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Are you running a small business or mid-sized entrepreneurship that has the potential to blow up on the internet one day or a large online store that needs to draw more new users through SEO? You got it.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the food to the soul of an online business and its content as it puts up with the hurdle of search engines and makes your website more and more visible to your users and audiences that will be your user with time. As candy as it sounds, it is hard but fulfilling to reach that height and there is always a need to find support behind who would make sure that one reaches that height and achieve the light for your online store. Art Attackk is what your website and your dreams need. Being a website design company in Delhi, we understand every corner of digital requirements that makes the website worth surfing through. One can always put up a website with dashing glory and catchy layouts, it is the keywords that truly make the website cache search engines on the internet.

Art Attackk, hence declared by heart, is the best SEO Audit service agency in Delhi that will fulfill all those requirements and make something more than you expect from it already. Our team is extremely professional, talented, experienced, and breathes in aesthetics that will suit your website demands just the right away. With the best SEO audit services agency in Delhi, win more profit, rank high in internet searches, and win hearts all over again. We are here, so are you coming already?

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Top 5 SEO Audit Checklist

An SEO audit comes across as one of the most important requirements while building a strong website as it resolves all the foundational issues with search performances and reveals them to make the required amendments. The SEO audit reveals technical issues, any website structure issues, or user-centric issues and makes the webpage as comprehensive as possible. This audit covers both structural and content components that enhance your website’s SEO visibility in search engines like Google. Across many checklists like easy and understandable audit and organic traffic, there is top 5 SEO audit checklist that will allow you to increase your online traffic towards your website more and allow it to rank top in search engines:


Speed of the Site

One of the most influencing reasons that matter with Google is the speed of your website loading and over years it has become more important. With a good score on your speed test, you know your users will click it open because it is faster than their eyes blinking. Somebody said it right that good things connect with your soul and body, or your interests.


Compatible with Mobile

All screens’ website compatibility in 2021 usually means mobile. Mobile SEO has grown over the years with its growing demand and usage. Mobile SEO draws 55-60% of google searches and hence, your website SEO should fit into the google algorithm.


Fix the Broken Links

Broken links in your website only invites a bad user experience which will ultimately your SEO factor. So, an SEO audit makes sure that such broken links are fixed and keeps a constant check on its functions.


Simple Website Architecture

Website architecture is like oxygen to SEO and is so important because it helps search engines like Google to find your website and index all its pages. It also allows Google to highlight the pages that are important and needs more attention.


Improve On-Page SEO

You probably do not have the world’s time to optimize every page of your website and On-Page SEO is without a secret very important. Select your important pages and let SEO audit take care of the rest.

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Top 3 website SEO audit tools
in 2021

Your website is the hub of your online business or the brand you are creating and it is a necessity to regularly check it to ensure constant feedbacks and stable performance. And, of course, draw more users towards it. It happens only when it catches the top rank list in most famous search engines like Google. Let’s face it that no matter how skilled one is in SEO, there is always a need for SEO audit tools due to their imperative nature and performance. As Google is getting more and more complex with its algorithm, the demand of leaving the hectic work of optimization to SEO audit tools that are more efficient to dig to deeper ends and discover all kinds of SEO issues that can affect the performance of your website. All you have to do is lay back and believe in the process and when it comes to these top 3 website SEO audit tools in 2021, you can also take a coffee break as your website gets fixed:



Ahrefs is one of our favorite SEO audit tools in 2021 that expertise in fixing broken links along with overall domain profile. It also offers features like the site and keyboard explorer that are extended to content as well. This is the audit tool with which you can worry less and work more for an efficient website.


Google Search Console

When it comes to terms like indexation issues of certain pages, organic performances like impression, clicks, and other accessibility issues, then Google Search Console is the choice for you in 2021. Its features are many including some star points like indexing pages, monitors and test AMP pages, send email alerts, and so on. Well. Google knows it all.



SEMrush is rushing in 2021 as one of the convenient SEO audit tools is because of its domination with evaluating a website’s domain history and run thematic reports. Take a step back with your website and let SEMrush meet you at the goal with all tasks done for an excellent website.

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SEO Audit services

Cost In Delhi

When it comes to the section of SEO audit it revolves around the idea where it is analyzed about your website presence in the best possible way that will come across with best practices to enhance the services along with measurable results that will do wonders to your online business. Our services feature the best of work and come with pretty packages with the best SEO audit services cost in Delhi. You will absolutely dive in with your business with us and grow with us each day at every step. Reach our team with your requirements and we will get back to you with the idea to make your SEO audit comprehensive to the best interests.

Art Attack
Website SEO audit service Reviews

Read out the few reviews on Art Attackk as an SEO agency:

  • 5star

    "I have worked with Art Attackk for several months with my multiple websites and projects and I would love to say that the team is the best SEO expert you will work with. The team’s recommendations increased my website’s organic traffic and improved our overall customer experience to a great level. Once you work with them you will see the results."

  • 5star

    "Art Attackk has one of the best and extensive knowledge in the SEO factors and without a doubt, they helped us tremendously with guidance and support. THANK YOU!"

  • 5star

    "Being a small business entity, we sometimes run into SEO issues and need to offload some of our work with trusted hands. I only trust an SEO expert to do this for my brand and my clients and Art Attackk and its team is always at the top of my list."

  • 3star

    The team of Art Attackk is an intelligent, thoughtful, strategic team with much integrity. They are very efficient and very dependable in terms of SEO work and I loved what they did for my website. Amazing!

  • 3star

    "There is no one in this industry who I trust more with my clients other than Art Attack. It was a pleasure working with the team and wish to do so for all my future endeavors."

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Off-Page Optimization SEO

1 How long does it take for my website to rank in Google? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

It is true that every website works based on demands and is situational. The fact that differs is that the ability to rank in Google depends on how relevant and authoritative your site is and to build an authoritative website requires extensive planning and research. The faster one improves and works on SEO the quicker it will be listed on Google.

2 When should I hire an SEO agency for my website? Social Media FAQ

Probably the earliest as possible. Google specifically recommends it when you’re considering a web redesign or new website you need SEO from the start and it will enhance the entire operation more distinctively and without a break or obstacle on the way. You can work smoothly with your website through SEO work from the first day.

3 Is SEO for websites expensive? Social Media FAQ2

The cost of SEO is subjective and not all SEO work that needs to be considered is expensive. Most of it comes across as handy and affordable packages. And, if you are dealing with Art Attack you will be experiencing most SEO work within an appreciating budget. Build your website at the right cost.

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