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To stand on the top of SEO there are various ways, and the ultimate goal for this is to generate more traffic and generate sales. Conversion optimization does the same, it will help to generate dense traffic on the website and actions on the website. It may be any actions such as purchasing a product or service, adding to the cart, or clicking a link.

To get started with conversion optimization, you can hire the service of agencies. Art Attackk is the one-stop website designing company in Delhi, which will serve various services under one roof, such as conversion optimization, digital marketing strategy, digital marketing services, etc.

Tools Of Conversion Optimization 2021

Here are the few innovative tools Art Attackk suggests to execute the conversion rate optimization. Check out the five best tools of 2021:



Hubspot is the most influencing name for conversion optimization tools. It offers few features completely free. This automation marketing tool, exit-intent software gives you to access the customized pop-ups without any coding. Therefore it integrates with HubSpot CRM, which helps you to generate deeper insights into your database.

Also, the dashboard interface is simple, which helps you know, which marketing strategy has brought more conversion



Unbounce goes beyond analysis and insights of conversion. It is a paid tool, which gives you plenty of features for par excellence in conversion optimization. Without any developer's help, you can create and test the landing pages, sticky bars, and pop-ups. You can compare your website or web pages with other competitors of your industry through Unbounce's grade-style tool.

However, Unbounce will help you know insights and web page load time, where it will make you understand and recommend that the media files used are affecting the web page load time or not.


Lucky Orange

If you want to trace the visitor's behavior from clicking on a link to moving the cursor on a screen. Lucky Orange tool will be beneficial for the same. Along with that, there are various features available. Although the tool is paid and least compared to other tools.



Hotjar is similar to the Lucky Orange tool, it provides heat maps and screen recording of viewers. Also, it provides more training and the major difference between both the tools is the price. Hotjar charges double of Lucky Orange. Hence Hotjar has a friendly user experience too.


Google PageSpeed

Google is one of the most trusted sources for online marketing and business. One such tool for conversion optimization is Google PageSpeed, which is completely free. This tool simply helps to make the page smoother and fewer the load time. It analyzes the speed time and suggests the changes on a web page to make it smoother.

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Steps Of Conversion Optimization 2021

Art Attackk has come up with few steps to generate the conversion optimization rate. These steps might help you to reach your destination. Hence check out the steps of conversion optimization:


Make A Conversion Strategy

For creating conversion you need to plan a strategy. Where you can set and see the goal you targeted and want to reach. For eg: you want to maximize the product sales, then you have to edit the landing page accordingly and focus on minute things such as buttons shapes, the color of the elements, etc. The best user experience will make the users reach the purchase button. You can test the landing pages on various tools, to make sure it is perfect or not.


Feedback On User Experience

You have to know the feedback of the viewers, who enter the website and leave the pages halfway. Getting feedback from the viewers will help you to improve the user experience. You can do this by conducting polls, surveys, and interviews.


Bounce Pages

You must track the pages which are delivering low conversion rates. These pages are tripping off the website sales leads. While you track the web pages using tools like Google Analytics or above tools. Then, you must make the changes on the page, where the visitor bounces back.


Simple Look Landing Pages

Landing pages are a little distraction and may drop is forward conversion. However, to increase the conversion rate, simple landing pages will be a bridge. These are the characteristics of landing pages:

  • Design should be simple and responsive
  • Simple website content
  • Single offer
  • Use appropriate images and videos
  • Call to action
  • No navigation bar


Add Customer Proofs

You must add the following things on the website such as testimonials, ratings, and reviews, how many products were bought, how many products are left, etc. This will help the customers to gain trust and increase the conversion rate.

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Conversion Optimization

Cost In Delhi

Art Attackk providing the service of conversion optimization cost is according to industry standards and competitive too. However, the service cost may fluctuate based on these points

  • Tenure of the project
  • Type of industry
  • Count of websites
  • Any other plans included

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FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Conversion Optimization

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Conversion optimization rate is a percentage, which shows the visitor's behaviors moving towards the goal of the website, such as purchasing the product or adding the products to the cart, etc. This conversion rate will help the owner or authorized person to know the actions of the visitors.

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5 Steps to perform conversion optimization? Social Media FAQ2

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