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website designing company in India

A mobile website is one that is optimised for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And now that the world has gone mobile-first, your mobile website design agency should follow suit. Developing good and exciting websites is critical. Why? Because the trends keep changing as we connect, and thus the way businesses work.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

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    Adaptive screen size

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e-commerce Web Development Delhi

A global user base is estimated to reach 3.8 billion by 2021. Mobile devices are also influencing purchasing patterns. According to Google, 59 percent of customers consider the ability to purchase on their mobile devices when determining which retailer or brand to buy from.

Therefore an optimum mobile website design plays an important role in developing one’s business and a client’s surfing pattern. Art Attackk is the best website designing company in Delhi to opt for.

Mobile Website

Design 2021

The process of developing a website that adapts to the screen size of a mobile screen is a major part in designing a good mobile website. Users of mobile devices are very goal-oriented. They anticipate being able to obtain what they require quickly and on their own terms. Therefore your website should be update ready and trend ready for its audience. There are various exciting mobile website designs with perfect creations and captivating designs, which are ultimately responsive website design.

S&W Beauty lures visitors into a world of mesmerizing aesthetics, by employing a cohesive visual language. Charcoal is an art magazine that focuses on people of colour. This mobile website design features a full-width strip layout with an autumn-inspired colour palette, each strip carrying either a photograph or text on a coloured background. Balloon Movie is another splendid website which is adorned with multiple award badges. The trailer for the film is embedded into the page through a Video Box on the website. What an innovative way to showcase your mobile website design!

Mobile Website

Mobile Website
Design Principles

Mobile users are typically goal-oriented; they want to be able to receive what they need from a mobile website quickly, simply, and on their own terms. Your user's experience should be as frictionless as possible, whether they are making a purchase, getting a quote, or joining an email list. If you want your site to be easily accessible on mobile devices, you must address all mobile usability issues. Let's discuss a few of these and make your mobile website design more accessible to your clients.


Make Your Entire Site Mobile-Friendly

Users find it considerably easier to explore mobile-optimized sites than desktop sites on mobile devices. A mobile site should be simple and straightforward to use, with large, easy-to-navigate CTA buttons.
There should be no pages where horizontal scrolling is required to see the core content – ensure that all of your pages use relative width and position settings for CSS components, and that pictures may scale as well.
Put your content first, and remove any elements that may distract users from it.
Limit the amount of columns – ideally, a one column site layout is best.


Make your call-to-action buttons mobile-friendly.

Because it is easy for mobile users to overlook UI elements, always place your critical calls-to-action where visitors will see them. Place your major calls-to-action in the most prominent site space – your mobile calls-to-action will most likely differ from those on desktop, so consider your consumers' perspectives when selecting placement.


Keep Menus Short and Useful

A large menu may work great for your desktop site, but mobile customers may not have the patience to read through a long list of options to discover what they are looking for. Consider presenting as few menu options as possible – for example, only major product groups. It should be sorted by popularity or user value. It should not include terminology that your target audience will not comprehend. Menus that contain phrases that need business knowledge, or that attempt to mix — for example, literal and metaphorical terms — may confuse users and increase desertion.


Create Touch Targets That Are Easy on the Fingers

If you're creating a finger-friendly interface, your site buttons should be appropriately sized. Another crucial factor to consider is the relative distance (gap) between touch elements. When buttons are close to each other, a mobile user's finger may mistakenly tap the wrong one. To rectify these issues and prevent users from pressing and invoking the erroneous action, ensure that your buttons are suitably sized and spaced for mobile visitors. Because the product has no physical dimensions, your materials represent the product. As a result, they should be of excellent quality in order to attract the attention of site visitors who may be skimming and drive call-to-actions.


Allow Users to Explore Before Making a Decision

Requiring users to register or log in before viewing website content has a high interaction cost and violates the reciprocity principle. Forcing registration too soon can result in more than 85 percent of users abandoning the site. Users typically want to read material and get a sense of what a site has to offer before providing personal information (this is especially true for the sites by unfamiliar brands). Mobile sites should have a non-signed-in route to deliver a user experience with the fewest barriers to conversion. Either design for both landscape and portrait orientations, or encourage users to transition to the best screen orientation, because people tended to stay in the same screen orientation until asked to change.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Mobile Website Design

Pricing In Delhi

What makes Art Attack the finest in its field? We're sure you're thinking about it! Yes, the design! There is, indeed, a plan. What about the information? Why not, after all? Our pricing, on the other hand, is what most appeals to our customers. Art Media is becoming the industry leader in Mobile Website Design Pricing in Delhi. It provides a diverse range of services.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to personalise your website! We stick to a competitive pricing range and industry norms because our services are not expensive.

The following charges varies according the plan you select such as:

  • Basic Plan


  • Effective Plan


  • Premium Plan


Get the best suitable plan for you at the fixed competitive pricing to get the most efficient mobile website design in Delhi.

Art Attack Mobile
Website Design Agency Reviews

  • 5star

    Because of its high-quality design and content, my website shines out in the browser. The services are reasonably priced and well worth the investment. If you require website design or other services, please contact them. Thank you so much, Art Attack!

  • 5star

    The art attack in Delhi offered wonderful service. They created the most innovative website for my company. I have a lot of faith in them. Best regards...

  • 5star

    The warranties and services are satisfactory. I'm pleased that Art Attack, Delhi's best firm, designed my website. For me, they designed an aesthetically beautiful and entertaining website. Keep up the good work!

  • 5star

    The services and promises are of exceptional quality. I'm thrilled to be working with Art Attack, Delhi's best web design firm. I congratulate them on their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

  • 3star

    I think Art Attack works by closely monitoring our interests and experiences. I loved how they understood my work of style and produced the perfect product. All the best for the future.

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Website Design

1 Why should I contact you for a website development solution? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

We have a professional staff of web designers and web developers with decades of experience in this field. The clients are quite competitively priced without jeopardising the quality.

2 What’s the process of getting associated with you? Social Media FAQ

Art Attack’s team thoroughly analyses your needs and then recommends the best solution for you. We also cover the cost of website development and the turnaround time during the brainstorming stage. An agreement is prepared if both parties have agreed on the conditions. Following the completion of the formal formalities, the team begins the website creation process.

3 Are the websites search engine friendly? Social Media FAQ2

Yes, every website we deliver meets the most recent SEO standards. While developing a website, we take attention to all technical and content-related aspects of SEO. You can extend the SEO efforts by utilising our SEO services.

4 What exactly is website maintenance service? SM FAQ

We provide monthly and annual website maintenance solutions, as well as ongoing care for your website. As part of this service, we will continue to offer new content. This technique also entails removing bugs from your website.

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