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Business, brands, product promotion, awareness are the few elements that are looked at on social media to grab the target audience's attention and convert them into customers. Later, social media played a vital role in every business irrespective of size, type, etc.

Every business and brand carries out social media campaigns. But, are you still struggling with it? Then, you must hire Art Attackk, which is a social media agency in Delhi . Where you get the best service with perfect execution. However, Art Attackk being the website designing company in Delhi provides other services such as social media ads, creative management , influencer marketing, etc.

Social Media Campaign Ideas 2021

A social media campaign is a whole set of promotions or awareness carried out by a company about the products, services, or brand. But everything begins with an idea, here are the few:


Develop The Brand Hashtag

You must keep your brand hashtag and include it in every social media post while posting. It will develop in a form of social proof. If customers are unable to find your brand, then they will follow the hashtag. However, it is the most fashionable way to start a campaign on social media. Also, it will be an 'easy found' analytics for you too.


Inclusion Of Offers

Every company has some set of audience, it is the primary part of a campaign to give them a reminder, awareness, or promote with fresh products or services. But, a secondary goal is to gather more audience from social media, who are new to the company's products and services. One can gather them using offers by posting on social media handles and grabbing their attention. It will also give you great engagement!


Call-To-Action Is Must

Viewers like to have an interactive posts with brands. Your campaign must have posts, which include call-to-action (CTA). It can be in form of subscribing to the newsletter, learn more, sign-up, or comment about the product. These things will build customer interest in your brand, products, and services, as well as impressive engagement.


Hashtag And Trends

The various brands created and followed the 'Hashtags and Trends' idea. It is another way to reach the mass and new sets of social media users. Your social media campaign can take a turn to reach a new audience through following the trends of current time and hashtags, which are popular and most used. 'Meme Culture' is one possible way to grab the attention of trends. Many food delivering brands follow this!


Influencers In Campaigns

When your company is about to launch the new products or services. You can touch various categorized users through giveaways to the popular influencer on social media. However, this will be effective for new products and services to create awareness.

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Types Of Social Media Campaigns

There is various way to promote the elements on social media. But, it has a certain set of plans and it is called a campaign. Therefore, there are different types of campaigns such as:


Partnership Campaigns

It is similar to influencer marketing, where the campaign is fully based on partnering with a social persona to reach the audience, to whom the audience looks at daily. Partnering with such handles for a mid-term period will build the reputation and trust of the audience. However, the handles should be relatable to the industry. Partnering can be done through the groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram. It will be effective!


Polls Campaigns

Polls can be a form of one-word and quick feedback on the products or services. But this type of campaign gets a good reach. Also, the voters will feel relatable with mindset. Hence, easy to analyze and change the lacks. Polls campaigns can be carried out using different media files, posts, questions, etc. Also, this type of campaign is cost-effective and time-saving.


Campaigning Through Events

Pandemic is a practical example of how a brand or company can conduct events on social media without any physical space. The new products or services can be released through serial events planned as a social media campaign. Where you can call up the tied influencers to join the Live conversation, contests, giveaways, posting the content of customer's positive feedback.

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Social Media Campaigns Service

Price In Delhi

Generating social media campaigns needs to be social media savvy and takes a lot of time. Art Attackk as a social media agency in Delhi provides a service, that has the pricing of industry standards and is affordable. It may vary based on the following elements:

  • Campaigns for which targeted social media platforms
  • How many campaigns
  • Run time of campaigns
  • The industry you belong to
  • Any other added services, etc.

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    "Art Attackk is popular in Delhi for website designing and now I can confidently say with my personal experience, that the agency is ace in the field of social media too. They are a one-stop destination for all the services. "

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    "Things that I found impressive were their execution, usage of new techniques and trends, the transparency between agency and client, and real-time results. It looks fascinating, but it is a reality. Hence, I wish the whole agency the best for their future endeavors. "

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    "Art Attackk has a zeel, which makes them the best. They know how and what to serve their clients. Hiring their services are fully valued for money and growth statistically. Good luck with their lined-up projects! "

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Social Media Campaign

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The social media campaign is carried out by the marketing department. It is a design plan, which is to reinforce information or sentiment of a brand, products, or services to the audience through the social media platform. It may include multiple social media platforms. In a broader sense, the social media campaign is a series of content or techniques followed on a platform to reach the audience in form of reminder, awareness, or recall.

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