6 UX Principles for E-Commerce Websites to Boost Conversion Rate

UX Designing

UX plays a vital role in improving traffic and boosting the conversion rate. If your website has a great UX then it can take your business to the next level, however, different factors also come into play.  As a Website designing company in Delhi, we are here to share some UX principles that are signs of successful eCommerce websites. By following these, you can ultimately improve your site and grow your business like amazon which has captivated the world.

1. Build responsive: 

Responsive websites are a must nowadays. Most of your website traffic is generated through smartphones and your website should cater to them by delivering them a great experience. At the same time, you must have a responsive website to get your website considered for SEO ranking. 

Thus, it’s important to avoid mistakes and it’s important to look for building a responsive website. You must take care that your website gets over clutter and deliver a seamless encounter to your target audience. This will help you make your online business stronger. 

2. Simplicity has the power to change the game: 

When nothing attracts then simplicity works or vice versa. Simplicity is a great way to attract, improve, and excel. People love the simplicity and the same applies to your eCommerce website as well.  Being minimal is a form of simplicity, where you can maintain the aesthetics with your creativity of the website. 

3. Understanding the customer journey:

You must understand that there are different types of customers visiting your website, and they will encounter different experiences because of differences in perspective. So you need to cater to them all with a quality experience as this helps with customer retention.

Product-focused customers: 

These customers have clarity on what they want and they want it in no time. So it becomes crucial that your website helps them to access products with ease. For such things, a well-established eCommerce provides a search option, where they can find different products quickly. 

Bargaining customers: 

Bargaining customers are those who always shop for the best deals online. They look forward to buying products when your best sale is on, such as the Black Friday sale, stock clearance sale etc. 

Browsing customers: 

Browsing customers are more relaxed, they surf through different sites, check out various products in the category, and pick those products that tick their lists of features. 

These are a few types of customers,who need to be served differently. For this, you need to strategically design your eCommerce website.

4. Keep your design clean and optimized:  
As a website designing company in Delhi, we believe a design looks clean and attractive when the white space is balanced perfectly. You need not overstuff your layout with content and visuals, and at the same time, there should not be more space to be left. achieving that balance you can optimize your website user experience, where visitors can comfortably scroll through different elements, read about varied things, and most importantly can make action with ease.

5. Use analytical tools:  

Analytics is a prime thing to sustain in this competitive market. With the use of analytical tools, you understand where you are leading towards. Analytics keeps reality in check by providing you with the right data. Using this data, you can understand your visitor’s behavior and accordingly fix things on the website.

6. Use a suitable color scheme:

If your brand has a color scheme then the right thing to do is use it appropriatly. If you don’t have any color scheme, then you need to strategically choose a color scheme, where each color resembles something about your business or products. Thus, choose a color scheme wisely, and blend it with the design. Remember, the color scheme is to enhance the UX design and make it appealing to the audience. Using them creatively will elevate your eCommerce site.

Final thoughts:

These are the 6 principles we recommend you to follow, which will help you build an interactive and attractive eCommerce website, and deliver a quality experience to your target audience.One area where this blending of old and new is particularly evident is in the use of vintage color palettes. Designers are drawing inspiration from the classic color schemes of the past, and then infusing them with a modern twist. For instance, shades reminiscent of retro aesthetics or muted tones frequently associated with the vintage era are being combined with fresh and contemporary pastel colors. This innovative combination creates a harmonious balance that pays homage to the past while remaining relevant and appealing to today’s audiences.With this, we hope blog has added value to your business.

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