Your ultimate guide to rule social media

Your ultimate guide to rule social media

A social media guide is your go-to solution to know how your brand will act and appear on social media. Many social media agency Delhi are following a well-planned social media guide as it helps in shaping what people will think or what image will create in their mind when they hear the name of your brand, what they will convey about your brand to others, and how you make them feel. Your social media guide should be the one that must align with the brand across all the handles be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The tone, appearance, objective of all the social media handles should be relatable to the message or belief your brand is trying to convey.


How to create a social media marketing strategy?

Step 1- Do proper research about your audience and buyer persons

Before you start making content or reach your audience it is important to have a clear idea about who is your target audience and understand their interests and needs. You will be able to design attractive content only after you consider the buyer’s persona and the type of followers you would like to gain. This will help to keep your followers engaged as you design content in their interest. 

Step 2- Determination of social media platforms you want to market upon

The second step needs you to find the platform with the most number of potential customers you can find today and in the future. You must determine and analyze where your potential customers spend most of their time. For example, if your audience is the young millennials then you can find a majority of them on Instagram and if your audience is job-seeking and middle-aged adults then chances of finding them are on LinkedIn and Twitter. This also depends on the type of product or service you are going to offer.

Step 3- Creating unique and engaging content

There are over a billion people who use social media on a daily basis. If your followers or potential followers are seeing your content then there are many chances that they will also go through the content of your competitors. However, what will make you stand out and make them choose you over them is your content and how engaging it is. It is important to consider what your competitor is doing and promote your products or services in a more unique way. This will make your potential follower interact with your brand and follow you.

Step 4- Make a schedule for posting

Posting too frequently or too late will, either way, will fail to fetch you more audience and followers. Therefore, to ensure that your content is shared as per the plan put in use, social media management tools. These tools will let you schedule all your posts in advance will allowing you to write captions and prepare the photos and videos you want to post. These tools also come with the feature of monitoring all the interactions and engagement on your respective posts. It not only saves your time but also lets you focus on other things to grow your brand. Hubspot, Hootsuite, and social sprout are a few such social media management tools that offer you amazing features to make posting easier. 

Step 5- Carefully analyze the impacts and results of your posts

There is no point in making posts and uploading them until you ensure that you are successful and are able to reach the right audience. To do this you can manage and review the social media metrics. Now social media metrics is the data related to posts and its success and the impact it left on the audience. These metrics include the number of likes, follows comments, engagement, shares and interaction one each platform. You can influence these metrics and improve the engagement by using some tactics like by interacting with your followers or making interesting content. You can review these social media metrics with the use of various analytic tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter analytics. These will give you insights about the response of your audience and an idea as to how you can modify the engagement. 

Benefits of having a social media guide

A social media guide acts as a compass for your brand to reach the goals successfully. As social media marketing is the main ingredient of digital marketing today, having a proper social media guide has the following benefits:

  • It provides credibility to your brand- If your content feels out-of-character it will stick out and your customers or audience won’t be able to relate to it. If you approach your audience with a brand voice that is cohesive, you prove to be more credible.
  • Helps in preventing potential fails- When you have a proper plan as to how to represent your brand, you leave less room for error. Jumping right on to viral trends might be a good idea only if it aligns with your brand. A social media guide will help you answer essential questions relating to what to post and what not to post.
  • Getting on board with new employees- New employees in your social media team might take some time to understand what exactly are your goals and in which direction they need to work. A social media guide will let them quickly read through the guide and understand how to represent the brand on various social media platforms. They can contribute quickly if they can refer back to the guide easily and help you get feedback regarding their work and contribution with a well-planned guide.
  • Fostering a cordial relationship with the customers- As you continue engaging and connecting with more and more followers on social media you can build a loyal relationship with them. While there are various methods through which you can do so, responding to their queries, interacting on posts, and providing them with any kind of help they need will only make this easier and worth a while. Asking the followers for their honest feedback regarding your products, pain points, and offering giveaways of products or discounts on services will show them that their opinions and feedback matters, and this build support and trust,

What are you waiting for?

Today billions of people are on social media, which means countless opportunities to expand and reach the audience. It is no more a secret why most businesses and marketers are channeling their efforts towards social media for the promotion of products and engagement with customers. Understanding social media trends is always a good idea and implementing them in your content will definitely take your social media accounts a long way creating a positive image of your brand. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the process of determining your company’s social media guide, start taking up easy points to build a strategy, boost website conversion, and increase engagement. 

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