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10 Risky Replies by Companies that Turned Out to be Savage AF

“We’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are happy to help you” This is what you usually expect when y...

What on Earth is Multilingual SEO ?

May 22, 2017SEOLeave a comment
Multilingual SEO, ring a bell? In case it doesn’t, then you surely are at the right place, reading the right blog, rig...

Dear Tumblr, Can You be My Business Buddy?

A blogger’s delight, Tumblr. Can it be useful for my business as well? Of Course, it can be! Tumblr has been in the li...
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From Orkut to Facebook – The Evolution of Social Media

May 16, 2017Social Media
“What happens on social media STAYS on Google FOREVER” Long before social media became the entertainment juggernaut ...

‘Th1rteen R3asons why’ Netflix is The Love of Your Life

May 10, 2017Digital Marketing
A good hair day, cold lemonade in a hot summer day, your first salary- there are few things in life that nothing else ca...

10 Savvy Tools to Create Beautiful Websites for your Business

May 5, 2017Web Design
When it comes to choosing a website-building tool, cost effectiveness and ease of operations are two important factors, ...

9 Reasons Not to Date a Digital Marketer

May 3, 2017Digital Marketing
You know how sometimes you just meet a guy or a girl and you think “this is it?” and it’s exactly not. Yep, happen...

Extract the best from Facebook for your business: 4 Tips to create a Kick-Ass Ad campaign

May 2, 2017Social Media
Aren’t you worried about monetary loss a regular basis through not so successful Facebook ads? I can understand your s...

8 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Someone has rightly said – “Content Marketing is a long term relationship. It’s not a one night stand.” If you a...

Branding: Naam Me Kya Rakha Hai?

April 27, 2017Branding
Living out my “American dream”, why nobody has ever said living out my Indian dream? To answer it directly, because ...