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website designing company in India

Building the website isn't enough, creating it in a way, that works in every smart device smartly must be a priority. To be specific your website must be responsive since the traffic on a website is more through smartphones, which makes it mandatory to build a responsive website. It will indirectly create a flexible website, you must hire Art Attackk, the best website design company in Delhi.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

Best Responsive Website Design 2021

The responsive website is the face of business, which works the best for portfolio website design where it must fit in all screen sizes and look attractive for visitors. A responsive website automatically fits the design in a screen with less load time, which is the upper hand for developing the online business performance. Here are the best responsive websites of 2021:


Jiva Ayurveda

Jiva Ayurveda is the best business responsive website, which is built with proper usage of fluid grids, the difference can be observed in different devices.


Show Stopper

The Show Stopper is a luxury brand website that sets an example of using fluid vector images finely. The sliding feature for images is designed for smartphone and iPhone view. On the desktop you can find the same design of images flowing in a horizontal grid.


Big Boy Toyz

Big Boy Toyz website is another best responsive website of 2021 developed by Addictive Media. Observe the difference in the content align and overall design being responsive with an attractive look for different screen sizes.

e-commerce Web Development Delhi

All of these best dynamic website designs in 2021 have a complete range of designs unique to the human mind and preferences that will fish out the best of intellectuality from the choices of your preferable website. You will love what you will see on your screen.

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Responsive Website Design Principles

Nowadays, it is important to go with the flow of trends. So you have to make it a responsive website for the viewers, eye-catching and business development. To make the website responsive you need to follow up on the few principles. Also, it will make effortless work for designers. Take a look at the design principles!

Here are the five responsive website design principles:


Create Responsive Website Rather Adaptive

Responsive website design and adaptive website design might look similar, but can't be neglected. Since there is much difference between responsive and adaptive. Where responsive websites load quickly and adaptive websites take time. It will impact traffic because users won't wait for many seconds to load a website. So, it is important to make the website responsive.


Use More Of Vector Images:

Vector images never lose their quality, even you resize them in any dimension. But, many build the responsive website using bitmap images and it is not pleasing. Because bitmap images will degrade the quality of the images. When you auto resize the image by using cascading style sheet (CSS), and vector images will be impactful and impressive for the visitors.


Use The Web Fonts:

No doubt, system fonts look more professional and good. But, the system fonts are limited to desktop version only (PC Users). So use web fonts for the responsive website design. Since the system fonts may not be supported in other devices until the operating system does. Therefore, make use of universal web fonts, which work properly on any device.
Also, don't change the font style on the same web page while building. It will decrease the traffic as viewers will lose interest to stay on the website, and also, it will use more space for the website.


Use Percentage Unit For Dimensions:

Yes, we know many of you use px in website elements, but again, at many points px don't work for the responsive website design. So, we suggest using percentage (%) instead of a static unit while adjusting the height and width of website elements.


Avoid Being Spacious On Page:

While creating a responsive website design, make sure that you are not adding extra white space. It portrays that website lack content. Also, don't mess by adding too much content and media files. keep it simple and pleasing. Likewise, while making space for the ads, remember advertisements should be responsive as well. Otherwise, it will be replaced with blank space.

What Is Responsive Website Designing?

You already got a hint! Any website that is flexible to view in different devices such as android devices, laptops, tablets, iPhones, and many more. Responsive website design (RWD) is most important to build a website for survival in online business development. These three features define responsive website designs and allow the designers to craft the website design effortlessly.


Fluid Layouts:

The fluid grids are created using CSS language, the grids automatically rearrange themselves, that fits in the browser window, when you are on 24 inches desktop screen, 6 inches smartphone, 12 inches tablets, no matter what device you are using. The fluid layouts keep the designers' look and feel the same across the device. Also, it is cost-effective and time-saving, when designers are allowed to update a version of the website against many.


Media Queries:

Media queries define the responsiveness of a website by targeting particular devices. It helps the responsive website designers to make use of condition checks based on the particulars of the device (user device) by altering the responsive website design. Being a more tailored experience to the users, media queries are superior for defining the breakpoints in the HTML/CSS language.


Tailored Visuals:

Tailored visuals here are meant to be flexible visuals, which help to view media files (images, emoticons, and videos) in a comfortable design. There are more different sizes of devices to browse in the market. The use of flexible visual code that won't allow media files to exceed the containers or viewports. It allows the designers to create effortless designs that are adaptable to every device irrespective of shape and size.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Responsive Website Design

Pricing In Delhi

Art Attackk being the best responsive website design company Delhi. It delivers the full-fledge services. Where you get the best services such as responsive website design and building. Tailor the website today! Since we don't cost our services much, it is up to a competitive price range and industry standards.

The responsive website is build with custom design and the pricing depends on following points:

  • What is your business
    goal and need?

  • Project period

  • The industry you belong

  • Who are your target audience

  • How many websites need to be worked on, etc.

Art Attackk Responsive Website Design Agency In Delhi Reviews:

  • 5star

    It was an amazing service provided by the Art Attackk in Delhi. They have built the most satisfying website for my organization. I have complete confidence in them for their other services. Best wishes…

  • 5star

    I will say that my website shines on the browser with the quality designing and content. The services are affordable and worth the money. If you are looking for any website designing services or other ones. Go for it! Thank you Art Attackk…

  • 5star

    The faith in Art Attackk is increased. Since their hard work and efforts to keep the clients happy like me are pleasing. I'm impressed with the quality services they provide me at affordable prices. A big thumbs up for them, good luck with your future!

  • 5star

    The services and promises are up to the mark. I'm happy to develop my website from the best company in Delhi, Art Attackk. I wish them the best for their bright future.

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Dynamic Website Design

1 Why responsive website design is salient? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

In the past people used to access browsing through desktop and websites were designed mostly for them. Since the average visitor on a particular website was the desktop users and smartphone users had to change it to the desktop version. But, now the time has changed and more users browse through devices holding in a hand since it seems quick and easy. So, to make the website flexible you have to create a responsive design that works for all devices and make the responsive website. Which will eventually build traffic by making it eye-catching.

2 What is the workflow of responsive website design? Social Media FAQ

For making the responsive websites and to automatically adjust the containers or viewports CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Using CSS you can serve the website with different style properties, color capability, resolution, and many more for vivid screen size. The automatic workflow delivers a timeless responsive website.

3 Check yourself, if is my website responsive? Social Media FAQ2

There are multiple ways to check whether the website is responsive or not. One way is to use a free tool or software to check whether the website is responsive or not. Another test you can do is check the website through smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Also, check by following these steps using desktop:

  • Go on google chrome and your website
  • Press on Ctrl + Shift + I to open Chrome DevTools
  • Again, press Ctrl + Shift + M to toggle the device toolbar
  • View your website page from mobile, desktop, and tablet perspectives.

4 Why your business needs a responsive website design? SM FAQ

Various sources and a recent study by Google shows that any business small, medium, or large needs to have a responsive website to develop the business leads and be on head-to-head competition. Though responsive websites have numerous benefits, that speak how important and developing it is for business.

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