered as keyword stuffing and lead to a temporary or permanent ban on the website in the ranking of search engines. So, it is prominent to use different keywords after 20-30 words. But, it is important to use one keyword in the first 150 words. Since it will help in better ranking.


Sorted Content

Sorted content means the writing should be organized with short paragraphs, alignment, topic should touch the goal, and built with keywords. Since many viewers who enter the website just scan the content. So, content must be relevant to the topic and not away. While short paragraphs with heading will help the readers to scan easily, what they want and it will make them stay on the website.

Also, make sure that the content is unique (plagiarism-free). Keep the content 100% unique and do not copy-paste.


Use Bulletins

Use bulletins or numbering where ever possible. It is important because it helps in top ranking and readers will stay engaged with the content. This content is a great instance for the usage of numbering and bulletins.



While writing the content of big word count. Other than the long tail and short tail keywords. More words can be repeated. It is necessary to avoid, and instead, use more synonyms and different phrases. It is what we here called as wordplay.

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What Is Blog Content Writing?

You must know, the blog is different from copy. It is content written in a form of information on the website. Many times, there is a separate website and platform for the blog. Platforms such as WordPress, are the place where many bloggers create blogs on a different topics. But, you can observe that many personal, business, and corporate websites have a blog section. It is individual blogging, which is based on purely their industry and relevant topics.

A blog can be anything based on any topic from politics to lifestyle. Whatever, you write on the web in form of information, then it is a blog. Writers who write the blog is called as bloggers or blog content writer.

Here are a few tips on blog content writing


Plan The Topic

Before writing a blog, plan about the topic and research the topic well. It will save you time on thinking about what's next to write? Keep the blogs within a certain word limit to maintain consistency.


Follow SEO Rules

To create recognition you need to follow the above-shared rules about SEO writing techniques. It will help to rank top and keep the viewers engaged. Also, maintain the positivity (omission of negative words) with more usage of active voice. Therefore, keep the tone neutral.


Used Media Files

While posting the blogs on the website use media files, if you have a video to explain the topic add it or use images. It will enhance the blog post and topic you are trying to explain through words.

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SEO Content Writing Service

Cost In Delhi

The SEO content writing service by Art Attackk will deliver fresh content, engaging, and SEO-friendly. It will help your website in high ranking. The content writing pricing in Delhi depends on the industry standards. It varies according to the following points:

  • What type of content do you
    want (blogs, copies, etc)?
  • Count of websites?
  • Deliverability period, and many more.

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Website Content Writing Service Reviews

Read what our testimonials have to say about us:

  • 5star

    "It is not an easy task to build a website from scratch to writing content. Art Attackk has delivered me, beyond my expectation. I urge all the success to them for their next projects."

  • 5star

    "Hiring the service of Art Attackk was the best decision to build my website with content. It is fascinating and the process shows their hard work and passion towards it. Good luck Art Attackk for your future endeavors"

  • 5star

    "I recommend Art Attackk for their versatile and full-fledged web service they provide at a reasonable price change. I wish them the best for upcoming projects."

  • 3star

    "knowledge and proficiency are important for creating something or other. Art Attackk has both the ability with utmost perfection. I had the best output by them and applause for that!"

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

SEO Content Writing

1 Do content writing tools help the most? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

It is a subjective matter, increasing technology brings in a lot of automation. But, not every technology or tool helps. No doubt, it will save time, money, and energy. Again it's a writer's thing to write fresh content or other stuff. We prefer and recommend that content writing should be performed by humans than the tool. It is more of supportive (tools) for the writer in getting the content topic, heading, knowing that content is SEO-friendly or not, etc.

2 Why website needs quality content writing? Social Media FAQ

Other than the animation, images, videos. Your website can be built by creative content through content writing. From the about us page to the contact page, every page will be stuffed with written content. It is what makes the viewers engaged, knowledgeable, informative. Whereas it gives you the ranking position, which generates sales. These are the basic reasons that every website needs quality content writing, hire Art Attackk for the same!

3 Should the content be unique and original? Social Media FAQ2

Like other artistic things from painting to photography, originality matters. In the same way, your website must stand out with content, blogs, etc. In content writing terms, uniqueness symbolizes originality, because it is not copied. Also, for better ranking and to stay away from copyrights, it is important to be unique.

4 Do I own the content written by a hired service? Social Media FAQ2

Whenever Art Attackk delivers the service like content writing or other. It is owned by you and the rights belong to you.

5 Does language matter for SEO? Social Media FAQ2

No, the Google search engine is multilingual or bilingual. So, you can write the content in any preferred language. Whereas it is recommended to add the translation for the same for better reach and easy ranking.

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