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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost your Website Conversion through Social Media Marketing

Accept it or not –Social media is the big thing now. According to the estimates from Statista, in 2019, there will...
Strong Company Branding

Brand Strategy – 7 Essentials for Strong Company Branding

While you may have heard a lot about branding and brand strategy, zeroing in what needs to be done and how can be quite ...

A digital marketing survival guide for small businesses

As a business owner, it’s not really easy to establish a small business as a brand. As a small business or start-up, n...

12 Celebrities Who Decided To Ditch Social Media, But Came Back Soon After

We celebrate the people belonging to the TV and film industry with all our heart. But how strange it may seem, that thou...
Facts Behind Content

How Content Has Evolved over the Years?

Yeah, misleading, problematic, ironic! These are the unnecessary facts behind content of today! One thing I’ve been re...
Digital Marketing Agencies

How Digital Marketing Agencies have Ruined the Content Forever

*We did it!* A common term among marketing companies (or marketing agencies as it sounds cooler) after achieving a parti...
Social Media

Mauke pe Chauka: How Companies on Social Media are Redefining the age-old Saying

By now everyone knows the impact of social media in daily lives, however, there are some brands out there who have hired...
Social Media has Divided Us in Uniting Humanity

How Social Media has Divided Us in Uniting Humanity

This statement is an irony itself and if uniting was our only purpose then Hitler would be the best example of it, as he...

How Social Media Marketing is like throwing a party

  So your birthday is finally coming up and you’re so excited but hey, you’re also a little sad. (Of course, wh...
Myths about Bollywood

6 Myths about Bollywood that Should Be Changed Right Now

Coming from the mouth of a person who is pure “desi” at heart, this might sound tangential to the people who think t...