Guest Blogging… Demystified!

guest blogging

You go to a relative’s place, so, what do you find? One or more of the following things:

  • Great interaction through quality exchange of words.
  • A long and refreshing dive in the relationship pool.
  • The best part: It is the only place where everybody gets a 10-minute slot to show their skills.
  • Business opportunities creation! Get around the wealthiest table and try to impress them with your ideas.
  • Free audience, that’s a major turn on if you ask me!
  • Get yourself linked without using Linkedin.

Wow, so many benefits! From now on, I’ll stop using petty excuses to excuse myself from going into the family

Let’s come to the topic at hand now, i.e. guest blogging. You’ll be astonished to know that till now,
we’ve been discussing just the same. The benefits we’ve just discussed are not only related to relatives but guest
blogging as well.

Since you haven’t understood it till now, I’ll use more technical points to avert
your gaze from the creative masturbation that I usually do.


Just like normal family gatherings, guest blogging is also considered as good or bad depending upon the
kind of interaction that one generally has at those parties. So, it’s just the matter of mind that puts the food on the

Some use it in a fluffy manner to interact on just the outside only, while others use it throughout the core. That
depends on the person only.

People may misunderstand it to be useful for link building only while others may extract the best out of this blogging
business, it’s solely their choice.

And then again the great authority sites who have the responsibility of filtering
content also put up such junk for almost 1 out of 10 times, which is actually very disturbing. (No, don’t look at the
ratio only as 1 Machli hi to pura talaab ganda karti h na)

link building tactic

There is a widely enraged debate of whether the mindsets of people who use it as just another link building
is at the proper place or not?

Well, obviously it is! We can’t just blame them for polluting the internet with
their gibberish and lucid ideologies because the internet is a free place (it always has been) so, we can’t downright
dislike them.

Marcus Aurelius

Ok, so everyone says that and guess I’m no different! Sorry for the time that you’ve wasted till now and willing to put
out more, but you may or may not find any new thing. So, please leave before cursing me for anything other than what I’m
responsible for.

Well, I’m responsible for everything so you can blame it on me instead of the

Charle Bukowski

Now, let’s start from the basics of guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

According to a blog on lifewire, guest blogging is a method used by many bloggers to gain on some traffic, to put it
simply, eyeballs.

It is a two-way interaction where you write something for them, and they return the favor or you write something for
them which is trendy and saves them plenty of resources then they will put up on their blog with your link in the user

What are the Websites that Allow Guest Blogging?

There are plenty of examples. You can pitch them with your idea and can start writing for them. This can be accompanied
with monetary gains or just about knowledge or that link!

To name a very few of the sites commanding high authority:

  • MOZ
  • SearchEngineLand
  • Mashable
  • Instantshift
  • Journals (e.g. WSJ, The Huffington Post, etc.)


Still not able to figure out the right one for you? Don’t worry! Sign yourself up to the MyBlogGuest community that accepts every blogger
irrespective of their niche and help them find the best blogging platforms according to their needs.

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging skyrocketed my sales

Well, in case you got free food and left forever never to come back at all? You’re
a fool!

Yeah, who wants to have free food for just one time only? Until and unless they know that it would eventually need
something in return! So, technically it’s not free.

This happens because you take sweets and candies to your relative’s place (Yeah,
khali haath nahi aaye the aur khali pet bhi nahi jayenge)

just for fun

That’s how it works. You bring something they do something for you which is exactly the same with guest blogging. You
bring great quality content, trust me you’ll be rewarded.

Now, what are the rewards? First you bring something to the table. No?

Ok I’ll leave that to your better judgment about what you’re gonna do with these
suggestions without a blog idea!

So, first benefit of guest blogging is:

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Hey Noob! Want to go out there and have fun?

No, I’m doing just fine in my neat little house not disturbing anybody writing on my own blog about the stuffs that
I personally care about.

Well, if this is who you are then you need to start from the very basic idea of
human relationships. God made human and humans made human and more humans made more humans and so on. What’s all this

Building Relationships

The idea is to connect with fellow human beings and share ideas that can benefit the whole mankind to strive for
something better. So, instead of writing a single post and continue on your way, try to establish a long-term
relationship that can state your name in the market.

These things take time and how consistent you are at it, is the deciding factor.

These relationships work as a shout out of the people looking towards marking
their name in this game; however, it’s not a one-time job. After writing one hell of a post, you need to bear all the
hellish comments with the perfect poker face and replying to the positive comments with a poker face is also

This way you project yourself as an active participant in the community which looks quite good in the eyes of the site’s
already established community.

Who knows if you totally hit it off with a girl/guy in the comment section?

Jokes apart but hey, when did I joke?

Ok to put it this way, you can build a healthy relationship with the other person in the comment section that can
transform into a bit intimate one as well, now I was joking about doing business with each other. (Getting my point,
business or lena-dena)

Yeah! I am a bit absurd, and so is the point, you already know about building
relationships so let’s move on.

Become an Expert

Become an Blog Expert

That sounds like a good point as you should always thrive to becoming better and better over the period of time. You
know how it feels to have the “expert” initial before your name?

If you don’t, then you’ll experience very soon. And to do that write articles that are rich of knowledge and experience.
It increases your credibility as an author and also an active contributor is somewhere more reliable than a newbie.
Happens all the time!

Online influencers have a great future and present, but you need to wait for the people to realize that
great novelists and writers have written only one great 200 pages of shit or good shit. But, that’s just shit.

However, we here are trying to put as much as helpful content as we can that too
everyday! So we shouldn’t be called just content writers, right?

We’re the daily dose of influence for the people, and maybe one day they’ll realize our importance. However, until then
let’s keep our heads down and work.

Discover New Opportunities

Discover New Opportunities

There’s always a chance to learn something new with these high-quality blogs. On your blog, you can
write anything that is getting limited no. of feedbacks and you may or may not care about them, but in order to survive
in such a vast community, you always have to write something new and better.

Trust me it looks hectic at first but is a hell lot better than writing for your blog only.

However it’s not only limited to reading and interacting, you might also land a business deal with the person who
typically likes your choice of words and your representation. He/she might be looking for an SEO expert
for his/her site at the time you wrote about the factors that affect your business’s local ranking.

Imagine the impression that you can have on him by writing an in-depth article
about the same thing that he’s looking for!

Pretty great, right?

Also, it can help you get quality traffic if they click on your author bio. So, make sure to not just
have a great quality blog post but personal site as well.

Capture a Wider Audience

Capture Wider Audience

If not traffic on your blog, you’re still achieving your goal by increasing brand awareness and getting
traffic and shares on your guest blog.

This audience is mostly qualified that know about the who’s and buts of the blogging scenario already, so if you are
bored of starting from the basics like always, you’re in for a treat. This audience helps you build your authority in
the eyes of the search engine without even wasting a penny on SEO; you can get ranked on some of the most
competitive keywords
of your domain without the gibberish.

When you talk about getting an audience, what is it worth without conversions?

According to a blog on MOZ, if an average user is spending around 4 minutes on each of your blog then you’re getting
enough eyeballs for them to look up for your business as well. And once they reach your blog, you can share your big
idea with them to impress and express your feelings.

Think for a second, kya akela chana bhad jhonk sakta h?

Nhi na! That’s why I am saying that you need these guest blogs more than they do.

Not just audience and brand awareness, if they like your post, then massive number of
people (I’m talking about massive here) would look you up on your social media profile and follow you

Behold the new king of Twitter, and now you are eligible to become the target of
Twitter trolls!

(God I’ve been waiting for somebody to target me in his/her trolls but That shit takes time and obviously not just one blog is gonna get me there, right?)

Link Building

Link Building

Finally, the one that you’ve been eagerly waiting for! No?

I’m sure you do; even after the tons of awesome things I’ve just shared with you,
you’re still gonna root for that one thing which is of particular interest to you. We are humans, and we only care
about the things that we want to care about, also, we never want to indulge ourselves into a discussion, we just want
someone to prove our point or at least agree with us.

So, yeah we’ll leave that debate to some other time. The significance of link building is something worth the hype as it
brings to you some quality backlinks from higher DA blogs which believe me or not will
soon reflect in your blog’s numbers as well.

This will help you build your subscribers’ base and get exposure from the large internet community that
is constantly evolving in the terms of numbers and user interaction.

So, let’s summarize what we’ve learned till now.

The Conclusion

The Conclusion of Guest Blogging

There is no conclusion to this as guest blogging is a continuous
of infinite time. Once you get into this domain, you’ll experience the fun and frolics and the vast
opportunities that this field has to offer.

(Also read: 8 Quick hacks to have a gala time while blogging)

Grab your head gear, check the fuel and fly high. There is no better way other than putting those twos and twos and
start working.

What are you waiting for? Share with us your idea or with above-mentioned organizations to make this world a better
place to live and die.

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