Future of SEO – Voice, Video & Vernacular – Best Tips & Strategies for 2020

SEO Strategies

2018 was really a great year for SEO and digital marketing, the year was packed with new updates, trends, and tools to further optimize the techniques and strategies to deliver better performance. As like the last year, there are a lot of new things are set to be updated or changed to enhance and improve overall SEO and digital marketing.

There are a lot of discussions are started about the future of SEO and in this article, we are going to discuss how voice, video and vernacular will change the SEO. As we all are so obsessed with our smartphones and almost everyone tries to command their smartphone at least once in a month by voice by saying Hello Google, Hey SIRI, and “Alexa” etc.

So, let’s get started without wasting more time.

1. Get ready for the voice search SEO in 2020

We all are using smartphones and talking to our phones to perform certain actions like browsing the internet, launching apps, and searching for some things on search engines. Google and other search giants are working hard to optimize voice search results. So it’s good to be prepared for the future from today to take advantage in advance.

SEO tips and strategies for voice search SEO in 2020

Voice search commands are growing on a daily basis and the technology revolution is growing it with even more pace. So, you should optimize your website with a long tail and well research keywords. Also, be mobile friendly and optimize your website to be more visible in local searches.

2. Be prepared for the Video SEO in 2020

Video SEO does not work like regular SEO as there is no website. If you are creating great videos and want to gain great rankings to make it more visible; you need to optimize your videos to improve its ranking in video searches. You can see how important the videos are in SEO as Google made a separate “Video” tab in the search results.

Tips and strategies for Video SEO in 2020

Keyword Research

Apart from the regular SEO, keyword research is important in video SEO as well. It is really important because most views on your videos come through video suggestions to users. So, always try to find and use the most popular keywords in your videos and try to make great videos that people love watching.

Attractive and relevant thumbnails

Attractive and relevant video thumbnails play a great role in attracting viewer’s eye-balls and convince them to watch your videos. Also, YouTube is functioning in more than 56 countries and distributes content in more than 60 languages and last year the viewership has grown to 50% on YouTube.

Video Transcript

Video Transcript is another great thing to help you get more views and improve your rankings as well in YouTube video searches and Google video searches. By adding video transcripts, you are making it easier for search bots, to crawl your videos easily to improve your rankings.

The other benefit of the transcript is your audience and viewers can easily understand what you want to say in your video.

3. Be Prepared for the Vernacular SEO in 2020

Accessibility and affordability are increasing on day-by-day in every region and non-English searches are increasing on Google year-by-year. People are now more obsessed to see videos in their regional or mother language.

Not every digital marketer is taking advantage of this, but in the future, we can see the good competition in vernacular SEO as well. As of now, there is very huge traffic in English keywords as everyone is targeting and focusing on these keywords very aggressively.

Vernacular SEO 2019

Strategies and tips for vernacular SEO in 2020

Securing In-Country domain names

You should have own the in-country domain names rather than creating sub-domain to target multiple countries for your website. There are many search engines giving privileges to in-country domains first. You can see China’s Baidu, which prefers to display the local websites as they want to display the in-country websites only.

Chose the right search engines

Choosing the right search engine is also important for you to be on top of the search results in 2019. A country like China has its own search engine and there are some other countries as well who prefer to use different search engines according to their familiarity and conveniences. So, there are many powerful search engines are available in the world and you should try to find and use the search engines according to your target country and audience to make the most of it.

Create high-quality in-country links

Link building is always been an important factor in SEO from the very beginning. You should start creating high-quality backlinks for your website by working on local search engine submission, local citations, classified ads, and some other local SEO activities.

search engine optimization

4. Optimize your website for Google Rankbrain

Google Rankbrain update is a part of the Google Hummingbird update which leverages machine learning to provide the most relevant search results for users input. Now, whenever a search query is performed, all the Google updates and algorithms work simultaneously to not just provide them better but most relevant results against their search query.

There are many factors like the user’s location, words, video, voice, and vernacular is important and utilized in Google Rankbrain.


Hope you liked the article and it gives you great information, as we are one of the well-known and best digital marketing companies in India. We are here to help you learn and understand the SEO in a more organized and efficient way. If you have doubts, suggestions, questions, and queries. Feel free to contact the ArtAttackk, we would be happy to assist you further.

However, Google RankBrain is still developing and being more improved and powerful by the time. So, it’s been a good practice to be prepared and start optimizing our website for the future from now onwards.

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