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Top 7 Templates for your website

Templates for your website
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Template is the first thing that comes in the mind when you think of creating a website. It is a fundamental step which decides the future of your website. One needs to take utmost care while choosing a web template. For your ease, we have listed some of the best website templates below which will give your website a stunning look.

#1 Ness Template of Word Press

Ness Template of Word Press

If you have a travel, fashion or any other imaged based website, Ness template is a good choice for you. It mainly concentrates on lively and attractive images. A site built with this theme would drive traffic because of its beautiful design and simplicity. The template is responsive, mobile optimized and SEO friendly.  Ness provides ultra modern, clean and dynamic design leading to an amazing customer experience. The template has various widgets such as Facebook likebox, Social Media Icons, Latest Post slider, etc.  Ness theme offers you the option to put advertisements on your website at the end of a post, in categories, tags and in footer.

#2 Halcyon from Tumblr

Halcyon from Tumblr

Halcyon is a vibrant colored flat grid theme. It gives you an option to link your social media profiles to your website and add social sharing buttons.  The Multi-Tiered sidebar makes the navigation simple and easy. You can decide the size and layout of your post.  The best thing about Halcyon is that it has an extensive range of customization options so you can mold the template as per your needs. You may get a boost in the traffic of your website as this template is search engines optimized and fully responsive.

#3 Huge (Tumblr)

Huge (Tumblr)

Huge is best suited for image and video based heavy websites. It is fully customizable, responsive and retina ready Tumblr Theme.  The Template contains Instagram feed, keyboard navigation; social media links, sharing options, custom web font and Google Analytics features. It has many inbuilt image options through which you can edit and enhance the quality of your pictures.  Attractive design, simple layout, easy navigation and SEO friendly are some of the best features of Huge Template.

#4 Red Cap (HTML 5)

Red Cap (HTML 5)

# 4 Red Cap (HTML 5)

Red Cap is a simple one pager template which you can use as a landing page. It is responsive, multipurpose and customizable. The template contains Mailchimp subscription option, large numbers of fonts and many more attractive features. The Red cap is created using Brootstrap 3 framework and it can fit the needs of any website. The theme is loaded with various attractive features such as AJAX form, jquery preloaded, countdown script custom header background and more.

#5 Valenti (Word Press)

Valenti (Word Press)

Valenti is a premium word press theme which caters to the magazine based websites. It is responsive and fully customizable, one can build an awesome website using the drag and drop web builder option of the template. Valenti has an integrated review system so you can use it as a review theme too. The template has a good navigation system with a beautifully defined menu and dropdowns.

#6 Avada (Word Press)

Avada (Word Press)

Avada is one of the most popular themes on the Word Press. Over 160, 000 people have been using it for years.  It claims to be “#1 Selling Theme of all time”. Collis Taeed, the CEO of Envato says, “Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of Word Press themes. It does everything” The main reasons behind the enormous popularity of the theme are endless designs, attractive features, and incredible support.  With Avada, you get unlimited options to choose from be it design, widget or tools.

#7 Go Green (Blogger)

Go Green (Blogger)

GoGreen is a simple, Flat and multipurpose template, It is highly professional and SEO friendly so you can apply this template for your business websites as well. The icon- based navigation system casts good impressions on the visitors. It shows the posts of a website through in thumbnail as in most of magazine oriented websites. It template is responsive and you can customize it as per your requirements. It has a robust commenting option which prevents spamming and let you easily connect with your audience. Twitter shared button is employed in the template for social sharing.

Website templates are not a complete substitute of a website designed by a professional web designer.  However, they come handy if you don’t have coding knowledge or you don’t want to spend money on web designing.  In such scenario, you can easily find thousands of free and premium templates of various kinds.  But if you want to build a business website, hiring a Web Designing Company Delhi would be the best option for you. In today’s digital world success of a business depends on its presence and promotion on the internet. So build a solid foundation of your business with a professionally designed website.