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website designing company in India

Often overlooked, this strategy is crucial for any business or brand that has a website. Page speed optimization is highly essential to improve your website’s great SEO and the search result positions.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

The major aspect that appeals to someone who clicks on your website is how quickly your page loads and it has been proven that low loading speed of pages in your website is one of the biggest reasons why the site loses conversions and thus revenue. Customers lose patience the more time it takes and would rather opt to move to another site. Your website’s google rankings, SEO, and the leads who end up visiting your website, all these are tied to the speed of your website. And it is a major factor in improving used experience. And this is exactly why your website speed optimization must be kept in check and updated all the time.

Due to the technical knowledge required and the high level of importance that needs to be given to the speed of your website is why companies lean toward outsourcing this aspect to agencies like Art Attackk, the top website designing company in Delhi, who provide services like:

  • Testing your site speed and analysing the issues.
  • Image, video, infographic and motion graphics loading configuration.
  • Clean-up and maintenance implementation.
  • Redirect optimization.
  • SEO & SEM Consulting and creation
  • Improved and more powerful hosting
  • Optimized website scripts, and more.
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What is Website Speed Optimization?

Website speed optimization is basically an entire process involving tools and strategies and executions in order to improve the speed of your website by improving the performance and user experience to drive more traffic. All of this will eventually lead to a greater boost in conversions that ultimately results in higher revenue earned by your business or brand. Page speed optimization has a lot of elements and is a pretty challenging task but the main aim is to attain a high speed in page loading which, according to customers’ and research, must be around 3-4 seconds on an average.

In today’s dynamic world where everything needs updates, professionals and agencies offer speed optimization services that a majority of companies who want to make a stand in the online world opt for. In order to not lose organic traffic, and on the contrary improve it, it becomes a need more than a want to opt for speed optimization for your websites. This can be achieved only after professional analysis and identifying key details that affect the load time of the website. Each second that is improved in the site speed makes a huge difference as if your website doesn’t load on time, you are not getting any customers. Speed optimization services are necessary because that is to your website like a cover page is to a book. Just like how site speed helps in analysing the speed of pages on your website, page speed is also highly critical to the position in search engines, in simple terms, search rankings.

Top Agencies like Art Attackk, Website design company Delhi, help you have a snappy, fast loading website, without compromising any detail of your website. Optimising each and every element will lead to higher traffic generation. Lightning-fast page load speed definitely amplifies a lot of necessary aspects like customer engagement, a boost in sales, customer base retention, better conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction leading to a really high user experience.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Website speed optimization

cost in Delhi

Website speed has definitely become a major need in the niche of online business and eCommerce and is essential to thrive in the same. And outsourcing this highly technical and essential element to agencies who have teams of professional experts is what is highly preferred. But the cost factor cannot be determined or set exactly as each project undertaken by agencies like ArtAttackk is dependent on various factors like:

  • The number of seconds upgraded.
  • The deadlines and expectations.
  • The duration of the entire project.
  • compression and optimization.
  • The extent of clean-up.
  • The degree of backend developments.

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Website speed optimization service Reviews

We let our testimonials speak:

  • 5star

    “The best services we have ever had from any digital marketing agenting. Loving the work of Art Attackk”

  • 5star

    “We were unsure if the results would have an effect but Art Attackk made sure that it worked and resulted in exactly what we wanted - more conversions.”

  • 5star

    “Looking forward to further collaborations with Art Attackk as their team had wonderful communication and was very affordable with high quality results.”

  • 5star

    “The team of Art Attack took me and my company not as clients but as equal partners as they helped us through the entire process and adhered to each of our expectations.”

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Website speed optimization service

1 Do you optimize all the pages of our website? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Yes, we do optimize all the pages depending upon your needs and expectations.

2 Is there an actual difference in speed that I can see after the project? Social Media FAQ

Yes there will be a noticeable change in the speed of your website, which would hopefully result in an average of less than 3-4 seconds to load your page.

3 Will there be changes in how my website looks or functions? Social Media FAQ2

No, there will be no changes on how your site looks or functions, only the speed would be increased and other minute maintenance.

4 How long will it take for the complete optimization to be over? SM FAQ

It depends on the expectations from your side and the current performance of your website.

5 Will the changes in the page speed last for a long time? SM FAQ

After the completion of our project and increasing your website’s speed, we will definitely be giving you tips and instructions on how you can manage and maintain the same.

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