3 Clean Ways to Win Customers With your Content

Win Customers With Content

Well, well, well, what to speak of Content Marketing. Never did I imagine that it would turn out to be such a powerful tool and end up becoming a necessity for all businesses. Anyways, that’s the current scenario and you might as well keep up with the ever-upgrading best practices of internet marketing to extract the most of it.

Speaking of which, let me take the opportunity and give you a brief backdrop of what exactly Content Marketing is.

Content Marketing is a technique focussed on creating and distributing valuable content that helps attract and retain visitors to one’s digital media.

And ever since it’s implementation gained widespread recognition, it has proven to be all the more effective.

Content Marketing

Advantages of Content Marketing

There are many benefits of Content Marketing. If done in the right way, it’ll help you with:

a) Effective Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO, as you must be aware of, is the game of playing with keywords, long and short both. As long as you can create great quality content, you can also do effective SEO by targeting keywords or key-phrases (that help identify your site when a person searches a query on a search engine) to generate links back to your web domain while ensuring visitors stay on your site and engage with your content.

b) Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority

When I concluded the previous point on the importance of content engagement, I meant that with good content, you are able to ensure that your content viewers are staying on your site, and participating in conversational activities, like commenting, sharing, liking etc.

All these symptoms are good for your websites health. You want traffic to remain longer on your website and for that you need to publish good, readable content. This way, if all goes well, you’ll end up enhancing your Domain’s Authority, which is always a great sign.

c) Fuel for Social Media

Social Media

Think of it this way. Your website is one of your property and the social media platforms being the other. You create a universe of your own, by revolving the viewers back and forth between your own social and web platforms. Once you do it, you’ll realize how it will help your business.

Thus whatever content you generate, it will not only go to your website, but will also go into your social channels. And I’m sure you must be aware of how much potential social channels possess.

You can always be sure of receiving a huge amount of traffic redirect from your social channels to your website and vice-versa.

Now, Let us understand the 3 major types of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

As you can see in the above flow chart, content is majorly marketed in three forms:

1. Basic blogs
2. Creative formats and
3. Side products

These three categories have been set based on the amount of effort needed and the potential of the outcome. For instance, Blogs are easier to create when compared to the preparing the side products, which can also be a bit hefty on the wallet, so to speak. Nevertheless, side products undeniably do possess the potential to redefine success for you. Let us talk about each of them individually.

1) Blogs your way to success!

Blogs your way to success

Well, nothing better than kickstarting your content marketing session with a blog of your own. Businesses have been using blogging as a great tool for successful advertising and self promotion.

By publishing articles about the latest products or perhaps industry trends often does the trick. Even more, the latest trend of ‘Tips and tricks’ makes it obvious what people want to read. Besides, whatever catches the eyes, works your way.

According to an online survey, a viewer does not stay on your site for more than 5-6 seconds. If he finds your content pleasing within this short time range,then only he’d stay on your website and that you may say was the fruit of good content. Make sure your blog attracts visitors and helps improve their top of the mind awareness.

So don’t think twice. Initiate this step at the earliest!

All you need is good content writing skills and some confidence. Rest assured, even a singular web platform, as easy as WordPress would be great to begin with. Once you have published a lot of content online, you can be rest assured about good traffic inflow too! Simply use analytics tools to keep a check at it.

And incase for some reasons you think that you won’t be able to create valuable content yourself, you always have the option to hire a content/copy writer who might as well do the necessary, while you simply be the orchestrator. Make sure your articles are full of valuable data, supportive images, graphs and statistics(if necessary). This way, the data you’d present your readers with will impart more value and this way you’d be able to retain valuable visitors.

2) Go Creative, Go Out of The Box

Think Out of The Box

This thought is purely based on the first one. After one point of time, every digital marketer realizes that textual content enough is not enough.

When words can do the trick, pictures and its forms can do even better! Why not go a bit off the grid and try something creative instead ? While you can tap on the potential of content marketing by introducing some appealing visual treat, let me brief you with what’s already available in the space.

a) Infographics: Well, this one is easy. They had a great impact couple of years from nower, if done nicely, things can favour you good. A collaboration of pictorial elements with textual support, a self-explanatory piece of information- infographic( information+graphic), can be used in various places, even in blogs. They fetch eyes and even downloads. So you can always use infographics as part of mailers and newsletters,forms of content which convey bulk data.

b) Animated graphics: Incase you want to do something different and present you might as well present your community with an animated informational graphic. This can help you fetch some substantial amount of attention as desired.

c) Video: In case you think that pictures are doing the magic, think what potential a video may possess. Content is formless, it can be expressed thrany means that serves the best.

Remember those Moz videos, they always made sense to me, and I had to subscribe! That’s the potential of video as content.Check out this Whiteboard Friday video from Moz to get a better idea.

d) Quizzes and Interviews: Another great way to get traffic would be to tap the potential of engaging activities such as quizzes, polls, interviews, contest etc.

These things involve the followers and readers, even non-followers, so they do have a great potential for offering you something good. Eventually, it’s all about branding and how do you use these ideas as tools to your success.

What to conclude would be fairly simple. If words do wonder, pictures do even better. The better you convey your offer, the clearer it is for the audience to reciprocate. To your benefit or not fairly depends on the quality of content you promote. If you are able to combine it well, juice it up with attention grabbing media content alongside the magic of your words, you are doing it good enough. And about rewards, well, they just keep getting better and better.

3) Effective Add ons (Side Products)

Sorry to keep you waiting for this. Speaking of which, Side products that we are going to discuss further are surely the most important part of the blog.Side products are basically new products and services that are linked to the original products and services. I am talking special tools that you are offered to enhance your online performance. There are many tools and applications that help you do multiple things that you just can’t achieve easily.These things can help boost your performance. Say for instance, you take support from Kissmetrics analytics to help manage your work, use buffer’s Pablo to auto generate images etc, you will be able to push your offerings to your greatest limits and beyond.

In a nutshell, you may say that, it’s all about the repeated usefulness of side products that makes it so special.

They do come at the cost of time and money, but when it comes to brand awareness and customer acquisition, they are quite useful after all.


All in all, what you have learnt through this blog is that Content marketing is a lot more than just publishing articles and blogs. It’s a powerful means of expression, and when used the right way, can do wonders.

Mix and match all the types of content marketing tools. Make use of side products by learning about the unfulfilled goals of your target audience and studying your core service even better.Follow these tips and give birth to a successful content marketing strategy for your own business!

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