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Generating social media campaigns needs to be social media savvy and takes a lot of time. Art Attackk as a social media agency in Delhi provides a service, that has the pricing of industry standards and is affordable. It may vary based on the following elements:

  • Campaigns for which targeted social media platforms
  • How many campaigns
  • Run time of campaigns
  • The industry you belong to
  • Any other added services, etc.

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Here are testimonials' reviews:

  • 5star

    "I was struggling to focus all at a time. So hired the social media agency, Art Attack and it turned to be magic. Which provided the perfect executions of campaigns. Which my products needed! I'm super satisfied with the service… "

  • 5star

    "Art Attackk is popular in Delhi for website designing and now I can confidently say with my personal experience, that the agency is ace in the field of social media too. They are a one-stop destination for all the services. "

  • 5star

    "Things that I found impressive were their execution, usage of new techniques and trends, the transparency between agency and client, and real-time results. It looks fascinating, but it is a reality. Hence, I wish the whole agency the best for their future endeavors. "

  • 3star

    "Art Attackk has a zeel, which makes them the best. They know how and what to serve their clients. Hiring their services are fully valued for money and growth statistically. Good luck with their lined-up projects! "

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Social Media Campaign

1 What are social media campaigns? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

The social media campaign is carried out by the marketing department. It is a design plan, which is to reinforce information or sentiment of a brand, products, or services to the audience through the social media platform. It may include multiple social media platforms. In a broader sense, the social media campaign is a series of content or techniques followed on a platform to reach the audience in form of reminder, awareness, or recall.

2 What all should be included in a social media campaign? Social Media FAQ

3 How to start a successful social media campaign? Social Media FAQ2

4 What is the run-time of a social media campaign? Social Media FAQ2

5 Tools of the social media campaign? Social Media FAQ