Future of Youtube Marketing in India?

Future of Youtube Marketing in India?

Youtube is one of the popular channels, which is
widely viewed across the world, and India is one of the top countries with a larger viewership. Because Youtube is one
of the sources of entertainment content. “The uniqueness of Youtube is anyone can
create content and publish it reaching global audiences.” 

Looking at this, brands use Youtube for marketing their products to reach a wide
audience and data shows that
62% of marketers are planning to increase their ad revenue
on Youtube
in the next 12 months. Is this the hint of a brighter

The rise of video marketing in India

Video marketing was always beneficial, but due to the lack of internet usage in India,
online video marketing was a step back.
Where TV commercials were booming. 

But, due to the digitalization and increase in the use of the internet. Users started consuming more videos, which gave
rise to viewership on the platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook.

However, there was a paradigm shift when Instagram and Youtube came up with Reels and
Shorts respectively. The audience started consuming more short video content.

This gave rise to content creators and marketers to promote their brands

stats of video marketing 2022


93% of marketers increased their brand awareness with video marketing in 2022.

And statistics have proved that video marketing has the potential to improve conversion
rates, and leads, and deliver a better ROI.



87% have experienced growth in return on investment through video marketing in



81% of marketers have increased sales through video marketing in 2022.

We having expertise in digital advertising believe that video marketing will dominate the market more effectively in the future,

The rise of Youtube in India

Earlier, Youtube was very popular in the USA, and gradually Youtube boomed in India and become one of the key platforms
for marketers to promote, market, and advertise their products. According to the survey, India
has most the active users on Youtube
which is around 487 million. This signifies the growth and consumption of
video content across India, which is great news for marketers.

Youtube has become a search engine for video content. And to elevate the ways of marketing on Youtube, they are adding
features and updating timely to compete with other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

Youtube features – an added advantage for marketers

There are billions of dollars spent every year by brands across the globe to advertise their products on Youtube, people also learn difficult skills like
webflow through YT
. This shows the significant role Youtube plays in
. And to support this, Youtube has brought many features that support
marketing to the next level. 

1. Shorts:

Youtube Shorts is a recently added feature to the platform. This Shorts is basically for
short video content up to 30 seconds – 1 minute in the vertical format. The feature is a roll-out competition to
Instagram reels after the banning of Tiktok in India. 

The reach and engagement of Shorts are comparatively more than the normal Youtube

2. Youtube Ads: 

We all know, that Youtube has recently made the ads mandatory for a free version before
every video you play. These ads are anywhere between 5 seconds to 20 seconds without a skip button. And this action by
Youtube made marketers sponsor the videos to boost videos as ads on Youtube. 

According to the latest survey, Youtube generated $8.6 billion in ad revenue in Q4 2021.
This shows the rise of Youtube marketing across the world including in India. 

3. Banner Ads: 

For the desktop and mobile versions, you must have come across the banner ads on Youtube. This ad spacing has been effective and less costly for marketers, who have tight

4. Top on feed: 

As mentioned, Youtube has become a type of search engine for videos. The similarity
between the Google search engine and Youtube is that both have space for sponsored websites and videos. 

When you open the Youtube application, you can observe that the first video will be a
product or brand video, a paid ad. And it grabs most users’ attention easily.

How influencers play a vital role in Youtube marketing? 

Every social media platform has a dedicated influencer, and likewise, Youtube has
influencers. And they play a major role in Youtube marketing in India. However, these influencers are content creators
on a particular platform. 

Youtube India has content creators such as viners, vloggers, tech reviewers, streamers,
teaching channels like coding
and indie entertainment channels. And in each category there are sub-categories. For example, vloggers include food,
moto, travel, lifestyle, etc. 

These content creators have excelled over the years with a huge engagement, and
micro-influencers have a great engagement compared to macro-influencers. 

5 types of influencers

1. Mega influencers:

Mega influencers have more than a million followers or subscribers, they are highly
visible due to their status. Well-established brands look forward to collaborating with mega influencers, and their
collaboration is expensive.

2. Macro influencers:

Macro influencers are the ones who have subscribers of around 500k to 1M. They are
growing Youtubers, who vlog, do reviews, etc. And macro influencers charge a hefty price for the brand

The brands can easily find the best fit influencers for their products on Youtube,
India. And many do get sponsors for the videos or make a special video showcasing the product as the “Hero” of the
video. These macro influencers have a good engagement as well.

3. Mid-tier influencers:

Mid-tier influencers are also amazing content creators. Their audiences have faith in
them, which helps brands to create a genuine impact on the audience. 

The mid-tier influencers have subscribers between 50k to 500k. Content created by these
influencers is polished and authentic with familiarity in each post. 

4. Micro-influencers:

Micro-influencers are very effective in terms of engagement and trust in this list. And
they are niche-focused which helps in connecting well with the audience. This is an added advantage for the brands to
create a great impact with quality products. 

Micro-influencers have subscribers ranging from 10k to 50k.

5. Nano influencers:

With the lowest count of subscribers in the list of influencers – 1k to 10k. They have
the ability to create a modestly and narrow reach for the brands. However, the engagement is quite high of these

Nano-influencers are cost-effective, and anyone can easily collaborate even by having a
tight budget. And through influencer marketing, one can create an impact. 

Future of Youtube marketing in India

There are many hints of today, which shows the future of Youtube marketing is bright.
Check out these hints:

1. Ads on Youtube:

Youtube has great support for marketers since the new features rolling out has added
advantage for the marketers. The ad placement has improved on Youtube, where you target a niche audience and easily
create an impact. This will help you improve conversion rate, sales leads, and ROI. 

2. Influencer marketing:

On one hand, there is a rise in video marketing, then on the other one, it is influencer
marketing. There are many content creators across platforms, and Youtube has many types of creators in India. 

This rise of content creators every day will help the brands to collaborate for a long
period of time. And the future will be amazing too. 

3. Collaboration with creators:

A great collaboration can have greater results. Youtube is a platform for creators, and
having a smart collaboration will help you subtly yet effectively merge your products. 

The best example of collaboration was, Hyundai collaborating with BTS for the music
video. Likewise, the brands in India can tie up with quality creators and rage the online market. 

4. Increase in viewership: 

In the coming years, there will be a steep growth in viewership for Youtube in India.
This will help marketers to penetrate the platform with their marketing strategies. And leverage its

Final thoughts: 

We as a social media agency in Delhi have come to the conclusion that Youtube is on the internet for more than a decade. And the
only thing we observed was the growth of the platform in India. Along with this, the rise of content creators on
Youtube, many Indians out of passion, percept Youtube as a platform of opportunity to showcase their

The symbiotic relationship between brands and creators, exemplified through
collaborations and influencer marketing initiatives, has been instrumental in motivating content creators to enhance
the quality and impact of their work. This synergy not only enriches the creative landscape but also fuels a broader
trend. As viewership surges in India, YouTube marketing is poised to emerge as a predominant force within marketing
strategies, capitalizing on the platform’s expansive reach and engagement potential to establish itself as a
cornerstone in effective brand promotion and audience engagement strategies. 


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