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website designing company in India

The main goal of any business or a firm is to increase sales, expand and grow, and thus leading to increase in profits. And a website or a mobile application adds the boost you need. But what helps these perform outstandingly is the UI/UX Designing.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

This plays an essential role in achieving your goals. In layman’s terms, it is the part of design that improves the user experience and thus the customer satisfaction leading to an increase in the number of users turning towards your company. As it is a really crucial factor, top firms tend to outsource it to a designing agency. The span of time you get to grab the attention of your users is very limited and it is integral to hit the bullseye in that short period. And this intricate work has to be done by professionals..

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  • The better the UI and UX of your website, the higher the number of consumers who are getting on your website..
  • Enhanced user interface and also user experience is critical in order to help your firm win the confidence of the users and provide them with what they are seeking for.
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e-commerce Web Development Delhi

Art Attackk is one such UI/UX Designing Agency in Delhi who has helped a lot of companies reach the destination they desire. And why the popularity?

Best UX/UI Designing

Design in 2021

In today’s era of digitalization, we are in the world of online business. And it is absolutely important to get your User experience game straight. Apart from the UI aspect, the User experience also includes the usability and the overall function of the site. It is the same with the case of UI. An exceptional user interface does not just satisfy the user by providing frictionless experience but also please them experimentally and even aesthetically. And thus, the majority of the firms opt to outsource to a custom design agency.

From a really cool animation, uncluttered and clean design, a clever use of whitespace as the user interface dimensions to user experience concentrated designs with clarity and simplicity, all these create a flawless experience for the user and helps boost your sales. Here are some examples of best UI/UX Designing design in 2021:


Art Attackk:

One of the most unique interfaces that you have seen is that of Art Attackk, Website design company Delhi. A simple drop box, curated so intricately is everything that the customer needs. All the services and the information a user requires is present there, and with the click of a button, the user can access it all. And the overall experience of the user is extraordinary due to the fixed long scrolling form of UX design.


Big Boy Toyz:

A very clean user interface is the emphasis of Big Boy Toyz, the top used luxury cars dealer. Accessible as a cross platform website, BBT has a very minimalistic user interface that helps the user obtain a high accessibility as the home page contains a highly impactful menu containing all the required options. The user experience is a beautiful one with a fixed vertical scrolling that packs the entire essence of the site. Light on the eyes and yet speaking volumes is the approach BBT has adopted.



The user interface of Bonford provides a satisfying visit on the website to the users and helps in easy navigation. With a prioritized and easy process of scrolling on the home screen and the efficient use of redirecting tabs to guide through makes it streamlined and approachable. The user experience too is exceptional with the fixed vertical scrolling design displaying all the necessary information and products a customer seeks for. This sleek and pleasant interface along with all the experiences satisfies the customer’s needs without a compromise.

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UX/UI Designing Principles

User experience and user interface, this is a dynamic field of ever updating ideas and foundations that is crucial to keep up with. There are thus a few specially curated principles most of the UI/UX designing agencies follow in order to comply with the importance of these designs that help in making pleasurable designs when a user navigates, uses or browses a specific website or an application.

The following are a few of the top UX/UI Designing principles that are strongly advised to be followed.


Design Focused on the Experience:

User experience design, also known as the UX design is an integral part of websites and applications. It is the aspect of the complete experience that a user receives when on your site, as it is a combination of specifically curated text, graphics, interactive elements, and other added animation and features. More than the information delivered, it is the effect and the impact that the site or the application has on the user that lingers longer. Differentiation is the key aspect as the intensity of the information is usually a lot. And the best part of the overall experience is the ability to kindle out the users’ emotions.


Users desire clarity and simplicity:

On an average 9 seconds, or say at the least 0.5 seconds is the time frame you get to captivate your user. This period must be utilized to direct them instead of making them think about how you want them to go about getting what they need. A pleasant and clear aesthetic should make up the UX design combined with a simple and easy to navigate UI.


Prioritizing the scrolling:

Modernization and the dynamic digitalization did have an impact on the very common User experience design of paging. Paging involves a lot of clicks to divert to other pages but today it is all about the scrolling. All modern websites now have types of vertical and horizontal scrolling, some even going 5+ pages vertically, that is said to have a high positive impact as it is swifter and involves very less clicks thus reducing the need to refresh and flick across pages.


Classics vs creative elements:

Certain aspects of the UX designs must be kept common. For example, if a button does not look like a button, the unfamiliar audience may not realize and thus the button fails to provide the purpose. It is necessary to find the appropriate ratio between usability and creativity. But do not stray away and compromise the aesthetics either.

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

UX/UI Designing Design

Pricing in Delhi

The quotes vary from packs to services. The average pricing of any of the top Website design company Delhi, like Art Attackk, depends on multiple factors and the variety of the same. There are options to choose consolidated services or to go for individual services. A few examples of the pricing process is as follows:

  • The deadlines

  • Degree of redesigning the UX/UI design of the page

  • The complexity of UX/UI design for brand new website/application

  • UX concept improvement

  • User Interface Upgradation

Art Attackk UX/UI Designing Design Agency in Delhi Reviews

What our customers have to say:

  • 5star

    “Art Attackk is a solid UX/UI designing agency in Delhi who helped my company create the best website with a well rounded and engaging experience for the users. Keep up the good work!”

  • 5star

    “This was the only company that exceeded my high expectations by providing better than the promised results with the application they worked for my firm. It resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of customers who engaged with the application and almost 99% of them had amazing things to say about the same. Thank you Art Attackk.”

  • 5star

    “Intricately curated UI/UX designs for our website was done by Art Attackk that helped us very much and was a big update from the outdated version we had. Great luck for your future.”

  • 5star

    “We reached out to Art Attackk for support on our website and application which due their expert set of teams and their experienced expertise turned out to be the best decision we took as a company. A huge collaborative success. Definitely planning on working with them again”

  • 5star

    “Highly impressed with their flexibility and responsiveness and not to mention their high quality at such affordable prices. Listened to us patiently, understood our needs and had a thorough flow of communication. Thank you so much Art Attackk and hope to reach out to you soon.”

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development


1 What is the timeline for a project? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

The timeline is influenced by a number of factors including the complexity, the budget, the platforms used and the needs/goals to be achieved. Thus, the duration varies from project to project.

2 Do you customize data in designing? Social Media FAQ

Yes. We do customize data as per the needs of the client and the requirements to be met.

3 Do you only design websites? Social Media FAQ2

No, our team of experts also design mobile applications, custom applications along with various types of websites.

4 How does a UI/UX project start? SM FAQ

The process kicks off from a meeting between us and you, initially a brief one. This would help us understand your needs, goals, and other aspects of the organization. This gives us a brief idea on how to go about and helps us create the skeleton frame that forms the base of the following complex process.

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