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The internet is ganging up with articles to tell you all the ways to fix your website conversion rate and drive traffic or leads towards it. There are articles that will suggest you take the high road and go the modes of online advertisement, the compulsion of SEO, brand building through the norms of digital marketing. But, is it enough? No, it is not the end of the path for increasing conversion rates through digital marketing.

Having content that will serve the needs of your target audience and something that will engage your visitors and lead to their conversion. This is so important because for an online business, increasing and maintaining a static conversion rate is the food for the smooth running of the business. It is a heart-wrenching moment to Google your own online business for low conversion rates. Sadly, it doesn’t matter if your website has been running for years or you have just built a new one.

We have for you some legitimate answers to your question: “Why isn’t my website converting?”. As said, there is more to simply going by the syllabus and explore the wide ranges of digital marketing and everything it tends to provide. Here are the most prominent 5 reasons why you should rethink your website strategies.

5 Reasons why your Conversion stats isn’t promising:

There is one thing that is given good SEO strategies will ultimately bring you quality traffic to your website and help increase your website conversion rates, and having proper conversion rates means the proper flow of blood through the online business. Moreover, you would know that your target audience isn’t reaching your website as Google is not ranking high and hence is not under proper search engine optimization. But, there is more to the process.

1 Focus is on your design, not your goals

What you are building as content and design for your website is the first thing that your audience will notice and ponder upon but it isn’t the only place that deserves all the attention. It is also very important to stick to the goals your online business is targeting and balancing between your quality content and goals is the secret tip. Websites have been the domain of designers and other creatives for a long time. But that’s not enough.

Focus is on your design, not your goals

The first step to level up the game is to align the interests and goals of your customers with your business because it goes both ways. As much as the business is benefiting the company it should benefit the customers as well. This increases the desired engagement and ultimately leads to desired conversion rates. However, this interlinking is incomplete if what you are presenting to your customers isn’t presentable enough. Following the improved and latest trends will not always lead you far but meeting the customer’s goals will.

2Utilizing the advantage of SEO

First, let us understand what this SEO is and how it works. SEO or Search Engine Optimization works magnificently for improving and improvising your website ability to rank higher and bring out best-of-best results in the search engines when researched. Just getting a website for your business imagining that your target audience will ponder upon it with money is very last season. Its time we level up the game and the first step is to have website content and quality with the best of SEO strategies.

Utilizing the advantage of SEO

If you are wondering what are those SEO strategies, don’t worry, we got your back. When doing SEO work on your content it is very important to analyse and ensure that your content targets the terms that your audience searches leading to proper keyword research. Without proper keywords that Google will utlise to rank your website, there won’t be any murdering daytime for your website.

Your content creation and its marketing for your website goes hand in hand. Your content should be created targeting only the valuable keywords while your marketing strategies should focus on reaching your audience with the right content. For the last breathe of relief, indexing your pages by Google is a must task and hence internal linking.

3 Mismatch of Website Traffic

Unaware to most business owners but contact forms play a significant role in driving and receiving more leads into the website. As said, a contact form can be one of the most important, and overlooked, elements of a website which is required to be optimized as per the website needs and suits the ranking of the site.

Mismatch of Website Traffic

How to identify that whether your website traffic has mismatched or not? Such website mismatches come in 3 forms: Very few readers or vistors, visitors coming to your website are from wrong resources, and there are visitors to the wrong web pages. To come out of having few visitors to your website, you have to figure out what phrases your target audience is using to search for the information around their needs and problems that can be related back to your website.

To attain and bring the attention of right visitors without any wrong resources, it is also a wise step to get more traffic for your website from the social networks which will lead to higher rate of conversions and engagement of your target audience. Moreover, pay-per-click advertisements or simply paid advertisements are another strategy to divert your target audience form wrong web pages to the right one. Say no to mismatch of your precious consumers.

4Tortoise Mode of Page Speed

Everybody is a user once before one becomes a trader online and so everybody knows opening a website that takes a lot of time to load can be annoying and divides the user’s attention. This is never promising for an aspiring online business. Nobody likes low loading web page speed which will only make your users hop onto the next website that opens within a few seconds. Moreover, this doesn’t stop by just diverting your users away, Google has its own algorithm for website loading which if not met, ranks your website below. All of these effects the conversion rate of your website and drives the least of traffic.

Tortoise Mode of Page Speed

As said before, 25% of visitors jump ship if one website isn’t loading in the next 4 seconds. The reason your visitors don’t make it to your website is because it’s slow processing nature. Moreover, there is living myth regarding website speed optimization is that one needs a tech guy to make your website load faster. No! There is no such hustle always. Interestingly, you can do 75% of the things yourself and speed up your website considerably within an hour of effort. Crazy, right? Are you feeling like the big tech guy already?

5 Too Many Choices for your Users

There is big to bigger clutter reasons for your low conversion rate in your website out of which another reason is your website has too many choices on your site pages for you users to choose from and hence, mind-clutter again! It is given that if you want users to convert, which of course you want to, then it is necessary to direct your focal point on your pages that should be a CTA that entices users to do just that.

Too Many Choices for your Users

But, why having too many choices for my users a turn off for conversion rates? The answer is cherry cake. When you provide users with too many options, buttons, and menus, it leads to an experience known as analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis means users are so overwhelmed, that they become paralyzed and don’t make any choices at all. Ultimately, it is a bad news and a worst-case scenario for your webpage which was meant to have higher conversion rates and drive the traffic.

If you are still wondering what is the solution to narrowing down the choices in the website and highlight the important ones, here is what you have to do. You have to skim through all of your website pages and ensure that you have one clear call to action or CTA. Sometimes, more than one CTAs is okay, but it shouldn’t come across as too overwhelming for your users to choose from

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