How to equip AI to skyrocket your customer journey?

How to equip AI to skyrocket your customer journey

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could increase your lead-to-sales conversions by a factor of ten?This is a problem that most company owners face. According to statistics, 79 percent of leads don’t ever convert to sales. This demonstrates how difficult it may be to transfer leads through the consumer funnel. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help you increase sales by supercharging your customer funnel experience. 

AI will quickly filter out the low-quality leads and reduce time-consuming, repetitive processes, enabling you to concentrate on higher-quality prospects that convert smoothly. AI can help your business develop by avoiding leads from slipping through the gaps at every stage of the customer funnel, resulting in more sales-ready prospects. As many digital marketing agency in Delhi have started to adopt AI to bolster the customer journey, we have mentioned below a detailed guide as to how to implement AI in your next campaign.

The customer funnel journey

The form and components of a customer funnel may vary based on the business or sector, among other things. The following are examples of typical customer journey funnel stages:

1. Awareness. This stage concentrates on bringing your brand to the attention of your target consumers and providing information about its value.

2. Interest. Your leads may discover more about your company, goods, and services by visiting this page. Encourage signups to the email newsletters to present your positioning and collect leads (among others).

3. Consideration. In this phase, aggressively engage your leads by sending customized messages that highlight the advantages of your brand. To overcome concerns and qualify your leads, provide detailed details.

4. Evaluation. At this point, your prospects begin to exhibit interest in your goods and services and are choosing whether to purchase from you or from other companies. To keep prospects, emphasize why they should pick you above your rivals.

5. Conversion. Promote your onboarding materials, send messages congratulating them on their choice, and evaluate satisfaction levels once your leads convert to clients. It’s also a good opportunity to implement your upselling and cross-selling tactics at this point.

The customer funnel could demonstrate to you how leads engage with your business and where they lose interest. This allows you to fine-tune and enhance your tactics so that your leads progress through the stages and eventually become paying clients. A well-defined customer funnel path aids in the optimization of lead acquisition, engagement, nurturing, qualification, and conversion activities.

It also influences your tactics to help you build immersive and memorable encounters across devices, channels, platforms, and other mediums that compel your leads to become loyal customers.

The importance of AI in the customer funnel journey

Creating an efficient consumer funnel journey is time-consuming and labor-intensive. AI, on the other hand, may help your sales and marketing staff by automating processes like automatically recognizing more qualified prospects. This frees up your resources and prevents your employees from wasting time pursuing unqualified leads.

By automating monotonous and time-consuming activities, AI can act as a virtual sales and marketing assistant for your business. Your staff will be able to concentrate on more relevant, relatively high, and revenue-generating work as a result of this.

The technology may also minimize human error and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, maximizing your lead engagement, grooming, and qualification efforts.

You may “train” your AI to react to conversations and situations the way you would using machine learning technologies. Your AI may learn from lead encounters and data, but the more data it collects, the more it will be able to improve its own functions and reactions.

Ways to leverage AI in various stages of customer funnel journey

Each step of the consumer funnel journey may benefit from AI. Here are a few ways that AI-based technology may help you improve your customer funnel experience.

Make your lead-generating activities more efficient.

The first step in the consumer funnel journey is to raise brand awareness, which involves a lot of physical labor. For example, you’ll need to create and develop campaigns that are tailored to prospective consumers who are unfamiliar with your goods and services. To increase brand recognition and acquire leads, this involves writing blog posts, articles, lead magnets (ebooks and whitepapers), and website content (among other things).

However, unless you utilize an AI-powered platform that could automate your content production process, the content development process may take a significant amount of time and resources. Broca comes in helpful in this situation. Broca is a machine learning AI platform that produces content for the marketing and sales requirements in a flash, saving you time and money by eliminating the resource-intensive elements of content creation. Broca provides by immediately producing content for the website and marketing channels, from conception through distribution, if you’re developing content for all of your campaigns.

The platform generates cross-channel marketing and sales material, ensuring that your content and message are consistent across the customer funnel experience. Broca also automates the process of producing Google advertising by evaluating your existing ads and coming up with fresh ideas, keeping your ad networks on autopilot. In terms of content production for lead generation, a powerful AI-based content-generating platform is a game-changer. By taking care of the hard lifting, it greatly reduces the time-consuming, laborious, and sometimes complicated process of producing successful content. With AI in your toolkit, you and your team can produce high-quality, regular content at a volume that produces substantial leads without breaking a sweat.

Automate lead nurturing and the qualifying process

You’ll need to nurture and qualify your leads in order to encourage them to engage with your brand and take them to the next step of the customer funnel journey. Nevertheless, the lead nurturing and qualification process may consume a lot of time and effort that your sales team might be better using to execute closing tactics. What is the solution? Delegate lead nurturing and qualification to a trustworthy virtual sales associate. Choose an AI-powered sales assistant if you want to push things a step further. 

It automates your lead engagement, nurturing, and qualification processes by using AI to provide human-like answers and follow-ups through chat and email. The virtual assistant then helps your leads via answering questions, responding with objections, and reacting to their demands while also collecting data for your CRM system (CRM). From engaging your prospects to passing them off to your sales representatives, the AI-based virtual assistant manages the whole process. This spares your team a lot of time and effort while ensuring that your leads are successfully generated, nurtured, and qualified. 

Every campaign’s sequence contains guided templates for a variety of scenarios, such as grabbing your lead’s attention, captivating them with a product launch, and handing over chats or emails. Set the automatic answers your Virtual Assistant puts out for each cycle in your campaign by customizing the template or creating one from scratch. All of these features make it easier for your leads to engage with one other as they go through the customer funnel. 

Your sales and marketing staff will spend less time and effort nurturing and qualifying leads with AI-driven lead nurturing. Instead, they may focus their efforts on closing transactions, improving your company’s sales success. After that, it utilizes automatic nurturing and intelligent follow-ups to take your leads through the phases of the customer journey funnel.

Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based software may substantially decrease and simplify your busywork activities, managing the quality and quality for your employees and customers. As your leads go through each step of the customer funnel experience, the appropriate AI-driven solutions can assist guarantee they don’t fall through the cracks. 

These tools also used by digital agency in Delhi may aid in the optimization of your strategy for converting leads into paid and loyal clients. While investing in AI-enabled solutions isn’t inexpensive at first, the long-term advantages may far exceed the expenses, and you’ll end up with smooth and fast lead conversion procedures

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