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Doesn't the idea of putting up a sale any time of the day, anywhere across the globe excite you?

Ecommerce Website Development


that entice the visitors to make the purchase

Online Marketing Trick - Reach Out
Reach out
Open up a prominent store where your target buyers flock.
Ecommerce Marketing Tricks - Throw
Throw offers
Send out a pop-up with a discount when customers are looking for an exit.
Ecommerce Marketing Tricks - Go Global
Go global
Ship your products to the buyers who are located elsewhere, but love what you do.
Website Marketing Tricks - Publicise
Don't go easy with the promotions. That thing goes a long way in fetching you some serious business.

...and then, some flavours to top it up!

Once we are done making an e-commerce portal that works fine, we guzzle down some beer, and get back to more work on it.

Ecommerce Website Tricks

Load Time
A quick-loading site means some compassion for your visitors and is easy on them

Keeping the important chunk handy, and the other bit just around the corner

The random-looking brush strokes (or textures, or patterns) at the backdrop aren’t just ‘random’

Secure payment
This is where you know how much you're trusted as a brand. Don't go easy with it!

Secure Payment
Website Load Time Ecommerce Website Design
Customer Experience

Making sense of some Ecommerce figures...

Infographic Icon - Percentage
buyers abandon their shopping cart at checkout
Infographic Icon - Percentage
of them quote high shipping cost as the reason
Infographic Icon - Percentage
of them find the checkout process too complex
Infographic Icon - Percentage
buyers prefer taking the Cash-on-delivery option


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