A Rundown on How We Roll When It Comes to Proposals and Pitches

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November 21, 2023
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Thinking of bringing us on board?

We are grateful to you for choosing us and tossing in that request for a website proposal. The possibility of teaming up with you has us buzzing with excitement!

Let's pencil in a chat soon because we're itching to connect. Also, we thought we'd spill the beans on how we do things at Art Attackk when it comes to proposals and pitches.

If your project has got the Art Attackk spark, we'll throw in a proposal, but here's the deal—a proposal gives an overview, not the nitty-gritty details. Some project requests expect us to sprinkle strategic fairy dust right from the get-go, but sorry, that's the secret sauce, and it ain't free. Creative thinking is our trade, our craft.

In reality, giving you specific recommendations this early would be like serving dessert before dinner—an absolute disservice. Our recommendations are shaped by a detailed process that comes after you hire us and we really get to know you. So at such an early stage, they will be just mere guesses.

Instead, we want to roll out the red carpet for you. Dive into our proven process, meet our stellar squad, flip through our awesome portfolio, and hear what our past clients are saying on Google. We've got 14 years of receipts that scream, "We're as talented and strategic as we claim!".

We’ll lay it all out on the table about why we stand out in the web design Delhi scene. And we won’t hard-sell.

When we step into a potential client's world, here's the plot twist—we're not on a mission to twist your arm into hiring us. Nope. We want to have a straight-forward chat about whether our super skills match your needs and more importantly, if we'd enjoy working together as humans.

After 14 years of being a top web designing company in Delhi, we've learned that trying to do it any other way is like stepping on a Lego barefoot—ouch. So, if we get to catch up, we'll dive into the proposal together, run over our process, and get real about your goals and challenges. We'll toss some questions your way, and feel free to toss any curveballs back at us. It's not only a team meet-up but also a chance for us to connect beyond emails and Zoom screens.

Here's why we roll this way:

1. Shifting from Freebies to Strategic Collaboration

Over the past decade, the creative economy has shifted gears. Gone are the days of unveiling creative work like a magician revealing tricks to a mesmerized audience. In our world, and particularly at Art Attackk, we're all about collaboration with our clients, not hiding behind a mysterious curtain. Crafting a website that wows and aligns with business goals needs us to work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way.

Years ago, building a website was a technical task. Everything had to be made from scratch, and project requests were basically like tech competency exams for companies. Website technology and its understanding have changed now.

Fast forward to today, and most companies, us included, ride the web development wave with platforms like WordPress, making the process way less headache-inducing. Now it’s the outstanding designing skills that steal the show. Which is why we sell our creative ideas and tactical intellect. We no more giveaway freebies in the sales process because these gems—they're our crown jewels.

2. Our Ideation Period is a Must for Project Success

After we commit to this digital relationship and put a ring on it, we take the plunge into a serious ideation period. Picture it as the essential first step, a process that spans several weeks and gets the whole squad involved—content, design, development, and project management.

During this period, we sit with our clients and uncover the goals, challenges, and must-haves. It's not just a brainstorm; our creative and strategic minds simmer and cook up solutions that make sense. Ultimately, this process results in a solid foundation of thoughtful recommendations and informed decisions that become the project's rock and roll.

In a nutshell, we pitch solutions based on the results of this ideation. Without it, we'd be tossing recommendations in the air like confetti—basically, guessing.

Some clients unknowingly lay down the law on what they think they need, but the catch is that they might miss out on the full capacity of our expertise. Think of it like this: you're attempting a DIY haircut out of curiosity. But soon, reality hits—cue the awkward uneven lengths, and you realize you've messed it up big time. Now, instead of tackling the hair chaos solo, you head straight to the salon for the professionals to work their magic. Similarly, when clients come to us with ultra-instructive project requests, it's like attempting a self-haircut. You might end up with some thing, but it may not be the final product you envisioned. Instead, let us know your project quirks and our experienced team will utilize their creative magic for the best solutions.

3. Our Commitment Lies Beyond the Pitch—We Are Quality-Driven

When you contact us about a project, there’s no need to brace yourself for a slick sales team throwing jargon at you. Nope, you'll get straight to the good stuff—meeting with a project manager who's all ears for your needs and who will let you know if Art Attackk is the missing puzzle piece for your company's goals.

It's not just business; it's a personalized connection because we're all about making sure this partnership is a win-win. We've learned over time that this beats the flashy pitch presentations hands down when it comes to building effective partnerships.

And with that, you've just had a peek behind the curtain and discovered how we navigate through proposals and pitches. We are transparent, collaborative, and above all, we deliver results that show our dedication to your project.

But hey, the story doesn't end here! If you're hungry for more insights and tips, or want to dive deeper into the world of web design and e-commerce, there's a treasure trove waiting for you on our website.

If you feel the vibes with us and you're eager to kick off a project or just want to inquire about all things design, don't be a stranger. Drop us a line, shoot us an email, or better yet, give us a call. We're always here, digital brushes in hand, poised to transform your digital canvas into a captivating reality.

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