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It has given multiple ways to promote the products and services on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Along with that, in a Parallel way influencing on these platforms has increased. Many creators, different types of the creator have become a type of influencer on the social media platform, with bulk followings.You can opt the social media agency in Delhi for impactful marketing.

Endorsement of products on a different platform with various influencers is the most common way to promote products and services. Now, influencer marketing is growing day by day. So you need to choose everything wisely or you can hire Art Attackk, a website designing company in Delhi. Which offers various services such as social media ads , Quora marketing , Influencer marketing, etc.

Micro-Influencer Marketing Service Insights

There are different types of influencers, which are categorized based on the followers. One such type of influencer is micro-influencers. They have 25k or fewer followers or subscribers on the platform, they are active on or creators of the platform. But, now they have been given more importance than others for many reasons.

The recent data shows that micro-influencers are getting the best insights. In terms of engagement, reach, clicks, etc. Brands can choose them because of low investment. Past few years, Micro-influencers have got many endorsements from brands.

A platform like Instagram and Facebook data shows that, as followers increase the engagement and comments are decreasing. It is the major reason and an example of why brands have moved towards the micro. The statistics show that micro-influencers has an approximate conversion rate of 20+% compared to customers recommendation. These things show that it is profitable to promote the products or services through micro-influencers.

Here are the benefits of collaborating with micro influencers-2021



Showcasing the products through celebrities might bring biased opinions on the product too. Well, the audience has moved towards creators who are sincere and put effort to showcase their talent. They look authentic and promoting the business through them will give an authentic perception of the product.


Impressive Insights

It is not a matter of followers, but it is important to look at the insights of influencers. The recent insights will help you to decide to go for the best. However, micro-influencers have got excellent engagement and insights. It is shown through the statistic from many sources.


Minimum Investment

Micro-influencers are best to go with is because of the fewer charges. Yes, they charge comparatively less and you get enough ROI. So many brands go for micro-influencers, which gives them the conversions that they want.


Genuine Content

With authentic content, micro-influencers try to rob the heart of users. Also, they keep realism with the audience. So when you endorse with such micro-influencers. The brand, product, or service gets genuine content in front of the audience. Which will deliver an affirmative perception of the brand, product, or service.



The micro-influencer has genuine followers, who believe in the influencer. When you collaborate with such influencers, your brand, products, or service increases the trust among the followers. It is the major impact you can create through the micro-influencer. Also, trust is most for every brand and business.

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Types Of Influencers: Youtube; Instagram; Facebook; Linkedin Influencers

As mentioned above there are a set of influencers with a bulk of followers and subscribers on different platforms. Nowadays, these platforms have got a boost, and many influencers, whom people follow their actions. So, here are the different types of influencers:


Youtube Influencers:

Youtube is for video creators, e-gaming has got a boost in India and they play a vital role in influencer marketing. Many gamers have got good reach on Youtube. Along with that, vloggers, sketch videomakers are the few influencers on Youtube through them you can promote your business.


Instagram Influencers:

There is a certain category of influencers on Instagram irrespective of creation and profession. It has mega, nano, micro-influencers categorized based on followers. However, the reach depends on the popularity the influencer has.


Facebook Influencers:

It is the most used application, there are many active users on Facebook from India. Facebook has got a similar kind of influencer as Instagram. But, you get a wide range of creators on Facebook and more options to choose the best.


Linkedin Influencers:

Linkedin being more of a formal and professional use for jobs, business, etc. It has got more opportunities for B2B influencers. Also, it is impactful to promote the business through Linkedin influencers.

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