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Marketing the products or services using different techniques or reaching the audience through paid advertising of the specific platform.

Quora is one such platform, where the users are mostly engaged in reading the content. Since the platform is famous for Q & A. So many users read and write the content in detail.

But do you know? Many marketers use Quora as a platform to promote their products or service and generate leads using this new way. But you need a technical and smart mind to promote the product in a way. For that, you can hire the services of a website designing company in Delhi, Art Attackk. We deliver what you want through various services like Quora marketing, social media ads, email marketing, etc.

What Is Quora Marketing Strategy

As mentioned, Quora is such a platform, where many don’t just scroll the platform within a second but invest more time into it. Approximately at least a minute by reading the content. Also, there are many millions of users across the world, who are actively participating in the Quora platform. Several startups and brands promote using many ways on Quora. Art Attackk shares with you the different strategies on Quora marketing.


Answering The Questions:

You can promote your products or service by answering the relevant questions regarding your product or service and similar words, which relate to your category. Hence, it is explained more in detail below.


Up Front Your Product:

It's not you who are marketing but your product who is helping to grow, so keep your product as a top priority and the face of business will help to create awareness about the business and products.


Valuable Content:

Answering every question is not important, but creating valuable content must be a priority. Answering the question in detail with proper information will give you more upvotes and a following, which will create brand awareness on Quora.



Likewise, you follow the linking of pages on the website. Same way, you can link the words with your web page or products in the content while answering the question. If the content is pleasing the reader, they will reach the target, you targeted. It is followed by many brands and effective ways to market your brand, products, or service.


Add Suggestions:

You give suggestions to already answers, which might need specific changes and can grab the attention. Whereas you can suggest about your business below.

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Quora Question & Answering Strategy 2021

Quora is a platform, which is based on Q/A form, where queries are put up as questions by the common users and can be answered by any and many Quora users.

The catch here is, many brands and businesses answer the questions related to their industry or products in a form, where the readers feel as if they are solving their query, but in the end, they will promote their products or service. It is a strategy where brands use their products and pitch their products as solutions to their queries.

  • Posting: posting on Quora is simple, where you can promote your products or service using media forms such as images and videos and promoting your website. Where you can provide detailed information about the product or service like you share the detailed information on the Amazon eCommerce site.
  • UPvotes: Getting upvotes in Quora is like having likes on Instagram and retweets on Twitter. Though there are various reasons people upvote the content. But, mainly it represents that your content is proper and solving the question asked.
  • Answering Question: In this strategy, the main work is to answer the questions in a storytelling form or like solving the friend's query. You can promote the product, business, or service. Also, linking the content with specific web pages will be helpful.
  • Following Groups: On Quora, you can follow the groups that are similar to your industry. It will help to answer more questions and discussion about the products or services.
  • Use Quora Ad Platform: If you hold the budget to market your products or services, then the Quora advertising platform will be a good option. It will create awareness and also generate leads with dense traffic to the website. Though Quora's advertising platform is cost-effective.
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Quora Marketing Service

Cost In Delhi

Quora is such a platform, which needs careful attention on the activity you perform. Also, it takes time to build the proper profile, which gives strong insights. Art Attackk can deliver convincing insights, but the service of Quora marketing is based on the competitive price range.

Whereas it varies based on the following points:

  • Time
  • Type of marketing such as paid advertising.
  • Type of industry you have
  • How many services are chosen

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FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Quora Marketing

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Like other social media platforms, Quora has dense active users and many questions to solve. Many businesses promote their products by answering the questions, which feels appealing to the readers and can generate leads. However, the paid ads on Quora can be helpful too.

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