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Performance Marketing Solutions in Delhi NCR
Performance Marketing Solutions in Delhi NCR

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  • Identify Your Brand Goals & Missions
    Identify your
    brand goals and mission
  • Help You Choose The Right Advertising Strategy
    Help you choose the right advertising strategy
  • Enable Your Brand On The Right Marketing Medium
    Enable your brand on the right marketing medium
  • Track Your Brands Marketing Performance & Budget
    Track your brand’s marketing performance
    and budget

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Our Performance
Marketing Mediums

If you define the advertising strategies further, you flow through the branch of performance marketing. Over the years, performance marketing only left behind the bigger marks of successful and efficient impact on different brands. As the name goes, Performance marketing is the marketing of your brand based on its performance and is a combination of paid advertisement and brand marketing. However, it is only paid out when the desired marketing actions are completed and have taken place on the scale. To answer the question in mind that what are the types of performance marketing include majorly native marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, and search engine marketing. This marketing strategy is creative and effective and diversifies your audience and expands your reach: all while capturing valuable data.

  • 01.

    Native Marketing

    It is paid media it is nothing like display ads or banner ads. It follows the natural form and function of the brand’s website that is placed on such as news or social sites. CPM or Pay per impression and CPC or pay per click is native marketing.

  • 02.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing relates to any type of marketing that’s affiliated with the advertiser and is paid out after the desired action has been completed or has been met. This marketing is the most traditional and most commonly used term in performance marketing.

  • 03.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media platforms act as a boon for the brand by gaining traffic or brand awareness, such as the content being showcased on Facebook or Instagram. It centers around engagement, likes, clicks, and sales.

  • 04.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing can be successful through paid or organic options. Paid marketing is simply when an advertiser pays for clicks to ads on search engines such as Google whereas organic includes SEO that relies on the search engine’s algorithm to rank at the top.

We Help You
Acheive Your Goals

Getting your brand online will bring the most of your target audience so level up your online performance with us. It’s time you go efficient for all the digital shenanigans! You will love it!

  • brand awareness
    Brand Awareness

    When your customer recognizes your brand, you know you achieved the level of letting them know your product by name. We help to promote brand awareness that can revive your old brand or even establish your new product.

  • Website Traffic
    Website Traffic

    It is important to know your website traffic and provide them with their needs associated with your brand. We will help you to recognize your target audience and draw the required website traffic.

  • Remarketing

    Showing your ads to your audience who have visited your brand site earlier refers to remarketing. We help you to retarget your potential customers through emails and many more.

  • Lead Generation
    Lead Generation

    Identity, attract and transform your online audience into your brand prospects. We have the right channels, tactics, and strategies to give your brand content from lead generation.

  • Sales

    We know that sales of your brand product and services are the textbook need and our team strives and works towards it. Gift yourself good sales turnover through appropriate performance marketing.

  • Engagement

    As the marketer, you would receive maximum engagement when your users will click on the thing that you want them to. Such engagement will bring attention to your brand website, and a relationship will begin between your brand and user.

We Measure Your Strategy

  • 01. CPM

    CPM is Cost per thousand which refers price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page refers.

  • 02. CPC

    Cost per click or CPC is bidding that your users pay for each click on the ads of your website.

  • 03. CPA

    Online marketing has a cost per acquisition or action or CPA as a type of conversion rate marketing. It is the fee for your impeccable results of brand sales.

  • 04. LTV

    LTV or Lifetime Value is an estimated value of average revenue your users will generate during their lifetime as your brand user.

  • 05. CPV

    Cost per view or CPV is an important marketing video campaign where the advertisers only pay for the videos that are watched for a certain duration.

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    “Friendly, very fast, and professional. Satisfied with the results and the amazing experience. Thank you Art Attackk.”

  • 5star

    “We were very impressed by the highly skilled team and the thorough responses of Art Attackk. Highly recommend it!”

  • 5star

    “Art Attackk is the best Shopify website agency who were wonderful to work with. Cannot wait for future collaborations. Guaranteed results!”

  • 3star

    “I went to Art Attackk with no clue about how to go about with all this but they were there throughout the process and what emerged was a beautiful and definitely impactful Shopify site. Cannot thank you enough!

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