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How to promote small business online for free?

promote small business online

You must be thinking of the ways or asking people to know about how to promote a small business online for free if you are a small business or start-up owner. As a small business owner, every business person wants to establish their company as a trusted and reputed brand in the market to dominate the competition.

In the digital era of the internet, it is not really a big deal to promote your small business on the web for free. All you need is to know is the right steps and digital marketing strategies of 2020 to promote your business on the web for free. Today, we are going to tell you the best strategies and activities needs to be performed on implemented to promote your business on the web to promote your business free on the web.

Also, if you are unable to do it by yourself, then you can even take help from some of the best digital marketing companies in India to promote your business.

So, without wasting more time, let’s start the article right now:

  1. Optimize your website for search engines

    In the internet era, it’s really important to make your business visible on the web searches with prominent keywords that suit your business. After completing the design and development of your website; make sure to perform the best search engine optimization activities on your website to make it SEO friendly and more visible on the search engines.

    There are two types of SEO categorized as “On-Page” and Off -Page and both have their own set of tasks needs to be performed with quality. You can know more about the On-Page and Off-Page SEO to understand how these both strategies work and how important these are for your website?

  2. Local business marketplace listings

    Google is now making search personal and gives you the best possible suggestions and locations against your search queries. For example; if you are searching for Dominos pizza outlet in Google, it will display a map link and let you see a list of the pizza outlets of Dominos which is very near to visit from your location.

    So, featuring your business on Google means a lot of people and even business owners will see your business listing from your local city and there are more chances to get business from these people or businesses.

  3. List your business in Local Business Directories

    There are many local business directories are available where one can list their business, products, and services and sell them to millions of people and businesses. Such platforms like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Yellow Pages India, Sulekha, etc. are a great example of big local business directories.

    So don’t forget to list your business such business directories to increase your sales and business profit through B2B and B2C local listing activities.

  4. Leverage Social Media

    Social Media platforms are very crowded websites and every time there are billions of people active on social media platforms to fulfill their various purposes. Some of the best social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.

    These platforms are known for their large user-base and advertising or marketing your products or services on such platforms could give you great business leads and visibility as well. There are many giant companies are leveraging the power of social media to them as a reputed and giant brand, and attractive social media strategies and branding campaigns are the best things helping them to turn themselves as a famous brand in the world.

    Link Building

  5. Link Building

    Link building is one of the best and most important activities of online marketing to promote business free on the web. Creating high-quality backlinks from trusted and quality sources is not only giving you the backlinks but increases your website prominence, Alexa rank, PR, trust flow, citation flow, and many more things.

    The higher number of high quality and relevant backlinks means, your website trust and rank is higher within the search engines and your visitors. You will be able to win the trust of the search engines as well as your visitors by building high-quality backlinks through link building activities.

  6. Content Marketing Activities

    Content marketing is one of the most famous branding strategy and the term used widely in the online marketing world. In easy words, as the name suggests, you need to market your high-quality content on various high quality and trusted online platforms or with the websites. There are a plethora of content marketing activities used to market your content on the web for various purposes.

    Some of the famous content marketing activities are:

    Blog Submissions
    Article Submissions
    Guest Posting
    Press Releases
    Classified Submissions
    PDF and Document Submissions

    These activities are utilized by the SEO to promote and market their products, services, or company to increase the traffic towards the desired link or to increase the sales of their products and services.

  7. MR (Media Relation) and PR (Public Relation) articles

    MR and PR articles are one of the best activities of online marketing to get the targeted traffic proven to generate business. Some famous MR/PR platforms are YourStory, LiveMint, TechCrunch, CNET, Inc42, VCCircle, and many more. These websites have millions of active users every time and most of them are entrepreneurs, business persons, managers, or people from corporate sectors reading the website to know the latest trends from their industries.

    If you are publishing great articles on MR/PR websites, then there are chances that you can generate great business and popularity both for your business, and turn your small business into a famous brand.

  8. Questions and Answers

    When people are stuck and looking for someone to solve the issues they have, they are looking for solutions to their issues on some specific websites or forums. These websites or forums are known as the QnA’s forums where one can come to ask questions and to provide answers as well for the questions they can answer the best.

    Some famous QnA platforms are known as the Quora and Yahoo Answers, famous and used by the people worldwide. So, be active on these platforms and answer the questions you knew the best and don’t hesitate to ask questions about the things you don’t know or want to know from the experts.

    Pro Tip: You can even generate some great business as well from these businesses if you are performing exceptionally well on such platforms.

  9. Attend/organize events and meet-ups

    Attending or organizing events and meet-ups are such a great way to meet and interact with industry experts and famous personalities. One can meet with great people, business persons, entrepreneurs, etc. and collaborate with them to sell or purchase their products and services for corporate or even for individual purposes.

    You should organize or should go to the events relevant from your business so that you can learn new updates and news from your target industry of businesses; also, you can learn so many things to market your business on the web effectively and efficiently.

  10. Influencer and video marketing

    Influencer marketing is the term rising very high in India and some world-famous or even the start-ups are investing great money on influencer marketing because of its potential. Find the famous digital marketing bloggers having great followers and who can influence people easily through text or videos and ask them to feature or advertise your products, services, or company.

    YouTube and Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to drive targeted and relevant traffic towards your website and is a proven method of increasing the sales of your products and services to increase the business profits.

    Tracking and monitoring

  11. Tracking and monitoring

    Every business promotion campaign needs to be monitored and tracked to know its performance and efficiency. You should use some best data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. to track and monitor the health status and performance of your website in search engines. This is a great way to analyze and find the weak and strong areas of your website and accordingly, you can make a great marketing strategy to promote your website effectively on the web.

Final words

All the above-mentioned tips are proven and very effective for the promotion of your company, website, products, and services on the web to increase your business fame, sales, and profits through digital marketing. If you are still facing issues, feel free to hire an experienced and best digital marketing in India to promote your website on the web at very affordable prices.

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