Reasons why Modi is the Real Rockstar of Twitter

Modi is the Real Rockstar of Twitter

Mitron if you have been hooked to Social Media lately, you would have seen a lot of memes around Narendra Modi and NBC’s Journalist Megyn Kelly, who asked the third most followed leader on Twitter “Are you on Twitter?” With over 30 million followers, this is one question Modi certainly was not expecting.

We’re not surprised by Modi ji’s expressions that followed the question.

Megyn Kelly meeting with Narendera Modi

If this was a bollywood movie, the scene would have played out something like this.

Megyn Kelly meeting with Narendera Modi

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is how the scene played out:

Which was then obviously followed by tweets trolling the reporter:

Megyn kelly wih narendera modi

megynkelly tweet to narendermodi

Wow. Now that we have established the fact that Modi ji is BIG on Twitter, we feel the uncontrollable need to take you through moments in Narendra Modi’s Twitter history (or social media history) to show you why he is just so unbeatable:

1. He’s like Genie:

statue Adiyogi Shiva

Confused? Yeah don’t be. So this year in February Modi was in Coimbatore unveiling a statue Adiyogi Shiva, all this while wearing this gorgeous blue stole.

The stole caught a young woman’s eye and she tweeted this.


2. Modi’s reply to this, surprised not just her, but all of us. He gifted her the stole along with a print out of her tweet with Modi’s signature on it. Damn.

shilpi tiwari tweet

3. When he becomes ‘SUPER NAMO’


The internet went ‘super’ crazy over this tweet but we don’t blame them. The SUPER in this tweet is just too damn high, ain’t it?

And then there were trolls like.


4. Language is not a barrier for him.

Uzbekistan visit tweet

On his trip to Uzbekistan, here is how Modi chose to greet the people. Really knows how to connect with people.
This was all good until there were signs of his account hacking.


Which lead to people wanting his drug dealers no.

Narendra Modi Ji Twitter

No reason to blame them, is there?

5. He’s not afraid to share his personal moments.

Narendra Modi Ji with his mother

Who doesn’t like a PM who wants to connect with you on a personal level? We’re not surprised he’s the third most followed leader after Obama and Trump.

In the end we’d want to say, Haters gonna hate, but achhe dino ki kasam, keep up with the awesome tweets!

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