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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses that Are Killing it Right Now

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing scenario changes every day, every hour and probably every second. The fact is that you can be a great writer and have all the fancy words in your Google, but you can never match the skills of a complete digital marketer.

Yeah, he looks cool, he knows how to grab the eyeballs, and above all, he is bald. Don’t know who am I talking about here? Arre apne Gujarati Banu, Patel sahab ka chora re yar!

Neil Patel

Yeah, believe it or not, this creepy man has got so many followers around the globe including my boss. (Hey boss, we cool again?)

So anyway, this man started from the scratch i.e. India and look where is he now?

CrazyEgg, QuickSprout, Kissmetrics, Neil Patel Blog and what not man! This guy is fucking everywhere.

So, what’s behind his success? (Oh I just got to know he was born in London, scratch and shitty combined)

Not the city actually, who am I to call London a shitty place? After all, I hail from a Bhukhi-Nangi country, right boss? (Underperforming title, checked!)

So, he started with cleaning toilets and sweeping up vomits and guess what?

(Yeah man, what should I guess?)

He loved that job! The Job paid him more than he used to make and besides, he was getting into the shape. (He loves cleaning more than anything, before toilets, now the people’s toilets of a website)

(Social concern: Are we dirty because we make toilets dirtier or the sweepers are less as they clean it? What’s your take?)

Are we dirty

So, first let’s get on with a digital marketer’s responsibilities:

become a digital marketer

Well, that fucking includes everything. (Now do you get it? Why am I happy with being just a stupid content writer?)

But, you shouldn’t be! There are plenty of courses available online that can help you with the basics of how to become a digital marketer. However, it’s only your dedication that matters!

Wait, do you know the full forms to above abbreviations? Well of course you do, you’re smarter than me!

So, let’s start with these online certification courses to get you the best job offers across the world.

First one is the organization from where I’ve stolen the above image.

1. Simplilearn

This organization chose their name pretty damn smartly. Learn sounds like earn which makes it simply earn. These retards, I tell you!

What you’ll get when you enroll for their full stack digital marketer masters program? Let’s talk about it.

  • Constant monitoring by the experts.
  • Advanced PPC, SMM, SEO, and a bunch of other things.
  • Access to the course material 24*7.
  • A master certificate at the end of training to get you up and running.

(With SimpliLearn, social media marketing is just like throwing a party)

2. Market Motive

This is not just another company providing digital marketing certification. Instead, it also answers what you’ll get out of it and why is it needed?

They provide you with an expert pass which costs you around 99$/month or 999$/ year. However, you don’t have to go anywhere as the training is online.

What is an Expert Pass?

Your all access, one-stop solution to as much as 25 digital marketing courses, which includes 8 advanced, 8 short and 9 foundation courses.

Why is it needed?

Simple, you need a job, and they need money. So, you can both help each other out.

(Thoda jyada direct ho gya? Let’s try it again)

It will provide you with comprehensive expertise and practical knowledge of the field which will ultimately help you to lend a job. Ok now?

Who Should Enroll for this Training Program?

Who wants to learn digital marketing? You, right?

Ain’t that stupid to ask who should enroll for it? Simply, those who want in!

Again, being a bit professional as I already am, students, managers, marketers, professionals, basically whosoever wants to master digital marketing!

(Also, if you are an entrepreneur, these 8 digital marketing lessons may help you with the rapid growth of your start-up )

3. Coursera

I might’ve made their logo here which includes joining c and o to make infinity.

Well, to be honest, fuck that! That shit is clowny brother, who does that? But anyway, they are making remarkable profits and people like it, so who am I to say anything?

They are in the top-3 which pretty much tells you how appropriate is it for you to pick up a course at coursera.

However, my heart just wanted to tell you all this time that they are not the one providing it. It looks to me as a consultancy firm, making its ends meet by cutting some slack during the transaction.

Shit job but good money!

They provide various organizations with students and students with organization, so, basically they are or Tinder

(Bichauliye h sale!) or Tinder

4. AMA Certification

For the cheap “American dream”, this works just about right!

American Marketing Association i.e. AMA has offered an online digital marketing course that takes only 1 hour every day of your time whilst providing you with a certificate at the end of each session. All of it @129$ only

There you’ll learn about social media marketing, SEO tools, email and mobile marketing, etc.

This course is designed for beginners with the aim of providing them with best in class training starting from the scratch.


If you’re the one not governed by restrictions of a course, then you might like what has to say here.

(Also, I love that you have so much faith in yourself! This one’s especially for you: A dummy’s guide to becoming a self-made digital marketing expert)

This one just breaks stereotypes with its freedom to choose tutorials and abstaining from the stupid struggle for a certificate only, is something worth applauding.

The pricing is just icing on the cake, 24.99$/ month. (However, it’s *T&C applied. So, choose wisely),/

What I’ll get with’s Marketing Program?

  • Standalone chapters to choose from
  • Practical training for grooving into it
  • Video lists, transcripts and certifications as well (You just don’t understand, do you?)

6. Duke University

Duke University is an American organization working towards shaping the future of the society with the hands of education.

Their online digital marketing certification program is generally termed as one of the very best. With their 350 hours long study material, they can literally outwit and outperform any other digital marketing certification program.

Well, check the testimonials of the billionaire alumni; it sure looks promising to me.

The total certification cost is somewhere around $2995.

(Is it too much? I would still suggest you to go through the above-referred guide)

7. MIT

It’s not Modi Institute of Technology, that’s what I’m sure off.

Then what is it? Does anybody know?

It’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

(I’m so proud of myself for spelling that right or merely copy pasting the name from the web. Huff, so much work these days, I tell you!)

It’s one of the most prestigious organizations in the world already and need no introduction. However, what people don’t know is that their digital marketing program is also best in the class.

(It’s in-house btw. Why I’ve included it in the list of online certifications? Only I know that! Maybe I’ll tell you maybe not. Ok ok, it’s just of two-days and you can surely make 2 days time in your hectic schedule)

One more thing, it costs around 3900$ (accommodation excluded).

That a lot? Wait till you reach there, or conduct market enquiries, you’ll know that this course is worth more than that.

8. University of Illinois

They are kind of king around here and appropriately come under one of the best marketing school in the country.

The best part about them? They provide you with the facility of online digital marketing certification program.

(Most schools and colleges don’t do that for the sake of their beaming pride when they see lots of students opting for it and learning the basics from a teacher)

They are respected across the globe for providing one of the best return on investments to students and also helping them with the best career options.

9. University of California, Berkeley

Californication song from Red Hot Chili Peppers has already made this country famous across the globe, but we can’t ignore the part that sovereign education has played here.

The University of California, Berkeley offers one of the best online marketing certification program that too at the cost of mere thousands.

Trust me, when you’ll get there (on their site I mean); you’ll know that it’s insignificant against the kind of return you’re going to get.


10. Manipal ProLearn

Woah, Manipal in this list? No chance absolutely!

Ok, Ok I agree! Paise khaye hai maine!

(Obviously, ab MIT wale to nahi denge na unka nam dalne k liye!)

Manipal also provides one of the best online digital marketing certification program that too at an affordable cost.

You can also find more details about them by talking to their rich and spoiled brats of alumni.

The Conclusion


It’s you who decide what’s best for you! So, choose wisely among the above-mentioned list of top 10 digital marketing courses available online with one exception of MIT coz hey, it’s MIT.

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