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Attract Customers.

Engage your Audience.

Nurture your prospects.

Delight your customers.

Deciding Theme.

Picking the aesthetics.

Inducing emotions.

Video Shooting!

Attract Customers.

Engage your Audience.

Nurture your prospects.

Delight your customers.

Deciding Theme.

Picking the aesthetics.

Inducing emotions.

Video Shooting!

What makes our video editing company in Noida, a top choice.

Dramatic pauses, a cinematic orchestra, and fitting emotions—here's why we're your brand's Christopher Nolan

Van Gogh-ing Beyond

Our mastery lies in perfect color correction and grading, crafting your videos with a unique signature look. Just like Vincent with his brush, we infuse depth into every frame.

Optical Mastery

From a multitude of camera sources, we curate the choicest clips, weaving impactful brand stories into sleek, stabilized footage. It's all about capturing the best angles for your brand's reel tale.

Cinematic Harmonies

Think of us as composers, selecting the perfect background music from our licensed library. Every note elevates your video, orchestrating a symphony that unites all elements in perfect rhythm.

Maestros of Synchronization

Our team's expertise lies in synchronizing visuals to vocals, beats, and music. We, providing prime video editing services in Noida, mix and blend, creating a balanced video that delivers maximum impact as intended.

Thinking Caps On

Our creative specialists and visual directors ignite innovation, leaving a global impression. Let's craft videos that provoke thoughts and stir emotions, inspiring audiences worldwide.

Visual Wizardry

From filters to mesmerizing effects, we add transitions that make your videos unforgettable. Each visual alteration leaves an indelible mark on your audience's imagination

Our platform partners

The canvas is the wingman that helps an artist meet its brilliance. Similarly, to elevate your videos, we handpick only the best tools. After all, even a superstar knows the importance of a fantastic supporting cast!

The process

The process is as easy as 1 ,2 3!

Get that checklist out

Let's talk about your specific needs, from initial script development to the final editing stages.


Lights, camera , Action!

We've got to get those angles right, whether we're sitting in the director's chair or you are.


Done! Receive your masterpiece.

We’ll edit the videos to your tasteful satisfaction and viola! It’s done.


Our services

What solutions does the best video editing services in Noida provide ?

Art Attack can create captivating dystopian product launches for millennials' Instagram feeds or timeless classics for all ages. Share the vibe, and we'll make it happen!

Product Videos
We create skillful videos displaying your product to the target demographic through a bullseye strategy and videography, ensuring it makes the lasting impressions it deserves.
Short Videos
The dynamic shift in the online community, when it came to consuming short forms of media, warranted specialization in short-form video content due to its virality and prominence.
Corporate Films
Effectiveness and precision are what we serve when it comes to creating corporate films. Nothing beats clear corporate communication with a sprinkle of fun and creativity to kickstart projects.
Social Media Videos
Gain access to elusive Millennials and Gen Z with our mastery of Instagram and Snapchat reels, or reconnect with old pals on Facebook and YouTube. Your social media goals are now our success stories.
Ad Films
We can sell a pen, and we can sell whatever it is you want to sell. From a product to an idea, our ad films are visually compelling and artistically unique, hitting the sweet spot of promotional dexterity.
Explainer Videos
Have important information you want to share? We create coherent, effective explainer videos to help you demonstrate ideas, illustrate product features, detail agreements, and more.
Motion Graphics
Beyond real-life shots, we craft killer animation and motion graphics that leave your viewers wanting more. Hit that dopamine receptor with our vibrant motion graphics.
Video Editing Services
We'll take the backseat with this one and do what we, the superior video editing company in Noida, do best: provide our video editing services to achieve your vision down to the last clip.
Critic’s review

No rotten tomatoes or Imdb.
Our ratings: Client experiences

Jatin Ahuja


“ We had ideas, and Art Attack had the means, together we’ve created something wonderful and effective. Our artistic and professional collaboration with Art Attack’s exceptional Video Production in Noida has been quite an adventure with a happy ending. We’re excited to work together again!”

Fathi Said

Founder | Vybe Living

“ When it came to the importance of video content in marketing, we were well aware of it’s need and necessity but always ended up creating videos which felt like it was missing something. What it was missing was the exceptional directional skills of Art Attack’s team and a keen understanding of video creation with a marketer’s perspective.”

  • Top 10 video editing company in Noida

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Top 10 video editing company in Noida

1) Art Attack

Art Attack is a power house of creativity and marketing genuis when it comes to video marketing in India. Tap into the talents of the exceptional team of Art Attack and make videos straight out of your imagination. It takes our #1 Spot of video editing services in Noida.

2) Delmum Productions

As a creative production house Delmum productions listens to your needs, understand your goals, then produce emotive films and videos that attract the right customers for your business. let them create amazing content for your brand.

3) Garage Productions

Garage productions are a full service video production house capable of creating universal entertainment content thriving on great ideas and greater execution for your company.

4)Crazy Media Works

Crazy Media works are a multimedia studios involved in consultancy & projects in Animation, 3D Design & Modelin and Visual advertisements with 50+ years of experience in delivering to International Clients in various industry segments.

5)Walking Frames Production

Their team of skilled professionals specialises in telling brand stories that captivate audiences, inspire loyalty, and drive growth. We’re
here to help you thrive in a competitive market and evolve your brand for the future.

6)Total Multimedia Works-

It’s in the name, Total Multimedia works are team of Industry professionals, Directors, Script Writers, Animators, Storytellers, Video editor and growing artists. They’re are passionate storytellers with marvelous visuals and clear messaging.

7)Visible Gain-

Visible Gain’s network of professional photographers can offer you high quality shots for your events, product shoot and more.Their mantra to success is creativity , engagement and flexibiltly.


Editvo’s promotional video production services ensure that your brand and product is represented in the best possible light.Priding themselves on their flexibility they have delivered impactful videos for a diverse range of business objectives.

9)Graphotive –

Graphotive Production’s team sport immense experience in varied IT domains and undertsnad understand the clients’ creative and emotional requirements and work towards excelling their needs to make them feel more connected and empowered.


Specializing in recording and voiceover services in india for advertisements and various other media, CraziStudio serves as a valuable resource for organizations seeking high-quality sound and video editing solutions.

When questions meet answers

Is video marketing worth the hype?

The answer to that question is a definitive YES. Video graphic consumption has always been a paragon in marketing world but has lately seen an unavoidable rise and changes in it’s intake (P.s 2.1 Billion people use youtube as a search engine )

What is the best length for a marketing video?

The prefect timings for marketing videos depends on what you’re going for. example, explainer videos and testimonials are usually a minute long whilst how-to videos usually range from 3 to 5.

What kind of videos attract audience?

Before you start thinking about the kind of videos that attract audiences, you should understand your target demographic deeply and try to figure out the goals of the videographic communication. At the end of the day, the content should be engaging in nature.

) Where are the charges for these videos ?

The chagres for these videos depends on a lot of factors like quality, budget and other specific requests. If you’d like to receive a quick price list on your custom video needs drop us a line!

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