How to get more exposure and sales for your Instagram business?

How to get more exposure and sales for your Instagram business

Instagram shops and shoppable articles provide a completely interactive buying experience within the Instagram app, allowing users to explore new items and complete a purchase without ever having to leave the app. Shops do have a great deal of potential to increase traffic to eCommerce stores for companies that do not have any exposure to Instagram’s in-app payment function. Instagram shoppable posts boosted traffic to the website by much more than 1,416 percent, according to a BigCommerce survey of 50 brands.

 Instagram is sending out strong messages that shops are a top priority. The application’s icons were recently reorganized to prioritize shop functionality. If more people use Instagram to search for products, they’ll demand content to have product tags, therefore make them a priority in your Instagram strategy. This allows you to expand your client base and re-engage consumers in order to encourage them to make a purchase. Below we have mentioned a few valuable tips as also practiced by successful Instagram’s business when directed by digital marketing agency Delhi to help you boost the sales of your business as well.

1. Begin optimizing your product tagging for customer behavior on Instagram

To get the most out of your Instagram store, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan, just as for every other element of social media marketing. Consider how people use Instagram when planning your approach. Since they don’t return to Instagram to purchase, your content must be useful in other ways in order to increase interaction and establish relationships with your followers. Since the audiences who view your content are time-poor, you must make the process fast and simple for them to act quickly once they see a material they want. The simpler it is, the more willing they are to purchase. Keep the following points in mind when creating content that is tailored for Instagram user behavior. Use caution when it comes to the number of brand tags you use. Don’t cram too many tags onto a picture or video, or add them so they’re difficult to tap. To prevent confusion, just tag featured products to prevent seeing tags for items that aren’t visible. All posts with products should have product tags. Rather than needing to access your profile, find the connection in your bio, and peruse your website for yet more detail, people can easily tap on the tag to learn more regarding that product.

2. Improve product discoverability with product-tagged videos

Utilizing video on Instagram has a lot of advantages. People can’t scroll through the feed because a video is moving. You can show how your product is created used, and enjoyed by consumers in a video. Make how-to videos for the audience to benefit from, for example. Present audiences behind the scenes of the brand journey to highlight the product’s unique features. Demonstrate how the goods are being used and the advantages of doing so. Provide answers to the most commonly asked product questions. Your content strategy should include a range of video styles for Stories, Reels, IGTV, and feed posts so that your viewers can access the content types that they want.

3. Curate more product-tagged posts in your Instagram guides

Instagram manuals are a virtual catalog or magazine that exists within the Instagram network. You can curate a selection of posts or product descriptions from your company or any other public accounts using this feature. Each guide has a cover picture, title, and brief introduction, as well as a summary for each post inside the guide. Your content strategy must solve your audience’s most commonly asked questions so that they can make better-informed purchasing decisions. After that, you can compile most of that content through an Instagram guide for quick access. We have mentioned a few examples to help you make Instagram guides.

Gift guides- Make a gift guide for important gifting occasions including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Showcase your own brands as well as products from several other companies that your customers may enjoy. If you feature the goods of other companies, you will be able to meet their customers as well if they want to share your guide.

4. Remind and inform your audience to save products in wishlists

Users will learn about products by visiting company profiles and looking at articles with brand tags in the feed, Stories, Reels, Explore, and IGTV. Through Instagram Live broadcasts, promoters may also tag items. Users will save tagged items into a purchasing collection that Instagram has cleverly dubbed “Wishlist,” when they find products they want. This ensures they could easily return and finish their order later, and they’ll get reminded of the product any time they enter their wishlist, which is especially useful for items with a prolonged consideration period. Have an interactive or text-based CTA for customers to save the product to a wishlist at all times.

5. Track and analyze the impact of your Instagram  product tagging

When a person stops browsing on Instagram and comes across a message, they have a few choices. They have the option to click the Like button, leave a message, save or share the article, or do nothing. Individuals can also click via the shop if the post has a product name. The majority of users can only partake in one of these communication activities. A click is much more useful than just a like or a comment for product-based companies that are using shops. Yeah, your average interaction may decrease, and you may receive fewer likes or comments, however, if your clicks increase, this isn’t a cause for concern. The data of your Instagram and Facebook shops are combined on the Discovery tab.

A few final thoughts

Instagram shops are defined as a way for customers to “See, Tap, Shop,” and they allow users to find products in their page, Stories, Reels, and Explore. Customers can easily learn so much about a product, browse the collections, and buy it in-app or via their eCommerce store by clicking on the product name. Instagram shops are created with the aim of making shopping as easy as possible. To make the journey, even more, easier you can always take advice and suggestions and begin your Instagram journey with social media company in Delhi to grow your business.

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