My Website isn’t making money. How do I fix it?

If your website isn’t making money, you need to rethink your financial relationship with your website. Users can access more than 1.5 billion websites today, which means your competition isn’t sleeping on your money incapability and making the most use of it. You would have a tremendous amount of competition in the online marketplace no matter what niche industry your online business is into. However, you cannot always blame the competition for your low site sales. This is because there are a variety of factors that can impact your website revenue and traffic which is ultimately creating an issue for your online presence and survival.

When you are online and doing business on a digital level, your business revenue mostly depends on your trading of products and services and your traffic visiting your website. This is why your website is your first online and usually your most important real estate and hence, you are required to attract qualified and targeted clients and customers which can be a lot of heavy work. It is time we realize that our website needs our proper attention too to build a strong relationship between you and your customers which will affect your desired goal to earn money through the website.

Know Why Your Website isn’t Making Money:

Let’s get honest for a bit here. Your website may not be getting any sales or conversions because it doesn’t match what your customer needs, wants, and expects. It may be that your website has technical issues. It may be that what you’re offering isn’t compelling enough. Either of them can be standing between you and your opportunity to make money through your website.

Stop shuffling and wandering around in the empty deserts of clueless website strategies and figure out which of the following reasons might be the reason why your website is crying on the pillow and why your target audience seems to ignore your online existence. It hurts but it can be fixed.

1 No Revenue, if No Traffic

It would be very volatile if you expect to earn from your website when the quality and quantity of your traffic are below the graph. Google can be the smart answer but is not the ultimate one. There are various promising resources online that will help you bring in the right traffic and allow you to reach the desired financial goal. To boost your website traffic, one of the wisest steps is to inbound links that are a vital signal for popular search engines like Google and Bing, etc. to evaluate your website page quality. When you have such inbound links in your website content, it leads to improved performance with greater credibility and authority, Not to forget, it leads to higher search engine rankings.

No Revenue, if No Traffic

Stay active on major social media platforms because in 2021 social media can be a huge boom and a smart step to bring website engagement. Being active on social media will allow you to build and interact with communities and promote referral traffic to your website. The moral of the story is that if you are wanting to bring the craze of traffic to your website, Social media platforms is a fair strategy. This is because it will strengthen your content marketing and attract more visitors and potential customers.

2Your Website design is not Mobile-Optimised

Don’t believe everything you read about making money online. There is no magic way to make money in a few months and there is no magic way to make money without doing a lot of hard work. Even the slightest of detail in your website you are overrlooking can cause you a financial hazard online.

Your Website design is not Mobile-Optimised

Before we jump into designing your website for most screen spaces, it is important to know that having a professional website is the star to the chart. People always want to buy products or render services from a reputable company and hence, settling for a second option is never an option. Phew!

Having a professional website design is the first and most obvious step that can reform your revenue standard from the website. The second step is not having a website that is mobile optimized because when one searches anything online it is through their mobile. Easy and quick. Hence, it is important to simply make sure your website is mobile-friendly, that it works on all sizes of devices and downloads quickly with a good loading speed, and has a good user experience.

3 Your Website isn’t Fast Enough

One of the greatest truth of the digital world is that every user expect that their website should load within 2 seconds. Have you ever noticed when your open a website after searching them on Google, it shows the loading time which is usually 0.79 seconds? I am sure you did and that’s why increasing your website speed by 1 second is a necessary step to increase your conversions by 7%. Trust me, it is an online business-saving strategy.

Your Website isn’t Fast Enough

Studies show that people no longer want to wait for a website. Moreover, when your website matches the Google algorithm of loading speed, your company will earn more. Regardless of the industry you operate in, your online business simply just cannot afford to have a slow website. It can prove to be a nightmare on your financial relationship with your website. You need to have a fast efficient website to keep their attention and have the chance to make money through your website engagement.

The time of the first decade of 21st century is gone where people could wait with patience for a simple page to load but now when internet is breathing through the lives of people, it will be a quite difficult to influence through your website if it doesn’t load within a seconds. Now, what to do to increase my website loading speed? No worries, we got you from here.

Depending on your website, this is a quick solution to increase the speed of your website. One of the quickest way you can deal with the speed on your own is if you have multiple videos on a page, deleting some of them can speed up the page. Thats bare minimum. Sometimes, even compressing website images also increases the loading time of the website.

But, if you are looking for completly make a turn in your website issue then certain kind of problem will require the expertise of the developer:

  • Decrease your CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Lower the number of redirects on your website.
  • Review your hosting option.
  • Optimize your site’s HTML code.
  • Use Plugins that make your website more efficient.

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Your website is one of your company’s most valuable assets. And when you are online doing business it is your source of revenue. But, the whole process of making money through your website can get tricky if you do not implement stratgies and build a understanding relationship with your website.

To a very great extend, A lot of businesses overlook the potentiality of their website that can be fairly ultilized to generate revenue, drive leads, frequent store visits, and much more. For your organization, this misstep is the perfect opportunity. Turn your website into a revenue-generating platform with the above recommendations today only with Artattackk.

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