10 Underrated Platforms Of 2021, Good For Social Media Marketing

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As a social media marketing agency in Delhi, we consider these platforms as effective for marketing products, brands, etc. It is cost-effective and must explore or cover in your social media marketing strategy, which is a boom in today’s date. 

The list includes the recent popular social media platform names and underrated as a marketing strategy to boost the business on the following platforms. Here are the 10 platforms you can use as a marketing platform. 

  • Clubhouse

One of the popular names on the list, in recent times. Where meme culture gave the boost to this platform. Currently, it has 9+ million downloads, which is a bulk of the audience from a marketing perspective. The platform is only audio-based and the latest update has brought in the chat option. You can join different communities and have a discussion. However, the algorithm is simple, if you have a good amount of followers, they receive the notification, if you are joining the room or creating one. Also, you can start a private room with your followers (one-on-one). 

This platform will be effective for start-ups to pitch to the target audience by creating catchy title rooms. It is a new strategy to market the products and works best for small businesses. 

  • Linkedin

No doubt, the platform is popular for having a connection with entrepreneurs, job opportunities, and even learning. Linkedin is best suitable for B2B social media marketing, and also legit for B2C businesses. Must have application for the brands, companies, entrepreneurs, etc. One can start marketing in various ways, using their Linkedin paid ads, and other strategies. The interface of the platform is quite similar to Facebook, which makes strategy building easy for companies. 

  • Telegram

Telegram is not new and has a large number of users. The platform has similar features as Whatsapp. But Telegram offers you the chatbot, which is the specialty of it. Many social media marketers don’t target this platform for ‘n’ number of reasons. Telegram can be a good platform for marketing. Also, the security on Telegram is good, which may be a big plus to start the marketing there. 

  • Quora

Quora is the upcoming platform for social media marketing, the place is full of curious readers. You can stay connected with the customers on Quora. It is a powerful platform like Facebook, Instagram. You can go up for a paid promotion with Quora. Also, answer the queries of the customers in the form of marketing. So we recommend Quora to include in your strategy if you haven’t. Since many companies have started marketing through Quora. 

  • Reddit

One of the strong points about Reddit is that you can link your Twitter account with Reddit. Also, it is the most visited source for the news, which speaks about trustworthiness. And trust is an asset for companies and small businesses. So we recommend starting marketing with Reddit, it is cost-effective and easy to use. Reddit has bulk users and the platform can be used for announcing the update about the products and services. 

  • Twitch

Twitch is completely helpful for gamers, it is popular among the gamers, who live stream the gameplay on the platform. There are millions of active users of Twitch. You can live stream on this platform, it will be helpful if your company belongs to the gaming industry or technical accessories manufacturing industry. You can target the customers on Twitch, which will help you get a band of loyal customers. 

  • Medium

Though Medium is famous among bloggers, many companies use it to blog. However, the platform is a content-sharing one. It will be helpful to connect with new audiences. Along with that, it will give you exposure to explain in detail. But the point is, people, having a business on social media platforms, never explore this type of content sharing platform. People who blog on their website also, don’t jump into this type of platform. So we recommend you start using Medium to get connected with a wider audience and express in detail. 

  • Tumblr

Tumblr is a known blogging platform, you can post long brief blogs without any character limit. Also, the posted limit on Tumblr is 250/per day.  It is a good platform to reach users where you can blog with multimedia content. One can schedule their post on Tumblr, tag other users, and even change blog appearance using HTML coding. 

  • Flickr

It is an image-sharing social media, where you can share high-quality images on the platform. You can share the quality image and infographics. It will be a great marketing strategy to connect with the audience by sharing high-quality images of products, infographics such as offers, discounts, festive offers, etc. Since visual content convinces the audience. 

Wrapping Up:

These are our final words about the underrated social media platforms. Above the applications or websites, that can be used as a strategy to target the audience. However, we suggest that, use the above applications, if your audience is active on that platform. Also, we say, not to use every application from the list, use only those which will convince your target users and make you easily connect with them. Hence, for optimizing the strategy, you can hire the social media marketing company in Delhi, Art Attackk.

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