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Takeaways from the Most Iconic Photographers in Human History

Iconic Photographers

From the idea to execution, everything has to be perfectly edible while designing the ways that the coming generations would look at this world.

Let’s begin with some quotes of these iconic persons to make predictions for how their minds function and the ideas that changed this universe within a universe.

“What matters most is that each picture stands on its own, with its own place and feeling”. –Steve McCurry

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people”. –Annie Leibovitz

In this article, we’ll talk some more about their portrayal of human nature and the existence of nature governing it. The best photographers in the world and their ideas can influence many budding photographers in their quest for finding knowledge and wisdom.

Steve Mccurry- Afghan Girl

Born during the postwar era exactly when the world needed him the most! He captured a jewel named “Afghan girl” and just by looking at it you can define beauty.

Let’s first look at the picture:

Steve Mccurry- Afghan Girl

The pain, the shadowy future, the constant torture is all what’s written over her face. This picture was taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan and was named as the most recognized photograph by National Geographic.

His other artworks are also worth to have a look at:

This is India

This is India, the larger part of it! Breathtaking, beautiful, broken!

Atif Saeed- The Himalayas

The divine revelations could not have been portrayed in a better manner than this.

Atif Saeed- The Himalayas

This photographer from across the borders can tickle those travel vibes like no other, the above masterpiece is just no less than the real Himalayas itself.

Another picture of him, that you might have seen everywhere:

the real Himalayas

The stars, the light, the beauty. Won’t you love camping here?

Peter Lik- Phantom

Good lord, look at this picture!

Peter Lik- Phantom

Don’t mind what he says about a ghost standing and waiting for you in the canyon, what I want to think is it’s human bones and trapped inside is a soul, looking for the redemption but it’s too far up down there and it hasn’t yet realised its capability to fly.

His other fucked up photographs include the Tree of Life, which can take you somewhere depending upon where you want to be.

the Tree of Life

Kilian Schonberger- The Epic Land

Kilian Schonberger- The Epic Land

The interpretation is quite simple most widely believed to be the existence of a parallel universe or a mere reflection of your Karma on your very establishment.

The man takes landscape photography too seriously, which may be the reason why there is land in every picture of his. Look at this one,

landscape photography

the stones on the right side looks to me as somebody sitting over there waiting for the world to end so that we can be back to the stone age, and the pathway seems like a channel to a new universe where there is less humans, and more love!

Evgeni Dinev- Creepy Peeping Sunset

Evgeni Dinev- Creepy Peeping Sunset

Ok I get it! He waited for some time to get that Sun to fit in that hole, but what’s it worth?

The rays are dispersing, the effect is begotten, and the light prevails, but we just cannot digest so much positivity which is the reason why we named it the creepy peeping Sun!

Lisa Kristine- Humanity is Dead

Lisa Kristine- Humanity is Dead

Lisa believes that slavery is bad, and she thinks so while living in a comfortable home built by the moderately paid artisans, sipping coffee from a mug created by labourers, and strolling in her garden while wearing comfortable slippers which might also been curated by poor withering hands.

We won’t give up the luxury, but we surely can bash the inequality!

Alan McFadyen- The Perfect Shot

Alan McFadyen- The Perfect Shot

6 years, 4200 hours, 720000 shots to shoot this! Baaah!

What’s so great in it, just a kingfisher (that usually dives with a lightening fast speed) diving in not much great looking water pond.

If you find something good with it, let me know in the comment section below!

Mario Testino- Princess Diana

Finally one who captured real beauty not just what you find along the boundaries of serenic nature. See for yourself!

Mario Testino- Princess Diana

It’s the world famous Vanity Fair cover in 1997 featuring none other than the princess herself.

The exhilarating bosoms, such sharp outlines and breathtaking emotions, it’s what I call as the picture perfect.

Come on, one for you one for me!

Princess Diana

Timothy Hogan- Still Life

His pictures are just like an illusion of order from chaos. Look at the one quoted below:

order from chaos

If you look closely at this picture then you can see the various angles and stills that he merged together to create this one. It might look to you as photoshopped with a lot of editing but picking up different frames at certain timings and amalgamating them together to create such sheer beauty takes a lot of guts and creativity as well because images might look like what I’ve just said.

(Also read: 7 Powerful tools that a Designer Must Try to grasp the magnitude of editing!)

Christian Aslund- One Icy Breath

Christian Aslund- One Icy Breath

Here is a man, draped in snow, looking at you with the penetrating eyes that can peel off even your skin. You might have different interpretations of this picture, but it looks to me as the icy wind just learned how to breath and flashed it in one go right at his face.

The perfect outline it made around his eyes and other open-to-exposure body elements, is just what defines ice i.e. Rigid, sustaining and glorifying!

Jeremy Cowart- Embrace the Void

Jeremy Cowart- Embrace the Void

This image is open to all sorts of interpretation. I can only ask you to look at her face and look very closely.

You’ll find a twinge of astonishment in it. Her one hand is in the air while the other being in another. This guy works in layers, the reason can be accredited to his past profession as graphic designer.

Annie Leibovitz- Open Corridors

Annie Leibovitz- Open Corridors

Placing her inside a box of a house and focusing on just the look at her face excluding all the outwardly distractions that have been thrown around the setup, this one here is just worthy of all the praise.

The artist who captured it, is a master of all similar setups.

David LaChapelle- The Exotica

David LaChapelle- The Exotica

Such fine use of imagination with the boldness!

Taking a leap away from the mediocre definition of bichromatic use of colors comprising of limitless portability of showing different emotions just with black and white. What I mean to tell you is black and white is the new cool, but kudos to this guy for defining the brighter side of colors.

Janae Shields- Lifting Weight

Janae Shields- Lifting Weight

Yes! The bottleneck weight of thoughts, ideas, and emotions!

No any image can speak louder words than this one right here! Looks like she loves babies more than the originators!

(Don’t we always use the phrase: Mool se Jyada Byaaz pyara hota hai! )

The Conclusion

Again, anybody can hold down the camera, but successful will only be the ones who can love their picture along with the definitive elements of that picture.

I would not use another quote of some famous personality to inspire you, instead, I would just say go and create something of your own!

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