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7 Best Website Design Layouts that Work like “Makkhan

Best Website Design Layouts

I see that you are a copy artist and always looking out for a better website designs for inspirational purposes only!

To be brutally honest, you’ve got no business here fella as what you’re about to see or witness will force you to click on copy right away!

(You won’t have to blame the night anymore, instead you can just blame me!)

See, there is nothing wrong with copying, how many times do I have to tell you that Shakespeare copied Romeo and Juliet from another 1565 play by Sir Arthur Brooks.

Oh, I think I’ve forgotten the name, let me recollect it!

*Umm. What was it?*

Forget it, who cares now?

Getting my point, copy like Shakespeare, nobody other than Wikipedia knows about it!

I knew the name all along btw, it was the Tragic tale of Romeus and Juliet. And, the lesser known one from which Shakespeare heavily borrowed is Palace of Pleasure by William Painter which was in turn copied from the Arthur one’s.

Shakespeare heavily borrowed is Palace of Pleasure

(I’m telling you, my memory is insane brother 😉

Arre puchna bhul gya, Mummi ne naam kya rkha tha tumhara?

Kahin aas paas ke Rahul, Lokesh se to nhi copy kiya hai na?

(Btao bhai naam hi copied hai, aadmi nya kucch kare to kare kaise?)

In my another blog about 8 quick hacks to have a gala time while blogging, I’ve emphasized on one particular quote of Steve Jobs i.e.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal!”

Let’s cut to the chase okay and stop talking about copying!

(Write hun na bda complex feel hota hai jab bhi koi copy ki bat krta h tb! 😉

PS: There is not a numbering system ranking wise, instead, I’m just putting it there for people to navigate in an efficient manner, also for the guys too who get bored of reading long paragraphs!


Tender to Young Art

Just like their name i.e. TendertoART, these guys don’t shy away from putting up social causes through art!

(That’s what they feed off, right? Irony died a painful death!)

(Who would’ve thought that money and social causes can go hand in hand.)

Piero Milano

Piero Milano

You look at once at Piero Milano’s website and chances are that you’ll find it nothing but just a video shot with utmost youthful exuberance and also black and white to make it look classy.

Well, honestly there isn’t anything more to it but people are hooked to the girl and the way she has been portrayed, they won’t bounce off!

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Done! Mission accomplished!


The GIGI Website Design

“Detached. Elegantly. Essential. Winter.”

The fuck is that!

This is what’s written on the Gigi’s landing page. I wasted my time to decode what they were trying to do with those letters thinking that they might have been encrypted them while reading a Dan Brown novel.

Whatever they did, it caught my attention and honestly I’ve never seen such a seamless scrolling on a website. It’s more smooth than Kristen Stewart’s skin.


TUX Best Website Design

Oh my God! This is so cool!

The video on their website is just as good as any new music video of the likes of Kylie Jenner, in fact it almost made me forget that they are a design agency and work towards making this world a far more dull place as it already is.

(Well, you won’t necessarily agree with me on this one as being creative looks to you as cool which is alright as you’ve never known what it does to the guy responsible for this. It’s horrible beyond explanation as they feel themselves to be overwhelmed with the distraught trauma of human capabilities associated with the exploration of bodies beyond their structures, more commonly known as hallucinations!)

When these creative guys become dull, the world becomes a dull place!

Ever & Ever

Ever & Ever Best Website Design

Judging by the looks of their website, I can totally say that their legacy is gonna be forever and beyond.

Who wouldn’t want a sculpture dimension of their body painted on their own website, and look how good are they at self promotions.

By misleading us with aesthetic look, feel and ambiance, they won’t make something like this for you at an ordinary budget. Such pity, much woosh!

Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila

Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila Website Design

Austria gets you, like all the time!

Who would’ve wanted to input details even before visiting a site’s homepage?
Well, kudos to these guys for making it a possibility.

A fine blend Tequila brand asking for your DOB before letting you visit their aesthetic interiors is something only alcohol related brands can think of, otherwise I swear I would’ve crossed it right away!

Putting ‘the’ on every stupid word such as the land, the process, the taste sounds fascinating to people when it is served to them with good instrumental music.

I’m over it buddy! Too soon for you, too long for me!


Famoustache Best Website Design

The dazzling new website surrounded by moustache everywhere could have been a bit creepy if not for these famous guys.

They make moustaches like they are knitting a sweater, neat and clean!

Navigation is good, design is breathtaking (Like literally, as moustaches takes up your breath) and creativity is (Oh, let’s not talk about that!)

The Conclusion

Well, these guys were surely inspiring, but nothing will inspire you more than your own push towards making things better and a little bit more creative.

What is creativity?

Thinking that something is new or looks cool or funny altogether.


Creativity is something that inspires and help you understand this universe in a better manner.

Until that happens. Work!

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