12 Celebrities Who Decided To Ditch Social Media, But Came Back Soon After


We celebrate the people belonging to the TV and film industry with all our heart. But how strange it may seem, that though we never get to interact with them in person, though we are always aware of every single happening that is taking place in their lives. This is the miracle of social media backed by the power of boundless internet.

While the connectivity through the social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter provide the celebrities a freedom to connect with their fans, its toxic nature can sometimes have negative impacts too. The impact imposed by the keyboard warriors that are masters at trolling can be so severe that it can sometimes force you to take a backseat and leave the social media completely. While we might or might not be a victim of online trolling because we are not as famous as the international movie stars, though many celebrities have gone through this predicament at some point of their lives and decided to shun social media forever. But as addictive and indispensable it is, most of them couldn’t resist it for long and had to make a comeback soon after deactivating their account.

Here is a list twelve such celebrities who thought to leave the social media forever but returned only after a short while:

1. SHAHRUKH KHAN: You might be the king of Bollywood, but the troll department is the ultimate ruler when it comes to online shaming. Even the ‘Badshah’ once had to give in to the online trolling back in 2013 after his remark on religious intolerance during an interview. He was heavily mocked for the same on Twitter and people who trolled made a point that if the religion intolerance was really there, SRK wouldn’t have stayed in Bollywood for this long. Well ironically enough, whenever a debate on hindu-muslim integrity arises, celebs like SRK are first to be targeted and termed as Pakistani. Disturbed by the flak, SRK decided to avoid social media and was off it for few months but came back eventually.

2. RISHI KAPOOR: Normal people express their anger in normal ways. But Rishi Kapoor aka Chintu puts his Twitter account on fire whenever he feels contempt against something. Rishi Kapoor is rather notorious for making insensitive remarks using crude language on Twitter. But this will come as a shocker to you that the actor who shows the exit to the online trolls effortlessly, once became a victim himself. Kapoor decided to leave Twitter after he got into an ugly war with singer Abhijit regarding Salman Khan’s hit & run case. After Sajid Khan persuaded him to put his own viewpoint, Chintu Kapoor changed his mind and returned to the social media.

3. AMIR KHAN: Same as SRK, Amir’s remark about the prevailing religious intolerance in the country didn’t go down well with the social media activists. Along with his wife, Amir was severely criticized for talking bad about his own country and had to leave Twitter owing to abusive language used by the Twitter users. He eventually came back to the platform but only with a resolution of keeping his opinions and thoughts strictly reserved to himself.

4. RIHANNA: The singer and songwriter is known to boldly express her views and opinions on the matters that matter. Apart from this, Rihanna is also the major trendsetter and fashion icon for millions of youth. She has never shied away from doing or saying what she strongly believes. Back in 2014, RiRi was found off the Insta for no concrete reasons. While some reports said it was due to an honest mistake committed by Instagram during a regular sweep off, some other said that the actor had done it deliberately to showcase her retaliation against the nudity policy of Insta as she wanted to post some nude photos. Well, whatever was the truth, much to the relief of the fans, RiRi was back again after almost six months.

5. SELENA GOMEZ: The star has and still rules the hearts of many with her unparalleled onscreen talent and the sweet persona she has. She is also believed to be very kind to her fans and has often surprised them with little acts of politeness. As she is also mentioned in this list, once Selena also had to leave the social media platforms owing to some personal issues. But when later it was revealed that the star had to undergo a kidney transplant as a part of her lupus treatment, the reason behind her break from social media was explained. While we don’t wish it to happen again, we wish her good health and luck.

6. TAYLOR SWIFT: As she has already announced that the old Taylor is dead and can’t come to the phone, Taylor has decided not to buy any hate on social media platforms. More recently in August 2017, when her name was linked with Tom Hiddleston and she was also involved in the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West controversy, the fans noticed her absence on social media. After being silent for some time, she did return but became less active in posting.

7. KIM KARDASHIAN: One of the most active celebrities on social media, Kim has the proud title of selfie and pout queen. From undergoing drastic makeovers to the conspicuous surgeries, Kim always is the talk of the town of internet world. Owing to her fame and evergreen buzz, we can safely say that the Instagram would have never been the same without her. And we got a preview of what the Insta would look like without her back in October 2016, when she was reportedly robbed in Paris and went off the Insta completely for a short break. It was not before an entire month, when she finally made a comeback and became active in posting her photographs.

8. JUSTIN BIEBER: The singer has garnered a lot of fame for his music talent at a very early age, but he has always accumulated an equal amount of attention for his personal life specially his relationships. While his relation with Selena Gomez has always been a matter of buzz on and off, he has made headlines with his affairs with other celebrities too. In Aug, 2016 Bieber was seen along with Sofia Richie in the pictures he posted on Instagram. But unlike he expected, he got brutally criticized for the same and got badly hurt by all the hate that it caused him. He not only threatened to deactivate his account but did so and went off for few days.

9.DEMI LOVATO: The beautiful American singer once had to give in to the online bashing back in June, 2016. She announced to quit both the Twitter and Instagram after she was trolled for her comments on Mariah Carey‘s treatment of Jennifer Lopez. She had also used a meme to express her in a better way. But Twitter couldn’t take it well and came back on her with hate and vile remarks. Although Demi left Insta and Twitter, she decided to continue with Snapchat and also returned to the other platforms after a brief interval.

10. ZAYN MALIK: While interaction with the media is an integral part of the lives of celebrities, there are some who cannot take the negative aspect of it very well. Zayn Malik is one such name who always has had an on and off relationship with social media, he has quit his social media accounts on many occasions owing to the online hate he received several times. He has also revealed in a media interaction that he doesn’t believe much in social media. The star has bid a goodbye to Twitter and Instagram several times including that when he did so after he left “One Direction”.

11. MILEY CYRUS: If there has been a revolutionary transformation of a celebrity, it has to be Miley Cyrus. From the innocent character of Hannah Montana to the ever bold on stage singer donning almost nothing, Miley has come a long way through her career. Although, you might not remember well, Miley went off Twitter for a brief time period back in 2009. If the reports were to be believed, it happened because of the absence of Liam Hemsworth on the social media. However, the singer and actor came back and became all active to be with her fans soon after.

12. CHRISSY TEIGEN: The star of sarcasm and humor Chrissy Teigen has been ruling the game of social media for quite some time now. She is often applauded for her witty reactions and responses to everyday happenings in the world and general life. Whether it is that incident when she corrected Ivanka Trump’s English or her funky remarks on motherhood, scrolling down her Twitter account is a real delight. The woman who can bring down all the haters at once, got on the other side of the table when she started getting death threats for talking about the gun control. She decided to leave the Twitter as she quoted, getting over the extreme hate was difficult for her. But thankfully, Chrissy came back saying she got bored and couldn’t resist talking to her fans.

While keeping a distance from online troll is always the best thing to do, going for a digital detox is not bad either. You can do this to check how long you can stay away from the online buzz. If you decide to do so, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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