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Top 10 places to find the best royalty free images for your website design


High-quality photographs are usually available on several websites. So, if you want some photos for your own website, you will have to pay for them. Yes, you heard it right. Good quality photos are unavailable for free. Hold your thought right there. The secret here is that royalty-free images are also available for free on some websites. So, we have carved a list of top 10 websites for free photos that you can use on your own website without any copyright issues.

Top 10 places to find the best free stock photos for your website

1. Pixabay

This trending website serves as a repository of a ton of high and low-quality photos which are released in the public domain. The user-interface of this website is quite simple to understand which gives access to more than 780k photos for free. The website not only provides photos but people can also find illustrations and vectors that too at free of cost. The main search bar also has the option to use filters which can show selected photos according to color, orientation, dimensions, and media type. This is one of the best websites for choosing high-quality photographs for your own website.

2. Pexels

Now, Pexels make sure to handpick only good-quality images from a wide array of free photo resources. They make sure to provide images that are usable and with meaningful agenda behind them. All these images fall under the Creative Commons Zero license which means that they are free for both commercial and personal use with no attribution required. Thanks to Pexels now you finish up your project easily.

3. Life of Pix

Invented by the renowned advertising agency in Montreal, Leeroy, Life of Pix is stocked with high-resolution images which are published through public domain and are available for personal and commercial use.

And if this was not enough for you then let me tell you Life of Pix also has a free clips website, life of Vids which offers free clips, videos, footage, and loops. Similar to images, video content also requires no attributions as they are free from copyright restrictions. For further information, these videos can be downloaded on its Vimeo account.

4. Unsplash

With around 700,000 photographs from lakhs of different photographers, Unsplash is another top website which provides free high-quality images. One of the interesting parts of this website is the Collection’ section where users can create their own collections like Summer, Party, and Food. This helps in narrowing the whole stock of photos according to the category. So, the next time you need bulk photographs of something you can reach out to these folders.

5. Flickr

Flickr is another site which is popular for its broadest collection of images. It has a stock of more than 5 billion photographs, ranging from food to hotels. These photographs have been collected from both amateur and professional photographers. You can find photos related to once country also under the ‘Explore’ dropdown. Not only this, but Flickr also shows some trending photos or recently added images. Before downloading any image, do check if the image is free to use and does not require any attribution for both personal and commercial use.

6. StockSnap

Whether you have heard of it or not, StockSnap provides some ultimate high-resolution photographs. The amazing part of this website is that it keeps on adding both free and paid images every week. So, you never run out of options. You will have new options every other week. Its website allows the user to search images according to the date added, least viewed, most favorite, and least downloaded. This helps you to sort out your dilemma of what kind of photographs you want.

7. Google Images

One of the most reliable sources is Google images. Images with the URL ‘commons.wikimedia’ are free to use for commercial and personal use. You can use filters like color, dimension, size, and date to select images on Google. For this, you first have to open the images page and then click on tools. The tools dropdown contains many options which you can choose according to your requirement. For free photos without any attribution, you can select two options – Labeled for reuse and Labeled for reuse with modification. Via this method, you can get umpteen numbers of free images.

8. Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave is yet another remarkable website which provides high-resolution images free of any cost. The website has a variety of images from food and vegetables to top places and rivers. With two new photos, every day added in their stock, they a whopping collection of clear images that you can use for your own website. This website should definitely be marked as a bookmark on your laptop or desktop.

9. Gratisography

You must have heard of Gratisography while looking for free images on the internet. It releases new photos every week under the Creative Commons Zero license which means that the images uploaded are free to use for any purpose. All the photos are captured by a creative visual artist who is based in Ithaca, Ryan McGuire. The photos that he captures are a bit quirky and definitely amazing if you are working on a creative project.

10. ISO Republic

The ISO Republic aims to provide photos with top-notch quality that are used by bloggers, designers, social media team, and developers. A quick scan of their website will make you understand their way of working because it is quite easy to use without any quirky tabs. If you are seeking exclusive photos for free then the ISO Republic should be on your list.

The list does not end here because there are more websites which offer exclusive and amazing photographs under the Creative Commons Zero license. But we have selected the top websites that provide fresh images for your work. If you have been looking for such websites then your search has been completed. So, complete that project or that blog with the help of these websites and get done with your work.

Closing Lines

Hope you liked the list of top 10 royalty-free images websites to find the best free stock photos you want to use for several purposes. In fact, most of you have been already known and using some of the websites from the list, but not all.

This list is a great gem for the web designers and graphic designers as they can now download so many images from multiple sources and reduce their workload stress a little.

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