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Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2015

Facebook Marketing Tactics

It’s been a kickass start to Facebook in 2015!

At the beginning of this year, Facebook made some quick changes that impacted Facebook Pages positively.

This blog post covers the changes that Facebook marketing has implemented so far that businesses should know about and figure out what works these days. Let’s quickly take a closer look at the changes made by Facebook.

Before you delve into the facebook marketing tactics for 2015, let’s do a quick recap on the recent change on Facebook. To begin with, Facebook outlined a change that came into effect in January 2015 and also targeted three types of posts to decrease reach on the data by the means of users.

  • Primarily, posts that only drive people to buy product or service.
  • Secondarily, posts that drive people to enter promotional stuff and that too without any real context.
  • Lastly, posts that reuses the same content from ads.

Lets have a short and quick recap to the above points. Doing dynamic posts is not good for your business and if you consistently do “pushy” posts this will definitely reduce the reach of posts and you will no more see such posts on your business page.

After pushy posts, context is the next big thing. Introducing contests to your page is fine until they are relevant to your business. For instance, a professional painter outlining a special discount contest is relevant as it requires adding informative details to your contest post. So, definitely IT IS NOT SPAMMY. However, a post that says “Enter to win a Gift card” is not informative enough, so here you have to use your common sense in summarizing what actually your contest demands.

The last one describes replicating from Ads. Put your own effort and create something new that could attract many eye-balls. DON’T COPY THE CONTENT FROM ADS.

Let’s dig more into specific changes made on Facebook in 2014 that had impacted marketing in 2015.

1. Decline of Reach

It was one of the biggest changes on Facebook in 2014. Not many of you are clear with what actually reach is all about. Basically, reach is the amount of Facebook users within a location that see a post that a Page publishes. In the beginning of 2014, Facebook had started making changes to their algorithm and continued with further more updates.

During that period, more than 70% of all companies across the world had a decline in organic reach of 30% or more in the past year. Businesses that are new to Facebook marketing assume that a large number of fans see their posts, and it comes as a great shock when the reality dawns.

Decline of Reach

2. Facebook clampdown on “Like-Baiting”

In 2014, Google announced a change for better quality content in the Newsfeed by clamping down on what usually ‘Like-Baiting” posts by Pages. The sole purpose for its introduction is to halt Pages from getting fans to comment in an unauthentic way.

3. Shutting the “Like” door

Finally, during the last half of 2014, Facebook announced the most crucial change by banning the use of “Like Gates”. Users shouldn’t be encouraged to use plugins or to like a Page, which includes offering eye-catching rewards, or gating apps or its content liked by the person. The main aim of shutting “Like gates” is to ensure quality connections and help businesses to reach potential customers. This way, both the advertisers and people will be benefited.


This update targets the common practice used by many businesses of “gating” content and offers access to the Page from visitors. With this updation, the most crucial method of evaluating the “success” of their business marketing on facebook, has come to an end.

All the changes that have been made by Facebook, must have impacted the core of what many Facebook marketers could have focused on in terms of measuring success on Facebook by trailing reach and fan growth. According to Facebook’s Ad experts, if the business marketers found these recent Facebook changes the be worthless, then it may be time for them to quit Marketing on Facebook.

It is high time for marketers to stop focusing solely on their “Facebook Marketing” and shift their focus towards an overall online marketing plan.

Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2015

Shifting from solely Facebook Marketing to Integrated online Marketing plan.

Today’s big question, what should Facebook marketers do in a “Post Like-Gate” world? Quit or Follow?

Well, the best answer would be “adjust” and “focus” on an integrated marketing plan. The time has changed and we have stepped into a new world of Facebook, where marketers shouldn’t solely focus on Facebook Marketing. For eg:
“How can I develop a great Facebook strategy?” is replaced by “What role can Facebook play in my overall online marketing strategy?”

At the end, quality and helpful content gives the user relevant and helpful resources to share on Facebook.

Build a 3 way campaign system for your Integrated Online Marketing

1. Content as your foundation stone

In integrated online marketing, website content should be your foundation as it is created on your website. These days, Facebook marketers need to produce high quality website content on the site that can be shared.

        Creating and sharing superior quality content

Creating and sharing quality content on social media networking sites can help businesses build their audience and engage them around that content. This will definitely help them to drive heavy traffic to the business’s website.

The business website should be homebase and online strategy centric to increase the exposure of your website content and enhance the way to interact with your fans. If the content is of high quality and adds value as a resource, even without being sales focused, it gives a new dimension to Facebook marketing.

        Strengthen the content with Ads

Facebook gives tremendous opportunities to businesses for reaching out to their targeted audiences. Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor facilitates any business to overcome organic reach limits, and reach to laser accuracy with desired demographics.

Initially, many marketers on Facebook were reluctant to use Ads, considering Facebook as a free platform where there is no use of using Ads. However, marketers should realize that with quality content with Ads can reach them to their targeted audiences.

2. Conversion Integration

Once you are down with building and reaching your targeted audiences with quality content, it’s time to use the lead capture method to bring visitors and fans to your email list. When this happens, marketing automation with automated email campaigns can help solidifying the relationship with the potential customer. This method varies from industry to industry and suggest what will work best for your business.

3. Overall online marketing structure

Powerful online marketing reaches and connects with potential customers. In order to increase post’s visibility and getting to their targeted audiences, Facebook Ads and Facebook videos are the best tools to rely upon.

The below structure explains the powerful online marketing:

online marketing structure

So, you still want doing whatever you’ve practiced for years or are you going to now follow the changes that have recently been introduced to Facebook Marketing.