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8 Quick Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website

Do you like a bumpy, bouncy ride until and unless it is solely dedicated to satisfying that purpose? (Not following up h...
Must Have WordPress Plugins

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins that Many Industry Experts Have Wet Dreams About

Well, not exactly like wet dreams coz they are bound to be nonsensically pointless or pointed at times, depending upon w...
SEO Rank #1st

Know Basic SEO Factors that Can Affect Your Local Business Rankings

Clock IconJuly 9, 2017DividerWeb DesignSEODividerLeave a CommentLeave a comment
Planning to tour a city, hire a local guide. Lost your way, ask your local “Google Bhaiya”. Lost in thoughts, ping m...
AMP Feature

All You Need to Know about AMP: What, How, and, Why?

Clock IconJune 28, 2017DividerWeb DesignSEODividerLeave a CommentLeave a comment
In case you’re wondering about what’s been up with Google lately as it has started showing some quick links, branded...
Website Speed

Website Speed and Its Impact on SEO

Clock IconJune 1, 2017DividerWeb DesignSEODividerLeave a CommentLeave a comment
In the year 2010, Google did something which caused us all to stir and revise our plan of action, and to blend right in;...
Multilingual SEO

What on Earth is Multilingual SEO ?

Clock IconMay 22, 2017DividerWeb DesignSEODividerLeave a CommentLeave a comment
Multilingual SEO, ring a bell? In case it doesn’t, then you surely are at the right place, reading the right blog, rig...
Google Algorithm Updates

Major Google Algorithm Updates That Changed the Way SEO Was Done

Clock IconMarch 23, 2017DividerWeb DesignSEO
Every year or almost every month you might have witnessed a new update in the Google search engine algorithm. Though Goo...

Best SEO Practices for 2015: A Pragmatic Study

Clock IconJune 26, 2015DividerWeb DesignSEO
SEO has become a familiar term among internet marketers today. And why shouldn’t it! It’s a great strategy for s...