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How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets in 2020

Featured Snippets Optimization
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Google has made a few changes concerning ranking rules and regulations. In January 2020, it was announced that the result of the first SERP would not be repeated if a web page result is showcased within a featured snippet. Instead, the result may appear at the start of the second page.

The change in rules has led to the SEO community to question whether having a snippet is an advantage or a disadvantage. The thought may be valid, mainly if your page would rank No.1 without a snippet. So, the new rules call for new measures.

Tips to Optimize for featured snippets

  1. Research keywords and offer question-based queriesPeople who are looking to publish successfully and quality content must conduct keyword research. It is especially true for content that ranks for featured snippets. The key is to answer the queries of your customers and target demographic effectively. There are many keyword research tools that can assist you with the keyword selection process.
  2. Browse through “People also ask” boxThere is no substitute for researching keywords. However, it is essential to check the “People also ask” section. Most often, the section can be found below a featured snippet. Clicking on a question will make more questions appear.The tool is as valuable as a goldmine since it offers innumerable opportunities to expand on any topic. One can leverage the tool for tackling as many questions within a single blog post.
  3. One should aim at ranking on the first page of Google searchAlmost all snippets are featured on the first page of Google SERPs. So, featuring on the first page allows being highlighted within a snippet. So, give impetus to increase your organic rankings.
  4. Use the inverted pyramid styleThe inverted or inverse writing structure comes from journalism. The concept teaches how to structure information in a way that makes the content highly readable. One needs to start by answering and follow it up with submitting the supporting details for the rest of the material. The inverted pyramid is considered a legitimate and effective technique of presenting your content and enhancing your chances of landing on a featured snippet.
  5. Choose your words wiselyIf you research Google snippets, you will find that some words and themes can be used to generate featured snippets. You will also come across words that are less likely to rank in the snippets. You would want to steer away from such words or keep their usage to a bare minimum.
  6. Formatting is crucialA featured snippet usually comes in a variety of formats. So, one needs to structure content based on the form of the snippet you want to show up for. For example: If you’re going to feature in a table, then you will have to format your content in a table. On the other hand, if you are aiming at a list snippet, then you need to structure your data in a list with appropriate headings. Mentioned below are tips on how to format a blog according to snippet:- Use straightforward and punchy statements that provide crisp answers.
    – Support your content or snippet query with relevant images.
    – Write descriptive headers and tag them as h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.
    – Use numbering, bullet points, tables, and graphs appropriately and wherever needed.

    So, put the thought in terms of usefulness and overall reader experience.

  7. Maintain optimal word countResearch conducted by SEMrush over 10 million keywords and 1 million domains revealed that most featured snippets have a word length of 40-50 words. So, you can benefit from staying on the safer side and keep your answers brief and to the point. Keep it a practice to answer within 50-55 words at most.
  8. Add a FAQs page to your websiteHaving a separate page designated explicitly to frequently asked questions is hugely beneficial to site owners who sell products or services. FAQs page showcases your expertise to potential customers and addresses any concerns that they may be having. Such a page increases the chances of showing up in a snippet. It is essential to state facts that people in your demographic yearn to know.If you want to generate a higher flow of traffic and enhance your site’s SEO rankings, you must not only aim for 1st rank on Google search. You will also have to feature in snippets, which is a smart alternative.

    So, use the tips mentioned above for experiencing traffic boost and for featuring in snippets.

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