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website designing company in India

The next step of development is maintenance! Art Attackk is the best website maintenance service company in Delhi. Where you can keep your website updated with quality content, design, security, and many more.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

We help businesses grow with the best website maintenance service. Nowadays, management and maintenance are a must for the best and competitive online business performance. Opting from the best website designing company in Delhi will indirectly take your business graph up. Then, wait no more! Avail the service of Art Attackk for best website maintenance.

Best Website Maintenance Service Design 2021

  • Every website needs to be updated or to keep an eye on it from its performance to security. This is what website maintenance is all about like a car needs to be maintained timely.
  • Whereas, few things need a monthly once or twice maintenance such as content update, support pages, security, etc. These things are a crucial aspect of website maintenance for a smooth and profitable business.
  • Maintenance is an endless process until you decide to end the website. You have to look at each aspect of the site.
  • Some things need a daily check, such as whether the pages are working or not, the media files are broken, eye on load time.
e-commerce Web Development Delhi

Nowadays, management and maintenance are a must for the best and competitive online business performance. Opting from the best website maintenance service company Delhi will indirectly take your business graph up. Then, wait no more! Avail the service of Art Attackk for best website maintenance.

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Website Maintenance Service Design Principles

Again, it is mandatory to keep the website maintained to stay in the online market, but there are many principles followed by the manager to keep it maintained. These checklists or principles will help you in website maintenance more accurately and perfectly. Where the website will not only look impressive for the visitors but also keep it safe with you, and develop the business.

Check out the website maintenance service design principles:


Security Patches:

The website gets security from the software it is based on, but it requires maintenance too. One of the primary reasons to buy the website maintenance service is to keep the site maintained securely. You must keep on checking from time to time about spam that might have passed through the filters. Scanning the vulnerability of the site will make sure that website is not attacked and safe with you.


Errors And Repairs:

This must be a daily check or at least a weekly check for the errors, broken links (including, internal and external), and bugs. It will frustrate the viewers if not fixed and reduce the search engine ranking. But, by website maintenance, you will keep the site alive. For the errors or broken links of website, you can run site over a link checker to find errors and broken links easily, to fix them.



You must keep on checking that all aspects of website are functioning smoothly or not, on the most common browsers, and it should be compatible with the less-used browser too. For better compatibility, you can build custom web design.
Whereas, it is important to keep an eye on the load time of the site. The website maintenance will help you to reduce the loading time, which will increase traffic on the website. For the maintenance of processing time of the website you can use Google PageSpeed insight to find the issue, which is affecting the website processing.


Website Database Backups:

The website database are the information or insight about the users and usage of your website. On weekly basis, database backups are automatically performed and, it is important to restore once every six months.


Content Errors/Updates:

The error-free content is a must for an eye-pleasing and impressive website. Also, sites like e-commerce, corporate websites, and as such need to update the content in a while. It will not only show the business-run status but will impact users and search rankings. You must check the content on weekly basis and omit all the errors. Also, add more substance rather than filtered content on the website. Keep on updating content (keywords) with every step of your business to have a successful online performance.


Updating Softwares:

The software on which your website relies needs to be updated timely. The update on plugins and themes of the software will help to develop a more impressive website. Whereas non-critical software up-gradation is important only if it's worth applying.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Website Maintenance Service

Pricing In India

When you opt for the best website maintenance service designing company in Delhi like Art Attackk. It is an assurance that the goal you and we have will be the same, and achieved! Since the website maintenance service is time-consuming and the most precise work. We have few subscriptions for the best website maintenance service, that you can choose for your efficient website to be maintained. Also, the website maintenance pricing of Art Attackk is based on a competitive price range and industry standards.

The cost of website maintenance service is based on:

  • How many websites needs to be maintained

  • What kind of
    maintenance does the website requires?

  • Maintenance tenure

Art Attackk Website Maintenance Service Agency In Delhi Reviews

  • 5star

    One of the wise choices for my online business was Art Attackk for the best website services in Delhi. I'm super satisfied with the work they delivered. I wish them the best in future endeavors.

  • 5star

    Before opting for Art Attackk, my online business was lacking in performance. Thanks to Art Attackk for taking away all the burdens through your best website services and maintaining it for my business. Good luck with your future projects.

  • 5star

    Things have changed when I choose to buy the website maintenance service plans of Art Attackk. They are worth the value since the team is hardworking and keenly check on every aspect for the smooth working of the website. Thank you and best wishes Addictive Media.

  • 5star

    I can't imagine the struggle with my online business. Art Attackk helped out my business website by finding out lacking aspects. The website maintenance service and pricing are impressive. Keep working hard and wish you a successful future.

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

FAQs on Static Website Design

1 What is the website maintenance actually mean? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Website is the foundation and presence in the online platform. It doesn't end here, the website needs to be updated as your business gets going and growing. It will deliver the current status and update about your business to the visitors, which will educate them about your business in no time. For example, e-commerce needs website maintenance to showcase an increase or decrease in the product line.

2 Why it is important to have a website maintenance plan? Social Media FAQ

A website maintenance plan is important since your website is the face of business, generates leads, educates about the business to visitors, and acts as representative. Whereas, website maintenance plan brings the best and smooth user experience with more secure working. It is what many website holders look for. But, the website maintenance plan doesn't end here, it helps and supports the SEO strategy, and many more.

3 What does a website maintenance service include? Social Media FAQ2

The Art Attackk website maintenance service includes various subscriptions, where the plan includes basic, technical, and full-fledge maintenance of the website. In the end, you will get secure, fresh content, smooth working pages, and an overall compatible website of your business.

4 Which type of website needs a website maintenance service? SM FAQ

The website is an online brand image, so every website needs maintenance irrespective of website style. So website maintenance service helps the website to stay alive and never fades from the visitor's mind, who is the target market for an online business. Since regular website maintenance adds the latest information, buzz, and other substance of the company.

5 What are the advantages does website maintenance provides? SM FAQ

To be honest, there is a plethora of advantages the website maintenance delivers, such as

  • Develops search engine ranking
  • Pleasant design and impressive content
  • Secures the website with no spams
  • Database remains safe
  • Increase the sales leads and convert into a successful company
  • An online brand image, and many more.
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