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9 Reasons Not to Date a Digital Marketer

Clock IconMay 3, 2017DividerWeb DesignDigital Marketing

You know how sometimes you just meet a guy or a girl and you think “this is it?” and it’s exactly not. Yep, happens with us too.

But that’s alright because as they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince, we would like to tell you there are chances that one of those frogs is also a Digital Marketer.

A short and hot romance with a Digital Marketer might sound really exciting and fun. And indeed it is. But once you’re starting to feel it’s getting a little to the “serious” side- we’d like to warn you, we come with our own “digital crazy’.

Even though we’re trendy, fun and probably the best you’re ever going to get, there are things that go in our world that you might or might not like.

So before you start judging the book by its cover, let’s check out the list!

1. “Digital Stalking” runs in our blood:

Digital Stalking

Nope, we’re not embarrassed of this one but if we feel for you even a little bit chances are, we’ve stalked on all your social profiles (no, we don’t need to know your last name for that!) If you’re lucky enough that we happen to like you a lot, expect us to know all your cousin’s names by the second date. (again, nope, we’re not embarrassed!)

2. Our tweets travel faster than the speed of light

tweets travel faster than the speed of light

Haven’t responded to our texts yet? That’s alright, we’ve already sent you a few tweets. Don’t be surprised if one day you just happen to open your twitter and find mushy tweets dedicated to you- that is just how we roll!

3. Tracking you down is EASY

Tracking you down is EASY

No, really. We live and breathe click through rates. So don’t start feeling too special if we see us tracking your mails. I mean, we’re even tracking our doctor’s mails…

4. Branding’s the best gift

Branding’s the best gift

It’s your birthday and you’re expecting some cheesy gifts. A beautiful dress, followed by a candle light dinner? Nah, see that is just not our thing. We truly believe that the best gift you can give someone is helping them grow their personal brand. So don’t be in shock if we gift you a website on your name. If you think that is weird, then you shouldn’t probably date us.

5. We can bit a bit of Show off’s

Show off’s

#RelationshipGoals #BaeLovin’ don’t blame us, but when we’re in love we can take our love story and put like tiny sneak peeks on Instagram. Come on, how can we not! That is just the way we’re wired. If we’re dating you and haven’t put up a mushy post with you yet, do we even love you?

6. Deadlines don’t bother us


We have got a 100 clients and like 200 deadlines to deal with every week. So if you give us a deadline, don’t think you’re doing something that will scare us off, we live that shit every day of our lives. So if you tell us “ I am giving you a week, get the shit sorted” Don’t think you’re going to scare us off, because we are born to deal with deadlines.

7. We’re probably going to RANK you

SEO Expert

We’ve gotten in that stage of life where we think that if you don’t rank in the top three – you’re not good enough. We are so used to working to getting all our websites rank on google – we have started giving too much importance to ranks. So not trying to be hard on you, but this is just who were are as people..

8. We’re working 24*7

working 24*7

Imagine it’s the middle of the night and things are about to get a little crazy but then suddenly our phones start to ring. Uh oh! It’s the clients call and you have got to take the call right away. Yes, this is infact true. A digital Marketer’s job is not like any other 9-5 job. The job starts when the client calls!

9. We’re going to add you on EVERY social network

social network

So we met on a coffee date, had good conversation, it was a good time. And as soon as you reach home and are just about to check your messages on the phone, you realise that you have been FLOODED by our friends requests EVERYWHERE. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Okay, we don’t mean any harm but this is us just politely trying to tell you “hey, I had a good time, I’d like to get you know more!”

Did the list scare you? DID IT? If not, then you’re probably meant to be with a digital marketer or you’re probably one yourself!

Having mentioned all these things about digital marketers, we’re not trying to say that they are not incredibly cool people, because they totally are! Maybe next time we should come with reasons why you should totally Date a Digital Marketer. What do you think?