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A Logo represents the values, goals and vision of a company. It is a recognition symbol for the company that public uses to identify it with. A simple, unique and eye-catching logo has its own role in earning the coveted attention for the brand in the market space. The purpose of a logo is to set up a visual identity of the company in the minds of classes and the masses.

It is a lifetime investment of a company in its branding, so it shouldn’t matter how long a designer takes to come up with a bang-on logo. Always leave it to the best of your designer’s capability when it comes to design a logo. If the budget constraint does not allow, we’d suggest that you shrink all the other expenses and give proper scope to the logo first. Never ever settle for an inexpensive logo, that has to remain your identity for decades.

There are several factors to consider while designing a logo… such as color, design, tagline and requirements of the client. It is not an easy task, there are several rounds of sketching, touch-ups, mailing, rejections, suggestions, brainstorming sessions, revisions, and then finally the logo comes up. It generally takes about a couple of weeks to reach a good logo.

There are many websites and agencies that can deliver a logo within a day. But if you want your logo to convey the message of your brand and give a unique identity, let it take its own course. Give it all the time it needs, and let the process go on until the day you come across a spot-on thing!

It takes time and efforts to create a great logo. The process of designing a logo goes through several stages.

  • First you need to brief the graphic designer about your company, its culture, values, products, target customer base, and your requirements. Don’t shy away from sharing a few inspirations too, some logos from other brands whose elements appeal you, or you think which can be a yardstick for your designer to stick with.
  • The designer will do some study and research about the industry, your company, and its competitors. He will also study the interest, demographics and needs of the target customers. Do not rush up in this process, this is the foundation of the whole process.
  • Based on your briefing and the research done, the designer comes up with the first set of work, consisting 3 to 4 logos for you to review.
  • Now, if the very first draft is what you can relate to, approve it as it is. Or you may recommend a few changes here and there, and the designer will work as per your opinion. Don’t settle till the time you are not satisfied with the result.
  • After approval, you can register and use it on your website, blog, brochures and marketing campaigns.

A logo is the foremost impression of your company on people, so never rush in for a quick solution. You might have to change it after few years. A good logo is that which attracts people and stays in the mind for a long time. Here are some essential qualities of a good logo. Make sure your logo has all these things.

Simple and Unique – All the big brands like Google, Apple, McDonald’s, and Ebay have simple, unique and easy-to-remember logos. That is also a reason behind their enormous popularities. Logo of a brand should not resemble with any other company’s logo. Original and unique logo are all a business needs on the publicity front.

Color and Font combination – Color and font play a very important role in the design of a logo. All colors convey different meanings. For example, Yellow, as used in McDonald’s logo, is an attention-grabbing color, while Blue signifies trust and reliability. Likewise, various font styles depict different purposes.

Relevant and Targeted – While designing a logo, the graphic designer should keep in mind that it depicts the products/services of the company and it should appeal to the target customer of the company. A targeted logo goes a long way and creates massive profit for companies.

Versatile – By versatility, I mean that the logo should fit on every device online and offline. It should look good on web, mobile, browser, print ads and letter head of the company. A versatile logo attracts buyers, in whichever format you use it. For better results, you can ask your designer to take the help of some of the best logo designing software available on web.

Memorable – Creating a memorable logo is the most important thing, and the most difficult too. A logo that casts lasting impression on the mind of the viewers is the best logo. The M-shaped logo of McDonald’s is the best example of a remarkable logo.

Meaningful – A meaningful logo conveys the brand message to consumers. It also casts a high impact on customers. Many companies use a tagline in the logo to make it more meaningful.

Timeless – Don’t make a logo on a prevalent trend, it is bound to change some day. In this case, your logo will be out of context and you’d have to redesign it. So make a logo that can relate to your business and customers years after years.

To sum up, a logo is not just a symbol, it is the soul of a brand. A company’s logo appears everywhere in the web and on paper. So choosing a good logo is an essential thing for startups. An appropriate logo creates a stunning brand identity and boosts it further.

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