We are proud of our independence and what we do with our name!

We are entrepreneurial and completely self-funded. We only have to answer to ourselves and the customers who use our services. And the income tax officer, of course.

What Keeps Us Going

We want to establish a work environment where people may explore and develop their distinctive personalities and skills while maintaining their personal integrity and human kindness. They ought to have the capacity to produce both pleasant and practical things.

In the tradition of our company’s founders, we want to do our share to make it a productive environment that is open to everyone. People should educate themselves, share, and deepen their knowledge in a decentralised manner if they are creative, respectful, and appreciative of one another. We have been doing that for the past 14 years.

We put the welfare of people and the environment at the very centre of every business decision we make because of this inspiring confidence.

We are open and honest.

We are ethical and trustworthy.

We support, give, and help.

We abide with the rules of consent.

We are mindful of our social and environmental obligations.

With unwavering excitement, we stand up for our ideals and values, and we wish to inspire these ideas in everyone.

How we adhere
to our values

  • 01

    Life above Work

  • 02

    Using Human Skills And Hard Skills

  • 03

    Principles above Money

  • 04

    Variety over uniformity

  • 05

    Individual Accountability Comes Before Obeying

  • 06

    Interest and Creativity over Patterns

  • 07

    Mentoring rather than management

  • 08

    Empathy over rivalry

  • 09

    Failure over fear

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