8 Tips Of Typography In Web Design

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Typography is the important and basic element of web design. The newbie designers take the typography for granted and make mistakes. One must be conscious and give importance to selecting the font for the website and content you gonna write on the website. 

Website design Delhi has come up with a few tips on typography that will help every web designer to improve this element and make the website look rich. Aesthetic, and professional. Here are the 8 tips by a website designing company in Delhi. 

  • Consideration Of Standard Style:

There are many things in typography other than font styles. It has color, controls (bold, underline, Italic), size, bulletins, spaces (between words, between letters). These things are important to look at before selecting the font style. As a designer, you need to take care of these styles. 

But we recommend keeping the default or standard style. It will make the website look aesthetic and easy to read. However, this can be changed based on the font you are going to use. Hence consider this aspect of typography. 

Tips for style

  1. Keep the proper amount of space between lines, that can be readable from quite a distance and avoid double-spacing between two words. 
  2. Make use of proper color contrast, so that your content won’t blend with the background.
  3. Avoid using red and green for marking importance in the form, it isn’t helpful for color blind people. 

Alignment of the content is all an important aspect to look at and work on it. Many website designers prefer to keep right and few centers. 

  • Use Minimum Number Of Fonts:

Large websites have a huge number of web pages and vice versa with small websites. But many designers use many fonts, almost a font style in a web page, which is improper. We recommend making use of a maximum of 3 fonts. No matter how many web pages you build, you need to maintain consistency in the framework as well as typography. 

You can change the fonts according to the purpose, for example, different fonts for copy and title, newsletter form, etc. But you can’t change the font in the middle of the copy. It will break the consistency and affect the visitor’s minds. 

  • Use Of Standard Fonts & Typefaces

No doubt, typography will glow the web pages. But, many make use of font style that creates a barrier for the reader. So we recommend using fonts that are easy to read and suitable according to the theme and web design. You can easily get the lists of standard fonts on Google. 

Coming to the other aspect, while choosing the font, you need to check whether the font is suitable in different typefaces. Because your website will be viewed on different screen sizes and readers want the font size accordingly. So check the font in different sizes. 

  • Font Should Be Distinguishable:

It is another thing that readers face difficulty with while scrolling down on your website. The difficulty is that many times font letters look similar and it is found difficult to distinguish the letters such as ‘I’ and ‘l’ or ‘0’ and ‘o’. These things are very minor but can’t be ignored, because they will affect your website growth too. 

  • Using Caps Properly:

It is a common mistake while executing a copy of the website by the designers. Make use of caps in the whole phrase. There are many ways to highlight the text to grab attention. Also, the title of the content is fully capped. You can write the first letter caps of every word when writing the title (like our blog title). This is again a minor mistake that can be easily noticeable by the readers. 

  • Use Standard Font Size:

The font matters most, while you establish the copy on the web page. You can keep the title the standard font of size 18 and sub-title of 16, the rest of the content 12. You can make use of 14 sizes in different places such as giving credit to the below images. 

  • Use Normal Text Appearance:

It is another mistake that many make while building web pages. You can see the Shopify websites and other readymade themes, which have a header. This type of template is followed by many designers and they use the running text on the header, which is a flaw. It will annoy the visitor. 

Also many make use of the blinking text, which is of no use. It isn’t creative and beneficial for your website. We suggest you follow normal text appearing on the website or use animative effects on the texts that are short and less useful for the visitors. 

  • Line Limitation:

The words in a line matter, keeping it too short or long is not worth it. You might wonder then, how many words should be maintained in a line? You can approximately keep 9 to 12 words in a line. It is not about counting the words in a line, make it an eye-pleasing length. 

Final Words:

These tips are just suggestions for every designer who makes mistakes in typography and develops bouncing web pages. Typography is one of the aspects that affect the traffic indirectly. So keep the basics clean to make other web design elements strong. We hope this blog is helpful from the best website design Delhi

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