10 Dangerous Website Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website Performance and Conversions


Almost everyone believes and consider that content is the only factor to affect the conversions of a website. If you too are thinking the same then we are sure to say that you are wrong. The conversion rate of a website depends upon a lot of things and the “Design” is one of those most essential things.

A website is not just made to be visible to the audience, but to be made with a great user interface and user experience with an attractive design.

Doesn’t matter how great your website looks, however, it’s much more important that it works effectively rather looking just nice. Meanwhile, the website is capable to turn traffic into business leads to generate new customers.

So, today we are going to tell you the 10 website design mistakes that can ruin your website’s SEO performance and conversion. Let’s get into the article without wasting the time:

1. Outdated website design:

Design of a website is the first thing that customers see at first visit, so, it’s very important for you to have a website with attractive design. With time, things require changes and nowadays, the design of the websites are reached to a new level of creativity. According to time and trend, you need to update the design of your website to meet with the latest trends and requirements of your visitors.

As a website owner, make sure that your website is updated with the latest design trends. A small design update does not cost more than your business, a lot of website design agencies are available to get the work done for you at an affordable price.

2. Use of wrong technology:

This is the second biggest mistake that most website owners do to save some money. Sometimes, investment of 100-200 dollars extra gives you the best design, quality, and safety with a lot of extra features.

So, rather compromising to use the right technology just to save a little amount of money, choose the right technology for your website development and get the best to dominate your business competition.

3. Page load time or website speed:

To deliver the best website browsing performance, pages of your website needs to be loaded very quickly. Nobody likes to browse websites taking too much to get loaded. In fact, Google gives more visibility to the websites loading quickly or under 2 seconds. Load time of the website is one of the most important factors of rankings in search engine.

So, make sure that your website loads quickly to provide the best user experience. You can hire the best website design company known for providing the fast loading website design and development services.

4. Poor Navigation:

Navigation is also another important factor which can affect the performance of your website. A well-designed navigation is a key to converting visits into leads whereas poor navigation can ruin your website’s conversion and SEO performance.

Provide a flawless navigation to deliver the best user experience to your visitors while they are browsing your website. Poor website navigation can force your visitors to drop-off your website and never let them come back. So always make sure that your website uses the best and attractive website navigation structure.

5. Use of weird fonts and colors:

An appropriate use of fonts and colours looks amazing and gives the website an appealing look. But imagine how it looks like when you are overusing the fonts and colours, or using the weird fonts and colour schemes in your website.

Nobody is going to give you a click once they have seen that your website has a very odd colour scheme and fonts. So make sure that your website appeals to your visitors rather annoying them. To choose the right colour scheme and font for your website, you can ask for expert advice or hire a celebrated website design company.

6. No responsive or mobile-friendly website design:

Since the inception of smartphones and interactive mobile applications, nobody likes to carry a bulky laptop to perform basic computing tasks. Nowadays, people don’t want to turn on their laptops or computers to browse a website, what they like doing is, browsing the website on their smartphone to see how it looks like or working.

The websites having a responsive or mobile-friendly website design are appreciated by search engines and Google gives an extra boost to such websites. So, make sure that your website has a mobile-friendly website design to deliver smooth and hassle-free navigation and browsing experience to your mobile audience.

7. Not a prominent call-to-action (CTA):

A website must have a goal; whether you want your visitors to make a purchase, sign-up, or give you a call. There must be a goal and it should be clearly visible to your visitors. Now you want to know how to let your audience know what your goal is?

An appealing call-to-action (CTA) is the only thing that you need. An attractive and clearly visible CTA is a lead magnet itself which can lead your visitors to conversions. So, always try to write highly engaging and attractive call-to-action to convert your audience to make a purchase or fulfill your goals.

8. Use of stock images:

We are not saying that using stock images are crap or not make sense. You should use the stock images but with appropriate customizations to make it relevant for you. Stock images are developed for very common use or for the promotional use. However, you can download stock images and customize it according to your design and requirement to give it an amazing look.

Sometimes, a raw stock image can convey a wrong message to your reader or it can simply offend some of them. So, make sure to do the needful customizations and make it worth to use on your website.

9. Lack of a search box:

Websites running without a search box is definitely losing some potential website traffic and off-course leads. There are plenty of customers whose are looking for something specific, in such a case, providing a search box to the audience will help them find the relevant information quickly without any hassle.

Visitors love the websites reducing the efforts in navigation and provide them the best results easily in just 2-3 clicks. A search box is a utility for your visitors which help them find their resources instantly. Many times, when a visitor doesn’t see the right thing, they just go to the search box to find the relevant information for which he/she came to your website.

So, make sure your website has the search box to provide an easy to use hassle free website browsing experience.

10. Lack of testing:

Testing is the last but the most significant part of any website which usually people ignore. Utilizing the right approach of testing the website can help you find and fix the multiple bugs of your website easily and instantly.

Once your website’s design and development have been done, test your website properly on various devices, screens, browsers, OS’s, and smartphones to check whether the website is performing well on every possible resource or not. Check each and every feature, function, and code to find the bug and debug it accordingly and make sure to provide the best to your audience.

You can take the help of the experts from a celebrated website design company to make sure that your website is tested well and all the bugs are fixed and then you can launch it for the audience.


If you go through the article and has found any mistakes from the above list in your website then this is the time to quickly go ahead and fix the things up. If you are already having a website and unable to fix the issues by yourself due to any reason, then don’t worry and hire a website design and development company to get things ready for you or either let them develop a new website.

Note: Feel free to give us a call if you have any query or doubt for us, we would be happy to help you.

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